Sue even stated in the same episode that she thought of Finn as a good guy, and that she was the only Glee member she liked. (Glease). Before listening to it they hug to break the tension between them. He looks uncomfortable when Mr. Schuester talks about their impending goodbyes at graduation. Finn and the other Glee guys help Puck cram for his exam, explaining that Rachel wants to be alone. To frustrate him, she's reserved the auditorium for Cheerio practice, forcing Finn to find a new rehearsal space. He told her that if she needs to be an artist like her new idols (Carole King and Gerry Goffin), she should do a little living. (City of Angels). Holy shit. Finn says that Rachel really is their "Unique" factor. With this, Finn begins to jump ship with the rest of the guys and dress like Justin Bieber, which Quinn notices. "The show's gotta go all over the place... or something.". Later, when decorating their apartment, Rachel paints Finn's name clearly and draws two round hearts around the name. She is at first compelled to go back home, but changes her mind at the last minute and returns just in time to watch the performance. At last, Will and Finn take on the Backstreet Boys/N'sync feud by performing a mash up of Bye Bye Bye/I Want It That Way in the auditorium, with most of the New Directions siding with either Finn or Will. Principal Figgins summons Finn and Rachel to his office to ask the New Directions to perform at the teacher of the year awards and secretly asks them to present the award to Mr. Schuester. Finn's jaw had almost dropped when he saw Rachel come out of Mr. Schue's office in that ridiculously hot leather outfit. Unbeknownst to Finn, Rachel had arranged for Quinn to approach Finn and ask him out, as a way of testing Finn. Rachel responds by kissing him on the lips. Later, Finn asks Rachel if she has thought about what he will do in New York. (Vitamin D). He says that something could have happened, but didn't because he only wants to be with Quinn. He sees her with Sam, and the two share a look. After Rachel catches the bouquet, Finn tells her that they can still be together and that they are endgame and she knows it. Finn is previously engaged to Rachel Berry before letting her go to New York City without him in Goodbye. He really wants get to second base with her and feel her up. Finn tentatively tries to pat his shoulder, backing off when he sees Kurt does not respond well to it. Quinn and Finn are discussing him joining Glee Club. Finn ends up helping her with her Madonna mash-up of Borderline/Open Your Heart. The story is pretty AU but it kind of follows the show. Unfortunately, they are interrupted by Karofsky at the door, mocking them. Artie has a dream about not being in the wheelchair. He sees that Kurt is already awake, he tells Kurt to not tell Rachel anything and gives Kurt a hug before leaving. He tells her he can't because he wants to continue doing Glee because he's really happy with what he's doing. Finn and Rachel singing Borderline/Open Your Heart. He later approaches her at her locker, giving her his baby blanket and saying he's going to do everything he can to be a good father. Puck wants to know if he forgave them for what they did, Quinn says he did and that Rachel was his soul mate anyway. Finn struggl… Warming up to the idea of the wedding, Finn shares with Kurt his nerves about the big day. Well, books on Rachel's lap and Rachel was on Finn's lap. (A Wedding), Finn appears in a flashback when the New Directions members are placing the trophies they had won over the years back into the display windows. Puck encourages him to make his dreams big. Finn is stunned and appears unsure about this latest news, while Kurt is excited. Later after Quinn's mother comes to pick her up, Finn is left alone in the nurse's office. Rachel then tells Brody that she was trying to make Finn jealous. (The Spanish Teacher), When Finn finds out that Sebastian blackmailed Rachel to drop out by threatening to release a poorly photoshopped naked photo of Finn wearing red pumps, he is angry and wants to fight Sebastian. Finn says her cheating hurt so much because it meant that she didn't love him, to which Quinn replies that it's not true. Finn panics, because Rachel had come clean about NOT sleeping with Jesse, and while he had the perfect opportunity to tell her then, he didn't. Remembering that Sam was worried about the effect Glee would have on his reputation, Finn confronts Kurt, begging him to reconsider partnering with Sam. This leads to Carole breaking down, and wondering how she is meant to carry on with her life. Rachel, Mercedes, Tina and Lauren save the day and join the team, to the excitement of Finn. They deepened the kiss, Finn's arms going around her waist as her leg with those sexy fuck-me-heels wrapped around his own leg. (Trio). Hey guys! He thanks Finn for taking care of Glee Club and changing the tides at McKinley which changed them. Nevertheless, Kurt insists on singing with Sam, leaving Finn to think of another way to break their partnership up. Just before she walks away, she kisses him on the lips, leaving a stunned Finn behind her. Showing his jealousy of Jesse, he sarcastically tells her to ask her boyfriend, but then asks her "When are you going to realize [Jesse's] not into you like I am?"

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