Inputs: 2 Speakers: 1x12" & 1x8" (both Jensen Alnico); runs two 8 ohm speakers in parallel (Matt) [...] It seems to be aluded to in the 'GA-5 Skylark (White Panel)' section [above] that there was a 6BQ5 push pull output section rather then the single-ended output section and this schematic shows it well: Schematic taken from a 1964 amp, with 1x12AU7 and 2x6BQ5 (pics of the amp are below). Extension Speaker Jack: Yes Channels: 1? GA-86 Ensamble (Tweed) Speaker: 1x10" (Eric), 8-9W 1x10" Guitar Combo ): 2 Maybe it's the two Jensen speakers (a 'concert-series' 12" Silver control panel on top/back with 5 chicken-head knobs, footswitch for tremelo activation. I have a GA-19RVT Falcon, and it is tweed... it clearly says falcon on it, and it has the numbers too... by the way, it sounds incredible... the reverb is on the front end of the amp, so when ya turn up the volume, you must turn up the verb... in my case, i play acoustic violin with it, with a pickup, and only have the verb on... adding verb to the acoustic... no volume... try that with an old fender... bwwhahahha... (el jefe), I have a 1961 Gibson Falcon tweed with the Jensen 12in special design speaker. Schematic with 1x12AX7, 1x6SL7GT, 2x6V6GT, 1x5Y3GT, This amp was introduced in 1955. Thor, 8W 1x8" Guitar Combo with Reverb and Tremolo Tone Controls on Each Channel: Bass, treble During its tenure of 1954 until the late 60's the GA-5/GA-5T was probably Gibson's most popular model of amplifier. Atlas IV Preamp Tubes: 6SJ7 It sounds very Fenderish with the 12AX7s and 6V6 power tubes. Tone Controls: No (later 1) GC Area has a broad definition and there is no stipulation about it being necessary to meet in Gibson for a sale so please don't send me messages complaining that something you wanted is in Lexington or Hoopeston and the seller was unwilling to meet. GA-5T Skylark (Crestline) Extension Seaker Jack: No little help in the volume dept. Awesome. Tremolo: Depth, frequency 18 watts of power with spring reverb and tremolo. Tubes: 8 (9 from 1963/4) (4x6EU7, 12AU7, 2x7591, 5AR4 (most likely corresponding to Epiphone EA-12RVT Futura) or Pre (4x6EU7, 2x12AU7), Pow (1x7591 PAIR + 0A2)) Inputs: (Burton Joyner), I have a Gibson 'Skylark' that I like better than my 1958 Fender 'Champ.' + mic. Inputs (instr. Shipping Totals: See GA-6 (two-tone) Harmony Central Review GA5, The Gibson GA-5 began life as the Les Paul Jr. Model between 1954-56. Now, it is a favorite amp with immense tone. Output Tubes: 2x6V6 monitor jack/ 5 knobs; loudness, tone, reverberation, depth & frequency (tremolo controls). ): 2 (Alan, Apr 2014), 15W 1x12" Guitar Combo with Reverb and Tremolo Speakers: 1x12" & 1x8" (Acoustech, June 19, 2003), 196x GA-19RVT Falcon Guitar Combo Amplifier, All Tube, Nice Condition, [US] $495 (see second and third pic) I should have had someone look at it first. Shipping Totals: 1961: 715, 25W 1x12" and 1x10" Guitar Combo with Reverb and Tremolo GA-40 Les-Paul (Two-Tone), GA-40T Les-Paul (Tweed) Tremolo: Frequency Tremolo: Depth, frequency GA-60 Hercules (Crestline) GA-77RET Vanguard (Crestline) On-off toggle w/light & fuse cap. I realize that it's basically the same amp as the WT, but without Tremolo. GA-90 Mine is a 1964 and is scheduled for a complete check up. size is 20.25" x 15" x 6.5". + mic. ): 2+2 Shipping Totals: 1954: ? It is amazing 10 on a scale of 10. Inputs: 2 Shipping Totals: 1962: 413, 1963: 345, 1964: 184, 1965: 29, 1966: 14, 1967: 1, This amp was introduced in 1955. It is a very loud amp that kicks ass over 50 watt Marshall JCM 800's. Tubes: 4 Preamp Tubes: 1x6SJ7 Falcon Shipping Totals: 1962: 690, 1963: 230, Push-pull 6BQ5s; like a 6G2 Fender Princeton; same as GA-16T, plus Bass and Treble controls and a monitor out jack (Miles O'Neal's web-site; May 30, 2003), 14W Guitar Amp with Reverb and Tremolo (John King's web-site), 1963 [GA-5] Skylark [(Crestline)], Brown Tolex, Very Good+, [US] $350 (see second pic) Harmony Central Review Scout Pushing further only supplies added volume and returning to 3 settles you back into a nice tube amp distortion that responds to every touch. Jazz tones thru classic or modern rock. Watts Output: The tremelo is unlike a Fender, more Leslie-like and less-vibrato-ish. (Fred Duffer), At 14 to 18 watts it is not really very loud but what a tone. It is notable that this design used a box type chassis that is attached to the cabinet by screws through the top like the 60's Fender amps. Shipping Totals: 1967: 14. GA-70 Country and Western (Two-Tone) Rectifier Tubes: 5Y3 GA-8 Gibsonette rise over the past couple of years, so I guess more and more people wow... fender's are too clean and too expensive by a long shot. (ebay, June 21, 2003), This [1965 GA-19RVT Falcon (Crestline)] sounds awesome (see fifeteenth through eighteenth pic)! Reverb: Yes + mic. Reverb: No Harmony Central Review GA30, Push-pull 6V6s; like a 5E5-A Fender Pro or 5E4-A Super; GA-30s have no cathode follower, just Tone control (Miles O'Neal's web-site; May 30, 2003), 1960 Gibson GA-30 Invader, tweed, 8.5, [US] $1150 (see pics) Shipping Totals: 1952: 637, 1953: 1051, new style from 1954 Watts Output: 14 Tone Controls: 1 Harmony Central Review GA-5T Combo I love the tone. Channels: 2? There were several very different Gibson amps that wore the 'Skylark' name over the years. There were several very different Gibson amps that wore the 'Skylark' name over the years. Channels: 2 Inputs (instr. [...] The reverb and tremelo sound great (ebay, June 21, 2003), 12-14W 1x12" Guitar Combo It also has all RCA tubes which are 1x5Y3GT, 2x6V6GT's, 1x6C4 and 3x6AU7. Speakers: 1x12" Inputs: 2+2 GA-78RVS Maestro 30 (Tweed) the ten stands. Speakers: 1x10" Gibson Ultrasonic Watts Output: 14 The power tubes are 7 Pin, I am assuming 6AQ5, at least they work in it Inputs: 2 Shipping Totals: 1961: 396, I have one my father bought in 1961. company money, it was terribly inefficient. GA-2RVT Maestro Deluxe Reverb-Echo Likes matched, 7+ gt rated tubes and a good tech setup. It is notable that this design used a box type chassis that is attached to the cabinet by screws through the top like the 60's Fender amps. Speakers: 4x8" (Jensen) Harmony Central Review GA18 Explorer, 14W 1x10" Guitar Combo with Tremolo Channels: 2 GA-77RVT Vanguard (Crestline) I wish i had more of them. Schematic with 2x12AX7, 12AU7, 2x6V6, 5Y3 Tubes: 5? During its tenure of 1954 until the late 60's the GA-5/GA-5T was probably Gibson's most popular model of amplifier. Inputs: 3 Diodes: 0 Inputs: 2+2 I've never been as pleased about what it can do. Monitor Jack: No It had such a good crunch to it! Volume Controls: 2 So he was. It uses GA-100 Bass (Crestline) this amp from the early 60s (courtesy The Tube Amp Book, 4th ed., Aspen [...] Tremolo: Yes Disclaimer. Monitor Jack: No If I had the 'Crest' model, I'd re-wire the outputs for EL84s; a tube that sounds better and is widely supported by the vintage tube market. GA-8T Discoverer, push-pull 6BQ5s (Miles O'Neal's web-site; May 30, 2003). Volume Controls: 2 fully dimed (11) a gang of 4 robbing a bank in New Jersey in broad Schematic with Pre (4x6EU7, 2x12AU7), Pow (1x7591 PAIR + 0A2), GA-35RVT Lancer, push-pull 7591s! Tone Controls: No (later 1) anyway. Tubes: 7 (2x5879, 6SQ7, 12AX7, 2x6V6, 5Y3) suitcase- looking cabinet that resonates like another instrument (slats, Guitar Transistor/Tube? I use a Gibson (74), and the sound is definitely 70s rock. Michigan circa 1964/ serial number 486367/ all original except for ''Groove Tubes''/ CONTROL PANEL: 2 instrument input jacks/ Through these years the Skylark featured a 8" Jensen "special design" speaker. switch as well (I don't remember). lock-joint construction. Lowkey.. [...] Tubes: (Pre (1x6SN7, 3x6SJ7), Pow (1x6V6 PAIR + 5AR4) (early); Pre (2x5879, 1x7025, 1x6SQ7), Pow (1x6V6 PAIR + 5Y3) (later)) I recommend this one. Tremolo: Speed? the book Guitar History Volume #3. Tone Controls: 1 Mercury I (Power Plus) Volume Controls: 1 That color scheme was introduced in 1963. Rectifier Tubes: 1x5Y3 Tone Controls on Each Channel: 1 ): 2+2 (tweed) [...] [Speaker] date codes are in the 220823 to 220825 I'm able to power the 10" speaker that came in most LP Jr.'s for a Speakers: 12" (Jensen) Watts Output: 18 (Mick, Mar 2018), 12-16W 1x12" Guitar Combo Drew and colored some lil green brush boiis. Tubes: 4 (12AX7, 2x6V6, 5Y3 or Pre (1x6EU7, 1x6C4), Pow (1x6BQ5 PAIR + 6CA4)) Inputs: 3? Harmony Central Review GA10RVT [GA-19RVT?] (John Henderson), 5W 1x10" Guitar Combo with Tremolo Schematic with 2x6L6, 0A2, 6FQ7, 4x6EU7, 12AU7, I own many on this list, so i was questionable about owning a white panel. Like an old suitcase meets toaster. The GA-5 tube compliment during this period was: 1x6EU7 (pre amp), 1x6C4 (phase inverter), 2x6AQ5s (in a push pull power amp design), 1x6X4 (rectifier). Harmony Central Review GA-5T Combo This is no official Gibson site, and I am not affiliated with the company in any way. These have the 10" Gibson Ultrasonic speaker and a tube compliment of: 2x12ax7s (pre amp and tremolo), 1x6BQ5 (power amp), 1x6X4 (rectifier). Tone Controls on Each Channel: No Harmony Central Review GA 8-T Discoverer Tremolo, 1965 Gibson Discoverer GA-8T, Black Tolex, Exc, [US] $550 (see pic) Like a 12" Princeton Reverb at 1/3 the price!! From the clean sound at lower volumes to the break up it can give at a higher volume. OK for what it is: a snarling small watt amp that has some character. and, despite the replacement by now of a great many failed components BA-15RV Speakers: 1x12" (Jensen C12R or 'Special Design') The 4x8" thing is actually way cool. It's not real loud - no ear bleeding here. GA-300RVT Super 300 (Crestline) Since I don't have a schematic I've kinda working in the dark (something not unusual with old Gibsons) so I drew up a schematic of what I have and thought I'd pass it along: 1958/9? Extension Speaker Jack: No These featured a 10" Gibson Ultrasonic speaker. The tube compliment for the GA-5 in this series is: 1x6EU7 (pre amp), 1x6BQ5 (power amp), 1x6X4  (rectifier). Extension Speaker Jack: Yes + mic. Tremolo: No GA-50 Speaker/ 7 tubes/ footswitch for reverb & tremolo. Tubes: 5 (6EU7, 6C4, 2x6BQ5, 6CA4 (correspond to Epiphone EA-35 Devon)) Speakers: 2x12" (, March 28, 2003), Push-pull 6V6s; like a Fender 5C3 Tweed Deluxe; almost a clone, except uses 9 pin preamp and PI tubes, and some component value variations (Miles O'Neal's web-site; May 30, 2003), Sounds great with bluesharps and with old guitars. It produces a beautiful tone from it's 8 and 12 inch speakers. The Minuteman is cathode-biased. Volume Controls: 2 GA-77RET Vanguard (White Panel) This amp responds like crazy to semi-hollow bodies as well as A Tele, Strat or Paul. Channels: 2 Watts Output: 10 Tremolo: Depth, frequency The controls were mounted on a slanted panel at the upper rear and consist of: 2 inputs, volume control, fuse holder, on/off switch and a jeweled pilot light. Extension Speaker Jack: No GA-3RV Extension Seaker Jack: No Schematic with Pre (3x6EU7, 1x7199), Pow (1x6V6 PAIR + 5Y3), Push-pull 6V6s; like a 6G2 Fender Princeton; GA-18T with reverb and 6V6s (Miles O'Neal's web-site; May 30, 2003), 1964 Gibson GA-19 RVT Falcon, Brown, Good, [US] $349 (see first pic) series styling? One of my The two tone cream and gray/green covering is just wonderful. Rate the GA-45RVTL Saturn (white panel)... 60W 2x12" Guitar Combo with Tremolo Channels: 1 Tubes: 7 (3x6EU7, 12AU7A, 2x6V6GT, 5Y3)

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