Usually it spits out the Check Connection page, that I believe ALWAYS requires a re-starting of my 3360. Some days, we will go all day without any issues. That red light means you have lost broadband connection. I might as well add, that when you call At&T( and also a lot of other businesses, you reach a computer and need to choose which option you want. They typically walk me through the same steps that I have tried prior to calling them. I tried the 5 second reset and 30 second reset and unplugging the modem/router. If the password goes away, it could be an issue with using bridge mode. Other times, it’s a matter of “patiently waiting it out”. I run through the online reset help which reboots the connection but it takes about 15-20 minutes. A software update is in progress. Ta da! I purchased, not the slowest DSL speed, but the 2nd to slowest. I don't see any problems with my Internet… Sometimes a simple power-cycle will restore our connection. Let me also say. Flashing red: The gateway can't connect to our network. Hotspot or something, at least until google fiber arrives. On many ONTs, you can find them by opening the Customer Access door. Then plug in your customer owned router and take the ethernet cable from the ont and plug it into the WAN port on your owned router. Dong Ngo/CNET You may have noticed that your router and modem have, like, a ton of constantly blinking lights on them. Good luck! please note Verizon Fios does not offer inside support for a customer owned router. My apologies! Voila! That would be where I would want Verizon tech support to look at. Something similar was going on for me, though you have a cable modem, and I had DSL (phone), so it may be different. Anyway, my name is Steve, and I really appreciate that you have blogged your miseries concerning 3360 because I have found the 3360 considerably more annoying than my old 2210. I am not sure but maybe I configured this using my Airlink 101, but as I say, I am hoping to go back to the 2210 modem and I do not want to reconfigure it for the 3360, though I will recheck that Airlink 101 page later, just to find out about it! I am sorta hoping that my old 2210 will actually continue to work and maybe I will be free of this constant annoyance! No Internet on any devices. Okay, now that I’ve gotten those  mini-rants out of the way, here’s the deal…. If your surf rate (what speed test measures) drops a lot, then you may want to try to get them to change out your port on ATT’s end. Sometimes Airport Setup pops up and shows me that the Airport and the Internet status lights are yellow, and there are errors indicating that it is offline. He had me hold the reset button for 5 seconds. I run through the online reset help which reboots the connection but it takes about … Finally a Rep who figured out that they sent me the wrong return label and gave me a reference number.. It took me a little while to figure out that I was logged into the default account. I just wanted to add that my first modem was a Motorola and my second a Netgear.. Your link was first on google when I placed the following in google: my new motorola dsl modem needs constant rebooting, why, Sincerely, Hope so:). Post was not sent - check your email addresses! ( Log Out /  I keep getting the red light coming on on the front of the router. Several things were replaced (it took a few service calls over a period of about a year to resolve fully, but did get better each time). Then I researched my ACTUAL AT&T plan from the gazillion plans they list all over, what a racket! Warning: for those who are looking for my thoughts on poetry or cooking, this is one of my techie posts. The instructions just say “Press the reset button.” When my computer was getting the wrong IP address from the DNS server, I was told that the modem must be bad and would need to be replaced. And I know that there’s not a problem with the modem just because my computer can’t connect to the setup screen. The gateway is trying to obtain an IP address. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Maybe some power interruptions happened somehow to your unit when it was cycling! They troubleshoot only from their CO to the ONT. They checked every connection from ATT to my home, and made sure the line itself was clean. Maybe for the 3360 to work properly I need to configure the Airlink 101 page with the 3360, but since I am switching back to the 2210, I hope I will not have to concern myself! The reason I am thanking you is because with YOUR – complete – info (reset by holding in for 30 sec) I was able to rejuvenate my old 2210 modem! I actually think what messed my 2210 up (if I remember correctly), I believe the electricity to the house was interrupted a few times in a row over a minute and that caused my 2210 to fail. I ran the Airlink 101 on default for the longest time (2 years) since it got me online and wireless. I can relate! Haven’t called ATT yet, it’s my dad’s account and I don’t have account info and he’s at work. Anyone else experience this and how did you resolve? The globe has a solid is red light yet the wifi has a white one. Or he thought it might be my computer. I just find it sad that you can’t call them and someone answer the phone and be straight up with you and talk to you without talking to a computer or getting the run around.. Just wanted to say thanks for the help. my modem was hit with lightening. I have no idea why it disconnects from the internet, but it is maddening to say the least. Ultimately, they have sent out tech to our home a few times and on each visit the tech claims to have “fixed the problem” by doing one thing or another with the cables and connections on the outside of the house… But the fix never lasts. :) Before I get to that, I want to thank you for the info you gave on how to completely RESET a Motorola (any) modem, hold it in for 30 seconds. :) I have not yet tried replacing my 3360, that is next (after I write you this). Tonight our internet connection went down. Concerning the 3360 constantly wanting to be re-booted. I live in Columbus with my wife, Kim Whitehead; son, Aidan; and dog, Aleida. Because my modem doesn’t assign DNS addresses to computers on my network: it only works with one computer or router, so I have to have the Airport give our computers, iPad, etc. Just wanted to give you guys the credit you deserve for actually working together as civil people. Note to ATT: Your hold notices that constantly tell me how I could easily troubleshoot my problem online really don’t put me in the best mood when my problem is that I can’t get online. The broadband connection is up and active. But after talking to many people I was told by someone in billing that the netgear modems are set to time out every 30 minutes and they had to set them not to time out. All the lights went green, and I had an ‘internet connection,’ though actually, as I learned, I really didn’t. Very strange !! Good luck! When the Internet goes out, check the status lights on your ONT. So when I had that problem, I chose Disconnect. You’d be surprised! I did the most important communications that I’d been in a hurry to do, then got to thinking about restoring my wireless setup. Our network isn't responding, the gateway is configured incorrectly, or there's an authentication failure. I knew this, but didn’t remember what it was called or where to change the setting. If only 3 lights are lighted then I always turn it off for 20-30 sec and back on. I thought it was worth posting though, because I am using an Airport Extreme in bridged mode to extend my home wifi range as well. I am a nice person and not rude to them(even when they deserve it).. Our service in the USA has gone to the pits.. It should flash for about 30 … It might help to know your modem model. The broadband connection is up and active. When I made these changes, the modem gave me a warning as it restarted. You replaced my modem with one just like it whcih I originally bought from you and now you took that one and want to charge me rent for the new one, aint gonna happen. That’s when I thought there must be a serious problem, so I called ATT’s help desk, actually hoping they might be able to tell me if there was an internet problem in my area, but fearing there was a problem with the modem. To do this, I have the modem set up in Bridged Mode, so that the Airport Express can make the PPPoE connection (login to my DSL account). stevenmusicmaker. My Airlink 101 was suppose to let me use several things at the same time, wireless, but I have difficulty getting my MBP and iPod Touch to connect simultaneously. It continue running smoothly for a few days, but then crashed again yesterday morning… I called tech support once more, they walked me through the same mind-numbing steps as usual, and then they scheduled another on-site tech visit. If you see any lights out, or a FAIL light lit, you're having problems either with the ONT or the Fiber signal. If I had remembered that, I might never have called ATT, or if the tech support guy had thought to ask about bridge mode, then I would have told him. The computer is saying that the modem or router isn’t getting a dsl or ether net reading. Thanks a bunch. Then you can explain that you will go to them since Fios is not fixing what you pay for. We all know what I am saying is the truth.. But yet that still did not fixed the problem and they kept billing me for it and I would call every month and repeat what I already told them… Finally one of the( quote-(experts) gave me a hundred dollar credit because he couldn’t stop the monthly payments being added to my bill. Sometimes the option you need is not listed and you end up getting the run around and repeating yourself to a computer, so I just try to pick a option so I can get connected and speak to someone when this happens, but of course, you get transferred and need to repeat yourself( sometimes over and over and then some)..Most of the time I end up talking to someone half way around the world from me in another country, get put hold and transferred to several different people. Had the same problem today with the same response, “you need a new modem and it will cost $75.” Found your article and tried it out with a few tweaks and got it running on the modem that “doesn’t work anymore so it needs to be replaced.” So, again, thanks for the helping words. The gateway is trying to connect to our network. I have had trouble for years with losing my connection with the internet AT&T.. And I was told I needed another new modem a few months ago but mine is only a year old because I had already ordered a new one but my warranty had just run out( only by a week) but the customer rep assured me that he was skilled at his job and knew what he was talking about and that my modem was bad.. The last time, they finally replaced the port on their end (where my phone line begins at the main station). I thnk I am going to switch to comcast. By the way, your situation seemed familiar, so I looked at a couple more posts.

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