Yeah, no one but still! (Diepio Best Moments)! Battle Royale games seem like they're a natural fit for VR. This is particularly bad because it’s actively trying to deceive people. Know how you can make any game better? This is trying to fool people into giving them some ad money. I want to have a word with the devs, End Game, and just frankly encourage them: they can do better! According to its reviewers, it’s “glitchy” and “stupid,” with one simply saying “I hate the is (sic) game.”. Well, I mean for SEO purposes they have got WW2, Fortnite and Battleground in there, so that is impressive. Easily one of the worst Fortnite and PUBG rip-offs. There are hundreds of them now, just search ‘Battle Royale’ on your app store and boom! The game, on the other hand, is not. Its battle royale mode, the main centerpiece of this shoddy-looking thing, is described as "what players have come to expect from a battle royale game." Upon release, it got three million downloads in four days, and it earned them completely. Well, the developers have shut down, and, as you might have guessed, so have the servers. Standout, on the Vive, is a polished experience with a ton of weapons and excellent VR integration. It's F2P, so at least you won't have to spend actual money on it, but whoop de doo, so is Fortnite. Coincidentally, his favorite games are Hotline Miami and GTA V. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. It looks to be something of an obstacle-dodging platformer. Ultimate Battle Royale PvP. It's a fun, well-balanced, ragdoll-filled fun fest that, while not free currently, shows that even the unlikeliest of games can get popular. Call of Duty has never been one to miss new trends, and Black Ops 4 is set to continue that with its new battle royale mode. Cash-grab or not, if your game doesn't work, get it off Steam. Do you remember back in the day when it used to be a well-curated online store? WANT A PRESCRIPTION? Battle Royale: Survivors is a bizarre isometric game set on an abandoned island. In these Hunger Games style matches, you and nine other players must use melee weapons and traps to off each other. Incredibly though, this is 86 on the IOS Strategy games list. This game is called Rules of Modern Survival ww2 Fortnite Battleground. So is it though? Its aesthetic is somewhere between Saints Row and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Whether they occupy hard drive space on consoles or PC, or are one of the many, many, many phone games attempting to make a quick buck, they all have one thing in common. Let’s give it its full title: Fortrite Battle Royale: Battlegrounds. Do you remember back when the PS2 was nearing the end of its lifespan, when countless awful games were being pumped out by the bucketload? Ninja to play in first major Valorant tournament – Huge news for Riot Games! Let's get down to brass tacks here. When a game reaches peak popularity, it's always going to attract a rash of imitations. I don't doubt that their take on it will be executed quite well. It’s just not worth it. Reviewers report crashing, falling off the world, and trash controls. From the mechanics to the gunplay, and even the art design. Since PlayerUnknown developed his mod for Arma 2, it's snowballed in popularity. The resulting game is glitchy, runs at around 10fps, and also seems to want to be Counter-Strike, with factions divided into two sides. If you're going to rip something off, at least stick to one property, lads. The thing is though, this isn’t just a ripoff, it is a blatant copy, from the art style to the weapons and even the character models! An offline battle royale game that promises a “modular experience,” it leaves me feeling hollow. Look at the 1-stars, and you’ll see a big old red bar. The reviews are confusing, with many 5-stars, but I have my suspicions. Saturday, October 31 2020. Who would have thought? Battle Royale Bus Rush is at least trying to be original. It’s as meaningless as this game’s existence. Apparently Spider Grabs, the hack developers of Battle Royal Rules Battlegrounds of Survival Earth! I'm including Realm Royale on this list despite it not being a terrible game. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much, and I was still let down by how bad it appeared, played and performed. Ignore that title and for the love of goodness, don’t play Fortcraft. How Did Fortnite Become One Of The Biggest Games In The World? The game has no players, and if by some stroke of horrendous misfortune, you find a match, you’ll be met with clunky weaponry, terrible animation, many glitches, shoddy netcode, and, well, nothing good! What doesn't handle the execution so well are the many, many rushed, autotranslated nightmares, a few of which we'll cover on this list. This is an interesting one. You can expect this flood of titles to continue for years, with established franchises like Call of Duty also itching to get in on the new trend. The game begins as Fortnite does, but instead of flying over a bright, interesting map, you fly over something that could have come from a 90s flight sim. In scrubbing through the app store, you can’t escape this plague of rip-offs. A clear PUBG and H1Z1 rip off but one that actually had potential. The game utilizes the familiar battle royale themes, but allows players to tame "super creatures." Imagine what the guys at Octa Games Studio were up to when they came up with THIS as a title for their game. It does, however, take just about everything away from every other game. Don't be a douche, developers. I think they are where the truth lies. The game literally takes you from being a caveman to being a monster taming badass within the length of a match. Your email address will not be published. Reviewers report that the screenshots posted on the game’s Play Store page are NOT from the game, with the last one blatantly stolen from Rules of Survival, the aforementioned actually okay Fortnite clone. Play Fortnite or PUBG on your console at home. I'm down for that. Sadly, the servers, the gameplay and the community are absolute garbage to the point where you will be lucky to find a game right now. Fornite may not have started the Battle Royale genre (but they did popularize it), and now new games are trying to steal their thunder. It’s ripping off so many things at once that it leaves me dazed, confused, and feeling dehydrated. It’s almost as old as me, and it had better graphics and, I would wager, gameplay. Zero effort went into this in any regard. This game started as an April Fool's by Landfall Games of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator fame. As you’d expect given the title, the game is irredeemably bad. 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