just before fusing with Shinryu. until Zenos tires of his natural incompetence and has him Hypertuned before the final encounter. Killing the Primals and taking over Eorzea? Legate of the IVth Imperial Legion, Gabranth led the invasion of Dalmasca 30 years prior to the events of Stormblood. Yotsuyu kills him before you get a chance to. This inspired him to have his scientists create an artificial Echo for the Garleans to wield, which in turn granted him insurmountable strength and the ability to merge with a primal to control it from within. Not that that stopped the Empire from using it. attacks the Warrior of Light at the Azim Steppe with a large detachment thinking he'll win through numbers, only to arrive just as they win the Nadaam and become leader of the Xaela. He flat out refuses to use his second chance to redeem himself and make any sort of amends, intending to continue his "hunt" against his rival, the Warrior of Light. He dies telling Unukalhai that he saved him because was gifted with the echo and that it's far too grand a gift to waste, saying that Emperor Varis may very well need people with gifts like that if there's ever a chance of ending the Primal threat once and for all. To achieve this, he joins the Warrior of Light and Cid's efforts to defeat the remnants of the Allagan Empire within, informing them that there is naught but a noose waiting for him back in Garlemald following the XIVth legion going rogue. He is and always was an Ascian, moreso even than ones like Igeyhorm or Nabriales. As a former mercenary whose homeland was subjugated by the Empire, Rhitahtyn serves as a shining example of how Garlean meritocracy can promote anyone with appropriate skill to a high-ranking and respectable position.

After this, Nero buries the hatchet with Cid...at least somewhat. overwrite Ricon's mind after fusing him with the weapon's core. He is genuinely impressed that the Warrior of Light has successfully accomplished this with Eulmore and gives them a heartfelt compliment. Following the main story, Nero sets his eyes on a power source within the Crystal Tower equal to, if not surpassing, the Ultima Weapon. The public justification for the Empire deciding to exterminate Primals and the Beast Tribes was that the Burn was drained of all Aether as a result of rampant summoning. As of the Bozjan Southern Front, Gabranth leading the IVth may be because, His legion is also this among all the others. Whatever was done to him in his Hypertuned form basically destroyed any of his higher brain functions that don't involve hatred or revenge, It's not made clear how many Hypertuned came before him, but all of them seem to retain more of their brain function, suggesting Grynewaht was the first subject of at least some capacity of the experiment, or possibly that's Yotsuyu may have. Lastly both foil the plans of the greater villain for their own selfish reasons, Garland for Kuja, and Emet-Selch and Varis for Zenos. When Zenos reveals it was because it would instead get in the way of.

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