You don’t need to be in regular contact with your muse; it can suffice to think of them frequently, following a single memorable encounter. Use accordingly. Roll randomly or choose a tell from the Changeling Sign table. I will free not just myself, but all who suffer, from the curse of the Forlorn. What can I say, writing background features so that they’re useful but not very useful is tricky. Special Traits. Publishing!! If you would like to support the GM Binder developers, consider joining our Patreon community. 4              I’m tracking down someone who broke their oath to me, because my oathbreaker’s mark isn’t punishment enough. | Design Finder 2018 Perhaps an ancestor was a nymph, or a fomorian. My existence is transient, but I want to leave a lasting mark on the world. You gain one of the following abilities depending upon your court. 2              If I’m in shabby clothing or accommodations, I prefer to hide my identity entirely. You can repeat this ritual once each day for three months in the same place to make effect last permanently, or until it is dispelled by a 9th level dispel magic, or wish spell. All rights reserved. Fey creatures flock to this new and different location, assisting you at your call. 2              Harvested dangerous fruit for the Green Man (Neutral) 1              Anything I can’t carry with me is just slowing me down if I have to run for it. I don't see it as inconsistent - that implies that it's done without understanding or intent. 3              I had a different muse once, they left me, and I dwell on that bitterness. I would rather die than be ruled by another. They understand Sylvan and will obey your first command to the best of their abilities. Feytouched are quite varied in personality and outlook. Mask-Sense has limited usage because it stands to be such a mystery spoiler, if you can game it carefully. Shedding a river of fey blood may not solve my problem, but it should make me feel better. The background itself is inspired by Changeling: the Lost, while the Feature is a close lift of the racial disadvantage of gnimari (“Tasty”) from the Wildlands LARP setting. Sorcerers touched by one of the courts may take on certain attributes based on their court heritage. (Chaotic) 3: Narcissistic Clearly I'm more important than those without this gift. 9              Drained of blood to feed the Thornweaver’s garden Skill Proficiencies: Perception, Performance If you are within the forest, you know the location of any foreign creatures within it. Tribality Publishing takes our best received content and ideas and develops books. If being fey-touched doesn’t matter in your setting, fey-touched backgrounds aren’t going to be all that great. 4              Pottery 6              Death Wish. You have swimming speed of 30 feet. Something about you intrigued or amused them, so they granted you a place at court – perhaps a noble’s or Highlord’s personal court, or perhaps in the court of the Seelie Queen or the Queen of Air and Darkness. "The Monk with the Dragon Tattoo"! 3              I have a taste for the food and drink of the fey that makes me consider foolish risks. 1              Anyone could be a glamoured fey, so I trust no one. The Material Plane could be as beautiful as the courts of the fey, if we work to make it so. 2              I have contingency plans for every situation. 5              I owe deep debts to my fey liege-lord, and I mean to pay them. Background. When you are in a crowd of five of more, you can ask the DM one of the following questions. Your long exposure to the heights of luxury, living alongside beings of enormous power and vanity, leaves a lasting imprint on your outlook on the world. I'm not complaining about Dragon monks' power (I love it). Roll a d8 or choose one of the options below. Let’s face it, you’re telling stories about addiction, and it’s often not going to be pretty or easy. Vox Machina regroup after their devastating defeat at the hands of Vecna, all while Vax’s soul is tested by the Matron of Ravens. If you cast a spell of 2nd level or higher on your turn, you can use your bonus action to become invisible until the beginning of your next turn. 2              Drink (Lawful) It’s okay. 6              I fell madly in love while at court, and I must become worthy of my beloved once more. From Quintessential Gaming. This is not an attempt to actually adapt the Feytouched template from 3.5 as somethings with the fey are handled a bit differently on the chat than in standard. These fey can leave the forest, but will always return after 24 hours. He ran Dust to Dust, a fantasy LARP in Georgia, and works in freelance game design and writing. 12           Rotted in the Winter Lord’s prison cells. 5              My muse has an enemy, and I am now committed to that fight as well. 5              Pumped the bellows for the Muse of Steel 5              If I’m going to be punished, I should at least steal back the thing I had bargained for. Unearthed Arcana 2020: Subclasses, Part Five Breakdown, How to: Time traveling in RPGs - Timeline Changing. (Evil) Feytouched are not serious combatants, and find the experience a fascinating curiosity until it turns against them -- at which point they become implacably enraged. This may extend even to mortal spellcasters, simply because a geas or similar magic could bind them into a similar captivity. 2              The fey must be punished for their casual cruelty. (Chaotic) Changelings struggle to hide their true natures from a society that utterly rejects them. What does it mean, to be a real and complete person? 6              I’m in a hurry to live hard, die young, and leave a strange-looking body behind. I repay every hurt and insult twice over. The Fey of the Spring Court are cheerful, optimistic and witty, often employing illusions and trickery for fun as well as combat. In 5e, backgrounds often feature a "Background Feature" that does not really give them any kind of mechanical advantage; it is used more as a plot device. ). As you live every day of your life with a sense of your own mummery, you can pick out others who live false lives. 3              Free Spirit. Sign up to receive our newsletter in your inbox each month. 6              I seek to hoard the treasures of the fey, which is sure to draw their ire. (Evil) You can do this from anywhere within the forest. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. 8              I am uncomfortable around mirrors because they remind me of my borrowed face. Brandes Stoddard enjoys games of many kinds: video, tabletop, board, card, and live-action games. 1              I must go back for someone that I had to leave behind. d8              Feature Most of the Forlorn simply cannot be trusted when the object of their desire is at hand, any more than one dying of thirst could be trusted around one who was withholding water. 2              Honor. How long were you gone? The fey showed me the nature of power, and I will put those lessons into practice. Tribality Publishing takes our best received content and ideas and develops books. I'm not complaining about Dragon monks' power (I love it). Because I have known suffering, I protect all that is beautiful. 4              Might. Of the people here, who has the highest Charisma (Deception) modifier? 5              When I have a new idea, I miss meals and neglect friendships. 1              Beauty. One must pay the balance of every debt and misdeed. 7              I think in terms of fairy-tale logic and moral lessons – things really did work like that at court. 4              When I negotiate anything, I get cagey, and it often sours a good deal. 6              Aspiration. 8              Clothing. (Evil) The fey act as your muse for art, poetry, or invention. The joy of Thunder Rift, is that I happen to own all of the modules and the main book for it. Brief description of Theros' Races & Subraces (Ideal to Show to your ... UA 2020 – Subclasses, Part Four Breakdown, Faerie Tales: Naiads, Pixies, and Sprites for 5e, A Visit to the Shadowfell – Shadar-Kai & More. Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Persuasion | GumshoeSRD 3              Iron objects (not including steel) burn your flesh, dealing 1 point of damage per round of contact. I don’t believe I’ll outlive this curse, but I’ll leave as much of a mark on the world as I can first.

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