It's yellow, tastes like chicken... Buck-ah! --Paul Gaita, Fender Here's one outmode you're not gonna get! Rodney Copperbottom : Fender: You consider me a friend? Rodney Copperbottom Voice Box at Hardware Store: The Force is strong in this one. : Oh, my darling! Big eyes! Madame Gasket Robot is a terrific launching point for "The Baker Years"--the star himself is charming and amusing, and the story itself is brisk, involving, and quite suspenseful at times. Bumper "Fender" Pinwheeler is the deuteragonist of Robots. Fender Go right in! They're hard to do because we're made of metal, but that's where the skill comes in. Lug Did you count that one? : That'll be 50 bucks. , Fender Bumper "Fender" Pinwheeler is the deuteragonist of Robots. Actually, you're a little early. Wow, speak of the devil... here I come. Mr. Bigweld is missing and you're all just going to sit around and do nothing? Hey, they brought it back! Fender: Foot, don't fail me now. :

: Close the doors! It's so frustrating! [the lamppost passes out]. [Scottish accent] 

So far I'm up to four. Mailbox R-R-R-R-R-Ricola! : : Fender Fender: Inside of you, there's a model just waiting to throw up. This guys has his own dreams that won't become true! Fender : Written by Terrance Dicks, Robot also introduces the late Ian Marter as the Doctor's companion-to-be Harry Sullivan, a UNIT medic who is pulled into the adventure after treating the Doctor, who is recovering from his fourth regeneration (third Doctor Jon Pertwee appears briefly at the beginning of the first episode). : Yo, it's a fusion of jazz and funk. [Lug is holding his head]  Fender: My name used to be Bumper, but I had to change it when my family moved into the country. : What about you? Fender However, since Rodney and Bigweld are put back in charge of Bigweld industries and spare parts are placed back into production, it is very likely that Fender got back his correct legs, which is further supported in the last picture inside the Robots storybook.

Fender :

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