You can confront him now but this is not a good idea, while you won't get any information, You can also follow him to the tower #1. Where do you find the key for the 2nd floor of the broadcast building at Black Mountain? For Fallout: New Vegas on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Fix For Monorail bug in I put a spell on you". Sneak along behind Curtis, but keep a fair bit of distance between the two of you. One thing that is very important is that you follow the following instructions. "I would rather have a baby through my **** than be married again...". Just wait there for him to report a patrol moving out and mention that the monorail is set to blow. It is located inside the monorail train itself, hidden in a wall vent. !. I went the legion way, planted the stuff in crenshaws locker, killed crenshaw, and blew up the bombs. Fallout new vegas I put a spell on you quest help? Instead you should keep Curtis ignorant about your findings from Boyed and proceed with your stakeout. Fallout: New Vegas Game Guide by, Given by: Colonel James Hsu [The Camp McCarran Terminal building] (M25A:2). Also to be safe I didn't use the code but my Sci skill. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. You can confront him now but this is not a good idea, while you won't get any information, You can also follow him to the tower #1. The title of the quest is a cultural reference to the song "I Put a Spell on You", written by Screamin' Jay Hawkins in 1956. In the quest I Put A Spell On You you have to catch Curtis as the spy at Camp Mccarran. This is the important part! Colonel James Hsu is concerned that there is a spy somewhere around Camp McCarran leaking vital information to Caesar's Legion, and asks for an outsider's help in finding the culprit. Plenty of time to get to the monorail after eavesdropping too. Wait on the tarmac and take cover by one of the planes. There's a number of glitches in that quest. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Now you have two choices: Ending 1. Otherwise, he knows someone is looking for him and you'll get the "bad for the NCR" ending. Yeah I had some problems with that too. I have searched in google but haven't seen anything. DETAILED guide on how to complete "I Put a Spell on You" & SAVE the monorail. So you need the guy to admit it on the radio and the quest to update. Locate the bomb #2 inside the monorail station and defuse it [Explosives 35] or [Science 45]. The corporal (or whatever) told me the lights go on at 1 AM but I haven't seen anything. Use your skills or the codes to disarm it. Even if you manage to make it there in time and disarm the bomb, it will still blow up. You'll learn about the bomb in the monorail. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Do NOT click 'Set as Active File'. Read entries from the computer and note that someone was in the tower at 1AM. If you want, and aren’t afraid of potentially triggering a bug, you can go back to the control tower and kill Curtis. you've just basically agreed to everything I said. With an. That what I did and got to it in time. I found that the spy never actually radioed anything, he just says "thats close enough" and then some name, then i get the caution warning. Using the auto-wait feature can cause you to overshoot the period when he enters and leaves the tower. He’s inside the terminal, with a small office to the left of the main terminal entrance. RE: Fallout New Vegas!!! "I put a spell on you" finished without monorail being destroyed!!! There is a separate quest to reveal his corruption, but Contreas isn’t related to the spying. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. 1) Don't let Curtis know about the forced entries into the comm tower. Talk to Captain Curtis or Colonel Hsu about problems around Camp McCarran. You can find certain pathways around this floor trigger, such as jumping ontop of the rail and inch your way to the monorail doors, and that will avoid the trigger from being activated. But there is a strange trigger when the game decides you can proceed onto the next step of the quest. All Rights Reserved. 5:08 I put a spell on you monorail bug so I tried finishing the quest and was able to save the train, but I had no dialog option to complete it, the only fx I could find was load a previous save, but last save was 3 hours prior, so id lose alot of items/quests if I reloaded just to do 1 quest, so I tried using the command to complete it, but … Ask her if there was anything suspicious lately. You'll learn that there is a spy inside the camp. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. Wait until 1 Am. Don't forget the code on his body if you don't have the skills (explosive/science) to kill the bomb. This was really a pain in the ass for me. Here's where the important decidng moment to avoid the bug. BEFORE 1 AM. What happened to the Brotherhood of Steel? He’ll head back to the barracks. People often waited in the tower, rather than outside the tower which will not trigger the radio dialogue as well, since the trigger is linked to the door to the comm tower. Fallout: New Vegas. Camp McCarran is the NCR Base located on the edge of New Vegas. n order to catch the spy andsuccessfully foil his plan, you need to eavesdrop on his radio conversation in the control tower. Your quest will then update. There does seem to be a time limit, so I suggest that you hurry. Colonel James Hsu is concerned that there is a spy somewhere around Camp McCarran leaking vital information to Caesar's Legion, and asks for an outsider's help in finding the culprit. You can fi… ... to do is just stand inside to door to listen to his conversation. Follow him into the control tower, and use a stealth boy if you don’t have many points in stealth. Go and talk to Captain Curtis - he can be found on the first floor in his office, just behind the escalator (M25A:3). It is bugged as hell and adds to a long list of bugs to New Vegas. Run into the terminal and go up to the second level and through the marked door to the monorail station. Then it took off and exploded anyways. I Put a Spell on You is a side quest in Fallout: New Vegas. If you stick to my path, you’ll have no problems. You have the option to hunt Fiends for bounties, catch a spy, raid Vault 22 for research, retrieve a soldier’s body and help improve life at the camp. When you are beginning your investigation, you will be asked by Curtis to search from some leads. Return to Colonel Hsu. Do not attack Curtis, at all! When you learn of the break in, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT go back to Curtis. You might want to literally stalk curtis around 12:30 AM and follow him to the comm tower. So someone's getting the word out.

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