Familiarize yourself with the immediate area around you, look for various drilling locations, and maybe get a glimpse of where the enemy forces are based. … Each production unit, whether it be a drill or a furnace, can hold up to 100 pieces before it will stop and wait for you to remove them. Left click to place the structure. A pump produces enough water for 20 boilers, so the most often used setup contains 1 offshore pump, 20 boilers and 40 steam engines. While you are waiting for your flasks to craft or your research to complete, let's continue building an ore processing center. This gives us our inserters and the Assembling machine 1, which is going to be very useful in the near future. Well, that happens when you don't have anything to power. Now that we have electricity, we can use Electric Mining Drills. You can have them to output your raw resources onto belts and get them to a place where you can mass process the ores into plates. The steam output of the boiler then connects to the middle of the short side of the steam engine. They deal incredible damage over a wide area, capable of wiping out groups of enemies with ease. The science packs also kind of represent where you are in the game. This conveyor belt can then take all of the ore to some sort of processing area. Atomic bombs are very expensive alternative ammunition for the rocket launcher and the spidertron. Middle click (or Command-Right-Click) the item in the Quickbar to remove it. The Resource Settings tab allows changing how frequently and strongly resources and enemies spawn. If the steam engine is producing power but nothing is using it, it'll show a yellow flashing icon: right now it's showing because we don't have electric machines yet! When you first place one, you are going to get a popup asking you want you want to research. These are simply another crafted item, which you should craft 10 of now and place them in your labs to begin researching. When your inventory is open, you can select a place-able structure from your inventory by clicking it. Not only do the science packs take a long time to make, but as you can imagine, research takes a pretty long time as well. For the copper, we use an underground belt to go underneath the area that is now taken by the far line which also allows the copper to continue on. You can also queue up more crafting orders, as long as you have the necessary materials on you, and they'll get carried out one after the other. Now you need to use power poles to carry power to your machines. These are much better than those scummy Burner ones. Now you are drilling for iron! But expect copper to become more and more important the more you mess with electricity and electronics! So to help all you new players out, I've written this ultimate beginner guide to Factorio to give you a helping hand and a good place to launch into your own game. So now you have four or so furnaces making iron, a couple making copper, some stone production and a good amount of coal production. On every map, there will be a water source of sorts -- and this is where you need to place your offshore pump on the shoreline. This is the time from when the rocket is finished to when production on the next rocket can start, but does not include the time to insert the payload. But you know what really sucks? Now that power is explained, we need to increase our resource production. By having a splitter, you can move the far belt from your production in close while also allowing it to continue down the line for later use. The first thing you need to do is go for a walk. For new players, the Default preset or the Rich Resources preset are suggested. If your spawn area doesn't have one of these resources, or they are too scarce or too far apart, simply hit the Escape key and choose "Restart." Your power setup can look however you want it to look. Almost everything in Factorio is made from these seven basic resources, and you will need all of them except for uranium if you intend to finish the game. At this early stage, it isn't used in much other than in making a stone furnace. Now that you've placed the drill and furnace, they need Fuel. To generate steam power you are going to need to craft five items -- Offshore Pump, Boiler, Pipes, Steam Engine, and Small Electrical Pole. These materials can then go straight into your base to be made into a myriad of other things. The launch trailer attempts to capture the story of the game’s development in just 45 seconds, which is almost as impressive as Wube’s work on the game itself. Make sure you load the furnace with fuel again, and away it will go. These are easy to set up and work essentially the same as the iron setup. Here is a small example. The electric pole is then placed next to the steam engine. These should be found within a reasonable proximity to each other; the farther apart they are the harder it will be to route them for combined use.It's also advisable to have a source of Water in your starting area, as it is required for Steam Engines. So far we have only dealt with raw resources, how do we make craftable things? Press the "alt-mode" key (default "ALT") to toggle "detailed view", which shows extra information about structures. The first type of power you will need to generate is Steam Power. The rest is simple: the gears and copper get pulled into the assemblers, they make the science and then it gets pulled out again on the other side. If you want to split a stack in half, right click the stack. Similarly, steam engines allow steam to run through, so you can have as many engine as you want connected in a row. 700 The satellite is used in the creation of space science packs in the rocket silo. In the early game, the most used resource is iron, so you'll probably need twice as many miners on iron than copper, if not more. You can also CTRL-Right Click to directly transfer half of the stack. There's so much to this incredibly detailed factory building game that, unless you know a thing or two about engineering, you are going to need a bit of help to get started. So get to it, and show off your own unique designs! If you want to transfer ALL items of one type, hold down the "inventory transfer" key ("CTRL" default) and click the item. Despite being in the electric era, our furnaces still need coal until a little further down the line. Now that you can afford some extra drill and furnaces, you should automate the acquisition of both coal and stone. If you look at the image below, you will see that each drill is facing another with their outputs. This game contains enemies, though they probably won't attack you until you are more prepared.

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