Thank you so much. It also helps parents, staff and OfSTED (boo!) Any advice or pointers much needed! Story starter Open the box. I am new to Year 5 from Year 3 and wondered what age group you aimed them at? Include your name, twitter handle and school if you want them mentioned also. Children stick the RIC into their Reading books - this means the questions and potentially the stimulus appear alongside the questions. This is a powerpoint of some ERIC starters I put together for Year 3. ( Log Out /  What a fantastic idea! I really like this, thank you. Name * First. KS1 don’t look at choice. I feel inspired to try the whole class approach next week. I was going to set up a carousel but after reading your post I am no longer sure what to do. In our lessons, this is how the RIC starter is delivered. KS1 Y1 English. Quick and easy but plenty of skills being developed. Children switch to a gel pen. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  Thanks * Indicates required field. This is to help them remember the questions while they are answers because sometimes there is something else on the board. So helpful! All comments are moderated before they are posted so may take a short time to appear on the page. Various government approaches have always tried to complicate what is essentially common sense: support readers with varied quality questions. Sentence Sort Unjumble. With thanks to Rhoda Wilson and Mrs P Teach for the inspiration. 15 Free & Fun Maths Starters For KS2. Thank you for sharing. Sometimes we combine answers to write a perfect response and children all write this down. whole class approach to reading, introduced by @MrsPTeach, and during a recent history unit on WW2 I used these starters at the beginning of each session to aid discussion. I have written before about my move away from guided reading and the introduction of our DERIC reading skills. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Have started whole class reading this year and it is much more enjoyable to prepare and teach. Children mark and correct their own answers and we go over a quick explanation if some are confused. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. After my blog about whole class reading, lots of people asked if I had a bank of these ERIC starters that I would be happy to share. Unfortunately we don't have the budget to fund whole class or even half a class guided reading books so I was just wondering what do you think is the nest for me to do? Hi Jo,I'm new to your blog and what a brilliant discovery! We praise children for using their gel pens to write successful answers and they respond to this. This takes between ten and twenty minutes to complete in lessons however sometimes, when there is a lot to get from a stimulus, we will have stand-alone RIC sessions which are longer.

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