Same here. Level Agnostic Dungeons (EQ2) Level Agnostic Dungeons are instances in which characters between levels 20-94 have a chance to group together, regardless of the difference in their adventure level. Also, how about instead of this me me me me attitude how about helping your friends level up so they can join you in your adventures. February 4, 2015 at 12:49 pm I’m frankly so SICK and tired of lower levels getting TONS of handouts why don’t we just have an ALL upgraded account to buy? LAD is welcome in the game – now I more quickly bring up my lower level alts to join the high level ones in fun and games. We’ve got those too. How about give the paying and playing players some advantages?!! One of you turn this while the rest handle the mobs. February 4, 2015 at 11:51 am I can honestly say as a fact. The chest can be found beside the final mob Firelord Kaern. So, here is how you do this fight. Ranged DPS is key to this fight, and lots of it. See Void Shard Mission System. Fight to the left, enter and clear Netherflame Forge, concluding with The Doomsmith. | #. Najena’s Deep Forge Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. If you don't KNOW the sequence, then killing Cruhm the Overseer will make the runes appear inside the lava falls, and you must activate them in order, starting at the top rune on the falls. At the back of this room, to the west of Kaern, is Najena's Treasure, which is openable using Najena's Key. Did somebody step on this too ? It might help those who are trying to move up with xp, but if you are going to do it right it needs to go to 100. Vasty Deep: The Conservatory Everquest II Zone Information for The Deep Forge. Please note that as each single-up is killed, it is replaced by a triple-up formed on the grate floor below. This one is pretty small, actually. A Spurned alumnus is the 'Keyholder' mob in this zone. Your email address will not be published. In here you will find a forge for special crafting, 5 plinths with glyph keys on them (this will be important later), and a glowing book on a table which starts the quest, Something Greater. jQuery(document).ready( function () { After clearing the first area, head to the Deep Forge. Wikis. Return to the bridge and repeat to the other side. Once every 20 seconds he will spawn a Lava Pool around his current target which deals around 3000 damage every 4 seconds. Here you will kill all the Spurned that you need for Spurning the Spurned. Note you want to be on the Cold Heat quest before killing the Doomsmith. Clicking the incorrect symbol will cause the sequence to start over with the first symbol again. Stats are brought up or down as needed so that a level 20 healer can keep a level 94 tank alive. At least 1p 2 Void Shard. These dungeons are accessible by joining the queue on your Dungeon Finder Tab (Alt + Z) from the EQ2 … } ); Please post your comments without flaming or insulting other players or personally attacking SOE employees. Traveler's Feast - Mara Mandaikon Kakiage. Not very difficult, although I remember a time when we couldn't touch the Hammer. Make sure you check out the level 90 equipment that will help you gear up during your adventures! | #. A choice of at least one of these items: Hoop of Fire Worship. So where should you head to check out these update? A Spurned alumnus is the 'Keyholder' mob in this zone. The Temple of the Faceless holds many horrors found within the Eidolon Jungle. Required fields are marked *. In order to open the lava-fall, the group must right click the correct symbol on the five crystal symbol pillars in the Deep Forge room. High DPS and constant movement will be the path to glory here. Amongst a few other fixes, today’s update largely focuses on Level Agnostic Dungeons. Therefore, it is imperative that the two valves be turned as soon as humanly possible. Another infamous shard zone! Something is amiss in The Stonebrunt Highlands! Note the order of these five symbols and keep them for future reference. There are currently five Agnostic Dungeons in the world, ready to explore. I only see folks advertise maybe once or twice a week to run this agnostic dungeons. When you engage Firelord Kaern the lava-fall will close, preventing anyone from reviving and rejoining the attack should you engage him and a member of your party die. There are currently five Agnostic Dungeons in the world, ready to explore. The Deep Forge [Agnostic] Collection Rewards. Here’s a closer look at each of the five, currently available dungeons: Charasis: Maiden’s Chamber Deep within the terrain of the Jarsath Wastes, this catacomb is full of glowing runes and frightening foes. Simply run back up the platform and rejoin the fight. February 4, 2015 at 10:59 am The Temple of the Faceless You want to fix the let level up problem for a lot of folks then you need to hand out more xp for overland zones, and for the current zones. War Stud of the Prime Everdark. With both valves turned, the pit in the center floods with lava, killing all the other mobs there. You could have a mezzer watch for the mobs sprinting up the ramp and have them rooted/mezzed until you have the valves turned. The Deep Forge. The Deep Forge [Agnostic] Collection Rewards. Did you even read what you wrote before posting it? To be able to kill The Doomsmith, be sure to kill all the automated hammers during the fight to prevent the AoE he casts. | #. A Spurned alumnus will have Najena's Key which opens the bonus shard chest behind Firelord Kaern. If you get back to where you started you will all die. This is a challenging room. Fairly easy zone once you get past "the door", which is referring to the wall of lava that keeps you out of the back of the zone. | #.

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