I sometimes use old towels as a buffer (just tie them to the bike frame). Granted though, that is something an an extra battery on days that I know I will be riding longer on. I prefer not to use the mirror that you can attach to your glasses. Available in step-thru and step-over options, this ride is low maintenance and anything but ordinary. The two frames are very similar in weight, come in a wide range of colors and are warrantied for two years by Trek (which acquired Electra in 2014). I can’t imagine what it would be like with any sensor delay. Also, here’s a short article I wrote about other accessories that can be good to use if you are new to ebikes or bicycling in general, it might give you some ideas or stimulate alternatives to what I wrote above. What do you mean by “pulling back”? 8I lowstep in beautiful blue. The model shown here is from 2016 and it says Bosch Performance Line which I believe is 350 watts and a bit more zippy. The Townie Go! What I left out are the roller brakes. Another question… on my Trek bike I carried a CO2 cartridge for flats, tube etc. This is the third generation of the bike, they are now owned by Trek (one of the largest manufacturers worldwide) and Bosch is a clear leader. As for pumps, I always carry one like this which has a pressure gauge built in and can work with Presta or Schrader type valves. It helped me through the decision process and understand what I wanted in a bike. with Bosch drive system is more expensive but it’s way better and quite worth the price in my opinion. Hey Klatuu, cool name :D I agree with you, the Townie Go! My wife and I plan on riding together. you ordered for your wife has already been delivered and put to the test? It would be great if someone would produce an aftermarket battery for the Bosch mid drive at a substantial savings. At 26″ in diameter they don’t lift the frame as high as more traditional 700c (28″) wheels and tires but you still get reflective sidewall stripes and Kevlar lining for safety and durability. In my search for a relaxed bike I have come to the Townie and unable to find anything that resembles it, so far so good. You need not worry about replacing batteries separately or turning each light off after a ride… it’s all one system and even the display panel is backlit, The fenders, rims and chain guard are all custom painted, sometimes the same color as the frame and other times to compliment the tires but it looks great in both cases, Most of the wires for shifting, braking and running the electric drive system are either run through the frame downtube or fastened in such a way that they are hidden and well protected, This ebike comes with an integrated cafe lock from ABUS that allows you to disable the rear wheel, perfect for deterring theft for quick stops without having to carry a large cable or u-lock, The internally geared hub offers eight speeds which is perfect for slower riding, climbing or hitting the top speed of ~20 mph but being internal it stays cleaner, can be shifted at standstill and allows the chain to be shorter and tighter, it probably requires less maintenance and is definitely less vulnerable than a traditional derailleur, The double-leg kickstand is very stable, it keeps the bike upright and makes loading the rear rack much easier than if you only had a single side stand, note that the stand is also adjustable on both sides for use on slanted terrain, The LCD display panel is backlit, removable for safer storage and even has a built in micro USB port that can be used for charging portable electronics like a cell phone for music or GPS applications, you’ll need a cable, There are no water bottle cage mounting points on either frame style, it seems like the high-step would have had room on the seat tube but they didn’t add them, consider a, In my experience the Shimano Roller band brakes don’t stop as quickly as v-brakes or disc brakes, they look nice and even have heat sink fins that sort of look like disc brakes but they use a band inside and require a bit more pulling effort to stop, As with most cruiser style electric bikes, the Townie Go! A question I have for you is that I don’t like not being able to see traffic behind me while riding. Flat Foot Technology gives you ultimate comfort and control, allowing you to put your feet flat on the ground at any time. At $800 or more it is about twice the cost of a battery for a Bafang kit. I have had three hip replacements and a knee scope. By signing up, you consent to sending the above information to Trek Bicycle, which will be stored in the United States. Does it mean that if the carrier says 3 bikes 15 kg per bike max = 45kg, that one bike of up to 45kg would be ok or is it that the actual holder for the bike will not hold more than 15kg each? For mid-drive powered ebikes, the best value right now seems to be the Bulls Cross E which uses Bosch. Why does it feel like that ? If you’re in a lower gear and the motor gets that mechanical advantage (since it’s a mid-drive), maybe that feels a lot more powerful. Thank you. It’s the same Bosch PowerPack 400 I’ve seen for the past year and a half on other models here in the US and it works just as well. Appreciate your kind words :). We test rode the bike at a nearby dealer and were really happy with the ride. The frame is lighter and overall the bike is about 5 pounds less than the Commute go coming in around 45 pounds. Enjoy your bike, I think you chose very well with the Townie Go! The rear internal 8-gear hub is just the best. Kind regards from The Netherlands! If you wish to opt out, you may do so at any time by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link that appears at the bottom of each of our emails. I just heard back from my contacts at Electra/Trek and was told “100% the right answer here is to direct them to a certified Trek/Electra/Bosch bike shop. The pedals are pushed forward and makes the ride much more comfortable. But we found these brakes work just fine for us in our mostly flat midwest terrain (50 miles NW of Chicago). Hope these tips help! Any more power would just be over-kill for our riding. :). Great question Jeff, I’m excited for you and your wife! Both new models are equipped with larger more efficient 700C tires, more swept back handlebars, and rear and front cargo racks with the front light relocated to right of the front rack to not obstruct the light when riding with a load. By signing up, you consent to sending the above information to Trek Bicycle, which will be stored in the United States. The Townie Go! I’m with you… good to get out there and enjoy riding, regardless of the bike. Have put on about 100k so far and must say that the review that was given on this web site portrays the bike in a fair and accurate manner. My opinion on this is yes, a strong yes :) I don’t want you to be disappointed and suppose there are many factors to consider here like the trailer you get, how heavy you are, the terrain, even wind but the Bosch mid-drive is very powerful in my experience. As for the flat foot design, some people really like it… There are lots of cruiser style ebikes with angled seat tubes that simulate flat foot but Electra / Trek has the patent for separating the bottom bracket from the seat tube connection point. The bike works out of the box because of that “flat foot technology” even with my 36 in inseam and I’m not maxed out. Rob Price, Great choice Rob, Electra really nailed it with their latest models (love that they come in multiple colors and the high-step/low-step configuration. Hi, we watched your youtube video and read your review, thank you, both really excellent! I hope this helps! I put a link to the Big Sky shop, as a callout to anyone else who lives in Montana that might be interested in Trek or Electra models :). This is why this one size fits most bike I had no trouble leaping at. Wonderful writeup Jeff, thanks for taking the time to prepare this and reflect on the experience. Good for you, recognizing the wait of the Copenhagen Wheel and finding something else. It must be the upright position that’s best for me. But I really love the Townie Go!. I’ve also used your awesome “compare” page, but I get so confused when trying to compare so many things. I like your very clear style of explaining things and providing your opinion on what you really like about the bike and what could be better. Hi Court, thanks very much for your reply back to my comment. I don’t think you’re supposed to be able to reset an odometer, but perhaps it’s possible? Hi Hank, my understanding is that the hardware on Bosch motors is pretty similar but the software can be tuned for efficiency (Bosch Active), regular city riding (Bosch Performance) or high-torque mountain (Bosch CX) and even though the European models say 250 watts, that is more of a legal thing and the torque is still rated the same. I got the last black “D-Frame” available from California on 3-22-17.

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