//I do not take credit for any images posted here//, juiceboxjewels: “ Edith Frances 2 years before joining Crystal Castles. Davie Fawn’s full story can be found HERE, but in summary, he was manipulated by Ethan into lying to a young woman named Ari, who at the time was a friend of Alice’s who was posting the truth about how disgusting Ethan truly was on her Tumblr magicspe11s. To convince Alice’s fans that they should stop promoting her DJ sets, Ethan fabricated the existence of a tweet that said she was telling her friends that she didn’t even like DJ sets, but the all powerful “Andy” was able to get some random sound guy to delete said tweet? Infuriated by this, Ethan began sending her hateful anonymous messages, while forcing Davie Fawn to reach out to her and convince her that the messages were actually coming from Jupiter and Alice. I believed him. Margo Frances was a model, she is clearly not camera shy. Photo of beaten/abused girl from Official Crystal Castles Facebook Page; someone has commented “STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN. He told me it ”, Crystal Castles last night at Rio 70 in Monterrey México, — I love your I love your ambiguity Revise antiquity. a 17-year old girl. we do this by never reposting anything dj related. Chat. If the entire Crystal Castles fan base was surveyed and had to list their favorite/most memorable songs, would the majority list 1991 and Good Time over Alice Practice and Baptism? like magicspe11s flying around to catch all the dj sets. PICTURE 7. But they can continue going to his DJ sets? margo frances < > Most recent. The following images were taken directly from the Official Crystal Castles Facebook Page: PICTURE 1. When informed that magicspe11s (Ari) asked her about “Dan Marshall”, he immediately orders her to not respond. To be clear, it makes logical sense for Alice to have contributed almost all of the  lyrics and the majority of the vocal melodies to Crystal Castles despite feeling like she was in an artistically restrictive environment filled with emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Why would she need to hide her life?  followed by kindness.““He kept me insecure and on edge, and “i think there’s hope for IV but only when people stop going to these dj sets.”. She shared a screenshot of their interaction on Instagram stories where Ethan Kath asked for her number. to keep them hidden from the public because it challenges the “feminist” image your own Pins on Pinterest Photographic evidence of Autumn, Ethan Kath’s romantic partner/wife, cosplaying his ex-girlfriend and bandmate, Alice Glass. She does not know the danger she’s putting herself in by being a part of Crystal Castles, Edith Frances in Tecate Comuna, Puebla, MX. Various Tumblr users have opened up about having received messages from “Andy” via the wearecrystalcastles Tumblr, asking them to delete negative content about Ethan. You could see the tension photos of her and Ethan (picture 3) on her instagram, which she deleted minutes after. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Autumn then bragged about having received messages from Ethan Kath on her tumblr account Katzekind but it was later deleted, setting a pattern that would continue to exist for the entirety of their relationship. ; what numbers is he referring to? “At this point we are able to confirm that there is an investigation. It is interesting to note that right before he also claims in the interview that “I didn’t belittle her or make any derogatory comments, I was acknowledging what she had already said herself” even though his comments did attempt to belittle her and undermine her accomplishments; he is trying to get the readers to re-interpret Alice’s words.Gaslighting is a form of manipulation Police Constable Allyson Douglas-Cook told the Daily Beast that there is currently an open Sex Crimes unit investigation into the musician. Here is an example: In these messages, he pretends to be a “concerned fan” wondering if she has heard anything weird going on with the band (similar to what Ethan asked Davie Fawn in their final messages). I didn’t think it was fair that his career continued to thrive despite undeniable evidence from multiple sources/fans/even Alice Glass herself that demonstrated that he is a sexual predator, pedophile, serial abuser and overall creep.Alice made a post earlier today detailing the physical, verbal, emotional and sexual abuse she endured from Ethan Kath during the time she was in Crystal Castles. Laughable! Ethan Kath also said the I sincerely hope this finally puts the victim blaming and accusations that she was lying to rest. You will always see intermittent Autumn was 15 at the time. Ethan messaged her after this incident to “apologize” for his friends behavior. Photo of beaten/abused girl from Official Crystal Margo Frances pre-Crystal Castles to her after she joined Crystal Castles. Those 10 bozos hating on her for “copying Alice” can eat shit now. If Ethan Kath screams at Edith on stage infront of fans then what he do when no one is watching? Alice Glass responded to this statement from Ethan Kath with the following Tweets: Ethan Kath responded with the following statements: Though it seems as if he is trying to “see through Alice Glass’ logic” here, this statement is actually written in a very manipulative way. She was always a vicious babe. couldn’t tell you were young but i wanted you babe, couldn’t tell you were young but i wanted you for me, she controls my mind n’ i’m feeling fine, oh-oh, tell me girl that you’re hot (you’re so young), (Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20011117144524/http://www.cheerleader666.com/lyrix.html Ethan Kath mentioning in 2009 interview that he considers a battered woman with a black eye “the perfect symbol of a strong female” because “nothing is going to knock her down”; Ethan seems here to imply that enduring domestic violence is a sign of strength and should be appreciated & regarded as such. its all ethan”. Why is it that Weinstein was so quickly shunned from the entertainment industry, yet Ethan Kath continues to have a place in the music scene? Discover (and save!) This photo was deleted minutes after it was posted. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. “as long as there’s interest in her dj sets, they will continue and there will be no CC.”, Moderator of Crystal Castles Official Website lists “Nudes?” under contact information, The following lyrics for the song “Go” were written in 2001, I’m seeing so many misogynist comments about Edith and these comments are from people who are claiming to be “feminists”. “So Young/Go” lyrics can no longer be found through Google search. PICTURE 1. Edith Frances - Crystal Castles (work In Progress) Tagged: #crystal castles, #tattoo, #cc, #team, #edith frances, #ethan kath, #amnesty i, Posted 2 years ago with 291 notes View high resolution. Best ♥️, (^ shit wrong post that was meant to be directed at the autumn post), also: her current instagram where she used to post daily hasnt updated since september, & she recently added to her bio “instagram is ded find me irl,” so im kind of worried that posting about that hurt her, but at the same time it totally confirms (as if it didnt need more confirming) ethan’s relationship with her..im really worried about her as well as edith, Crystal Castles Fan Alleges Seeing Ethan Kath “Snapping” at Edith Frances on Stage; Edith in “State of Temporary Terror”, guys. Autumn then bragged about having received messages from Ethan Kath on her tumblr account Katzekind but it was later deleted, ... Another photo of Edith Frances performing with Crystal Castles; notice similarities in hair and makeup style to Alice Glass. 68 Pines • 7 seguidores. Fucking disgusting. Ver más ideas sobre Uñas francesas, Chicas punk rock, Fotografía de espejo. She is remaining anonymous for now so as not to impede the investigation, but says, “I want this guy’s insane horrible mistreatment of underage girls to be out in the open for everyone to know and to protect themselves.”, If you have been personally affected by Ethan Kath, please feel free to reach out. If Ethan Kath screams at Edith on stage infront of fans then what he do when no one is watching? It is very possible Please cut her some slack, Ethan Kath Undermined Alice Glass’ Contributions to Crystal Castles and tried to Paint her as Interchangeable, Ethan Kath and Alleged Sexual Harassment/Advances Towards Underage Fans, Ethan Kath‘s Obsession with Photos of Abused/Beaten Women & Girls: Official Crystal Castles FB/Merch, Ethan Kath is Currently in a Romantic Relationship with/likely MARRIED to Former Alice Glass cosplayer “Autumn”  who was 15 years old when they started talking, Ethan Kath Attempted to Sabotage Alice Glass’ Career Before She Left Crystal Castles Over Insecurity and Jealousy of Her Relationship with Jupiter Keyes, Moderator of Official Crystal Castles Website Asking Fans for Nudes, Ethan Kath’s Admitted Attraction to Minors/Underage Girls, https://web.archive.org/web/20011117144524/http://www.cheerleader666.com/lyrix.html, Alice Glass Posts Evidence of Abuse by Ethan Kath, Ethan Kath of Crystal Castles Under Sex Crimes Investigation. This photo was taken at Coachella 2009. PICTURE 5. Filter by post type. This tactic is called intermittent reinforcement or hot & cold behavior. longer active, past content is still accessible through using the “wayback ... Once an abuser Always a abuser the cycle will always start again with someone new Let us pray for Edith Margo Frances safety! Photo. Video. It is likely that Edith (i.e. alternate title “So Young” on Kill Cheerleader’s first full-length album “All Link. It really does seem as though Edith’s style has changed completely to more closely mirror Alice Glass. machine” online.). Photo of Autumn and Ethan Kath which seems to be a wedding photo. for the first picture she posted of the set of intimate [See details on separate post pertaining to Autumn], (cw: Graphic photos depicting domestic violence against women/children). Another photo of Edith Frances performing with Crystal Castles; notice similarities in hair and makeup style to Alice Glass. “On top of other emotional abuse tactics, like gas lighting, narcissists/sociopaths/abusers give It’s so obvious that Edith is a victim too. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Photos showing close resemblance between Alice Glass and Autumn, Ethan Kath’s current romantic & intimate partner. Once “Andy” deems her trustworthy (”aww andy says “she’s the sweetest and coolest””), he goes on to tell her that “supporting the solo dj sets is supporting the end of cc”, in reference to Alice’s DJ sets. PICTURE 1-2. Given the current climate, I can’t think of a better time to start sharing some disturbing insights into who Ethan Kath truly is, and continue exposing his predatory and abusive behavior. Hypocrisy at its finest.“meanwhile the only reason J knows A is because E remixed J’s band. There was ample time to reflect on the song’s ephebophiliic and derogatory undertones, Ethan Kath has been on record saying the following: Ethan Kath claimed that Alice Glass did not appear on Crystal Castles “best known songs” and lists Vietnam, Reckless, Year of Silence, 1991, & Good Time…he claims that these songs are more well known by Crystal Castles fans Alice Practice, Baptism, Celestica, Suffocation, Courtship Dating, Black Panther, Empathy Plague etc.

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