Scrooge didn't exactly publicize it in Duckburg, let alone Brazil. José could see the tears welling up in the duckling's eyes, giving him his answer. "Your sobrinho, Huey, gave it to me this evening.". It was at this time that 'Dream Huey' finally came to the conclusion that he was probably, in fact, dreaming. "Do you mind if I sleep here tonight?" Dewey snapped. "Huey, wait!" "-and Ah know you're angry and confused-", "Actually, Huey is the only one who's really angry," Dewey admitted. He wanted so, so badly to go back and change all this. I really hope I didn't misrepresent it, Kind of diverges from canon? looming over the McDuck family has taken everyone by surprise, but one particular member of the family has been drowning in guilt over recent events... A fun collab between myself and WizWitch! "Besides," Huey continued, "Louie wakes you up basically every night anyway. The silence between them was deafening as the youngest triplet waited for a response from the oldest. Upset. Huey ranted, pacing the length of his bedroom floor. "I'm not sure this plan was thought through, was it, menino?". atruedonaldist . Do I make meself clear?". The familiar metallic taste of blood filled his mouth as he waited patiently for Huey to say something. They'd face them together. The surprise reveal of F.O.W.L. Huey was camping with his Junior Woodchucks and it was the Father/Son trip. ", Donald decides to stop adventuring and finds a job. "I mean, when, in the past ten years, have any of us ever been alone?" "It's just…" He sighed and looked at his webbed feet. Well, news flash! He felt his legs give out beneath him as he let out an anguished sob. Sorry, Master Duck, the voice of Falcon Graves whispered in his ear, but with Beaks out of the picture, I'm afraid I'm going to have to resort to another method to collect my salary today. He was vaguely aware he was shouting, but he didn't care. ", "Ah cannae say Ah blame him," Scrooge sighed. Cartoons: DuckTales fanfiction archive with over 1,369 stories. We were living in poor conditions-there was hot water on random days and the heater didn't work at all. Cartoons DuckTales. Slowly, Huey opened the door. "The details are pretty fuzzy already, but I remember feeling like I was just so alone, no matter where I ended up and what I tried to do. "What are yeh still doing here?" But when they least expect it, Della Duck shows up in Duckburg with the hopes to reconnect with her boys. So grab something to eat, drink, or whatever you like when you read a love story gone wrong, and join Huey, Dewey, Louie, Y/N, and more on this, "Life Is Like A Hurricane," journey! Besides, Donald would never forgive José if anything happened to one of the his beloved nephews. However, that wasn't the relief it should have been once Huey took in his surroundings. 78 Stories. Dewey snapped, squinting at the piece of paper Duckworth had recorded Della's number on. And then I had a realization-I was raising three toddlers in a dumpy apartment in the bad part of town. The rumbling in his stomach was overpowered by the swirl of thoughts in his mind as he stalked back and forth across the pristine grass. But before that could happen, the duckling needed to be reassured that everything would be all right; otherwise, this running away incident would only repeat itself, and next time the boy may not be as fortunate. But when he was six, he decided that it was best to put Della to rest and stop wishing for her to come back. "I mean, I know she gave us up and all, but haven't you ever wondered what it would be like if we had a mother? "Dewey," Huey whispered, only shaking him a little. "Yeh may have asked your uncle, but Donald's nae entirely fond of Della considering what happened.". Bye." Even after 'Dream Dewey' had miraculously arrived to intervene only to be dragged off in chains by the luck demon for interfering, it was the intense sense of mutual hatred he had felt that haunted Huey when he awoke. Huey bawled. José said nothing as he offered the duckling a small, reassuring smile and lead him to the kitchen. he heard his brothers say, again at the same time. Get down from there! Because yeh know what? "That's not even my name," he said sleepily. José realized Donald must have the speaker on. "It was school." But if you do stick around, I'm planning big things for this story. As for your punishment for running away, you're grounded until I say otherwise. ", "Stop apologizing," Donald scolded gently. It was well past midnight in Rio de Janeiro, and he had sent Huey to bed hours ago, which meant that it was probably past midnight in Duckburg. The floor was metal and slightly wet while the surrounding dark walls were made of some type of stone. Why don't we go get some dinner, and you and I can talk.". I was never one for school when I was your age either. You have to pay Uncle Scrooge back for the plane ticket, so you'll have to talk to him about that. He could feel some of Dewey's feathers brushing against his leg and Louie's weight on the covers. "Hello?". "W-What do I say? I know how hurt can make you make stupid decisions. Huey gritted his teeth. "It's okay, Huey," Louie said softly. You know, the one we sent out to sea?" The McDuck/Duck Family and associates have been finding their new normal since Della's been home and, for once, things are going smoothly.

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