Santa Claus King Arthur. Scrooge takes care of Donald when he's young, and many years down the line, Donald takes care of his boys in much the same way. The intensity was enough to knock the top hat off the elder duck's head. They didn't have a lot of toys but that didn't bother them, They all had their special toys. All those present appeared to wonder the same thing. Donald being a champion boxer in his navy days doesn't seem like to much of a stretch. Raider leapt over a rushing Donald. Raider was cut off by the single starred disc flying fast with unerring accuracy into some device on his wrist. "No buts, you got to play enough today"He said "There's a whole other day tomorrow for you to play". Donald and Daisy Duck-parents to one Lena Duck- Find themselves on a new and constantly changing adventure as their family grows and changes overnight, without warning. Della is concerned, Donald nearly has a heart attack, Gyro wants to kick himself, Fethry rehashes all his old jokes, Duckworth is tired, and Webby is willing to move heaven and earth to protect her brother. I don’t own these characters, if that was not clear :). Vlad Tepes. And within half an hour, the Justice Ducks would find themselves facing the end of the world. His anger and frustration are kept tightly bottled. However, his three nephews, Della's kids, have shown the same passion their mother and great uncle shared. "The keypad and scanner dinnae look to be tampered with. The one he was just getting more and more late to by the minute. (Preferably with bubbles and the new Darkwing bath bombs she had gotten earlier that week)And put on her (LaunchPad’s) Darkwing t-shirt and curl up on her couch with her fluffy blanket and pillows and pass out while she was curled up next to Launchpad while watching their favorite Darkwing episodes. along the way,you seem to have caught the eyes of some particular triplets. | Oh My Goddess! Donald and Scrooge play a quick round of chess with their nephews. (I own nothing except for Dr. Don Reubens, Athena, and the concept o... [ ! Read breakup | donald x reader from the story ducktales 2017 oneshots by author-boots ( ) with 1,423 reads. But when three new students walk into the school, maybe her life will change for the better... | Ducktales, Older Sibling! "Boys! And who is behind the disappearance of Gizmoduck? The disc ricocheted back to Donald mid run. When Della convinces Donald and their cousins to go to the forbidden twisted thicket on Halloween, they accidentally unleash a great evil onto Duckburg. Facing an intruder in the money bin, Scrooge expected Donald to be every bit as livid as he was legendarily known for. Dewey and Louie stood next to their brother with beaks wide open still in shock. ああっ女神さまっ | Ah! All while more characters decide to make their first appearances ever, mixing the classic with the new. But I could be convinced to continue if anyone seems interested. Fighting monsters and foes, finding treasures, and solving mysteries. ~~, Multi Fandom One -Shots including, Hunger Games, Ducktales, Marvel, Percy Jackson and more! Hopefully this last post fixes it. [DUCKTALES x AUNT! "Ha! /// Donald waved what barely passed as a candle away. Here I upload random oneshots and requests! ((Possible Spoilers) Hello again. Now however that fervor returned with a vengeance. Sorry for the couple of reposts. In his place was the protector of family, the fighter that took on armies of Beagle Boys and shadow creatures, the Navy Boxing Champion during his tour of duty. I am hoping they incorporate that somehow in the new Ducktales series, but I doubt they will. She had been reunited with everyone for a few short years, but that did nothing to quell her thirst for adventure and action. Set a couple years in the future, Daisy is a cemented member of the family, and she and Donald have news for the family. She chucked the clock at Raider while her kids shook their heads in embarrassment at their mother's lame taunt. Donald tried to coax a little more speed from the vehicle to avoid hearing another spendthrift story. files pertaining to his history, even though his file had a bit more holes than most. When they stood side-to-side like that you could definitely see the relation. Della and the boys were on one of the floors above, searching through the offices in case the intruder or intruders were after information from McDuck Industries vast resources. Staring deep into his uncle's eyes Donald can voice only one thing. Beakley motioned for Scrooge and Donald to approach. Donald followed behind, casting his sleepy gaze into the shadowed hallways. tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits. Scheherezade. The triplets were playing on the living room floor. Finally, the door opened. this is SO late but prompt was physical affection. {Ducktales X Reader} After trying to convince her mom for a month, Y/N finally gets to go with her dad on his annual business trip to Duckburg for the summer. All while more characters decide to make their first appearances ever, mixing the classic with the new. Minor spoilers for Escape from the Impossibin episode. Lunaris and the Moonlanders have been confirmed to be canon to the fanfic universe. I don't think any of that was covered in the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook", Huey asked in awe. ", Della Duck Character Development to Be Seen, Gyro Gearloose Character Development to Be Seen. Somewhat Predict Fic (is that a thing?) It was one of the many lessons he's repeatedly tried to instill in his lazy kin. He had been rummaging through cabinets and drawers when the group entered. They didn't have a lot of toys but … @luckynumber7: that you at my door? The triplets are quite skeptical... Donald and Daisy have date night on the houseboat. With Donald and Gladstone out of the picture, it is up to Della, Fethry, Gyro, Launchpad, and Drake to free their friends and save Duckburg! He found the number at the same time the limo drove overhead. Find out in the new, rewritten version of The Last Stand! Episode: s03e14 Escape from the ImpossiBin! I know you're usually busy reporting the news, but I would like to talk if we can. He released his cape, letting Donald get tangled in it, and caught the thrown clock. This is a series of one-shots that will be connected to each other and explore Donald’s relationships with family members as he navigates having a girlfriend. It was a beautiful summer’s day in Duckburg. Donald stopped Himself "Stop they are Dellas kids, Dellas! The room has no windows and only this entrance. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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