Prakash Amritraj further believes that Novak Djokovic has shown remarkable improvement in another department - his mental strength. Andre Agassi's Eastern forehand grip is well suited to his trademark skill, hitting on the rise, and his preference for hitting with less topspin than most of his peers. Fernando Gonzales hits one of the hardest forehands ever in tennis. Rafael Nadal uses a 3/4 Western grip, halfway between Semi-Western and Western. How Does Novak Djokovic’s Backhand Apply to Your Game? Chin touching right shoulder. 1 possesses. Djokovic hits with excellent pace, and on his better days, his depth is so consistent, he gives opponents very few chances to attack. disqualification from the ongoing US Open. Roger Federer uses a forehand grip halfway between Eastern and Semi-Western that suits his preference for hitting less topspin than most of his more Western competitors. Prakash Amritraj talked in detail about Novak Djokovic's forehand, which he feels is the Serb's most improved shot. Djokovic’s forehand, meanwhile, hasn’t been as widely celebrated; some even claimed it to be one of his less impactful shots at the start of his career. The same technical elements behind Novak Djokovic’s backhand are the ones you need to emulate in your own two-handed backhand if you want to achieve better results. Also notice, Djokovic’s racket is coming from a low to high angle, helping to generate topspin as well as ample pace. Once Djokovic has reached the top of his swing or what I call the “set position,” he then proceeds to drop the racket below the level of the incoming ball so that the butt cap of the racket faces the ball. This article was written by Coach Ed of Optimum Tennis. Nadal can whip his racquet up the back of the ball to hit one of the heaviest topspin forehands on the ATP Tour, often kicking the ball high enough to force his opponent into a weak reply. Djokovic keeps his racket head up as he takes back the racket, which helps to lengthen out his swing and create a fluid take back. Just enter your email below for... Best double hander ever IMO. Stay tuned for more articles and tennis instruction. The World No. By the end of the shot, Djokovic’s racket is often far behind his right shoulder, and his torso is rotated towards the net indicating that he has completed a “full” swing and has held nothing back from the shot. When it comes to his forehand, Novak Djokovic’s semi-western grip allows him to execute the four basic shots very well - the drives, the topspin shots, the angling shots, and the volleys. Djokovic hits with excellent pace, and on his better days, his depth is so consistent, he gives opponents very few chances to attack. Get weekly tennis news & analysis... After hearing all the hype that a hotshot high school senior had the game to become America’s future star, I... Optimum Tennis - Stroke analysis, enabling you to play like the pros. The Indian revealed that many players on tour thought Djokovic to be ‘softer’ during his earlier days, which is a far cry from the Serb’s present mental toughness which is unrivaled. If you can manage it at all, it's only well suited for hitting very heavy topspin. If you remember Agassi, he had one of the best two handed backhands in the game – and he too had a similar racket head position. It’s time to make a positive change in your backhand. Typically, Djokovic uses a split step timed to the opponent’s contact point, and immediately begins turning sideways, making sure that the hips turn around 45 degrees, which initiates the lower body and torso to begin the sideways movement. Amritraj also highlighted the tremendous mental strength that the World No. Robin Soderling takes a gigantic swing at his forehands, and the power he produces is equally huge. Photo Tour of Male Pro One-Handed Topspin Backhand Grips, Photo Tour of the Forehand Grips for Tennis, Table Tennis - How to Play With Short Pimples, Photo Tour of the One-Handed Backhand Grips, Photo Illustrated Guide of How to Apply an Overgrip, Choosing Racquets and Strings to Prevent Tennis Elbow, Winning Singles Strategies at the Beginner Plus Level. For the Indian, the Serb's forehand has continuously improved over the years, and has been unfairly overlooked in comparison to the other weapons in his arsenal. Prakash Amritraj spoke in detail about the improvement in Novak Djokovic’s forehand during a recent interview with Tennis Channel. This is indicative of a full shoulder turn, and a key behind every world class two handed backhand. Pete Sampras's forehand, along with his serve, was key to his 14 Grand Slam singles titles. Roger Federer Forehand If you want to improve your own two-handed backhand, then you need to take a few tips from Djokovic’s backhand stroke. Once Djokovic recognizes the incoming ball, he begins holding the racket with a continental right hand grip and an eastern left-handed forehand grip. Sampras uses an Eastern forehand grip to hit quite hard and deep, with strong but not exceptionally heavy topspin. His Semi-Western forehand grip gives him plenty of impact and enough topspin to keep his ball in the court. On the other hand, once Djokovic makes contact with the ball, he continues to extend his arm and racket “out” towards the ball and executes a full and complete follow through. The left arm is usually straight, and the right arm slightly bent. Novak Djokovic is controversy’s favorite child, and that was reinforced once again by his antics that led to his disqualification from the ongoing US Open. Novak Djokovic's forehand grip is roughly 2/3 Western, a little closer to Semi-Western than Western. Djokovic’s Racket Preparation – A Seamless Shoulder Turn. One day I may be able to hit a backhand shot half as good as Novak Djokovic, his is so smooth and very effective. Roddick's forehand is his second-biggest weapon, after his serve. He further stressed on the improvement in the Serb’s mental toughness, which for him is the best in business. 1 is renowned to have the most complete game on the men’s tour, and is arguably the very best when it comes to specific shots such as the return of serve and backhand. The mistake most club players make is often taking “half” of a swing and using a last minute flick to the ball with the wrist to create spin. Andy Murray's great strengths, versatility, and defense are well served by his Semi-Western forehand grip, which is strong on high balls, tolerable on low ones, and comfortable for generating multiple degrees of topspin, from slight to heavy. Nikolay Davydenko is one of the smaller and lighter players to stay in the top ten for long. Jim Courier uses a full Western grip to hit forehands with a higher power-to-spin ratio than most who hit Western. Solid as a rock. Djokovic keeps his racket head up as he takes the racket back after the initial unit turn. Unlike many recreational players whom appear rushed on every backhand they hit, Djokovic seems very relaxed and rhythmic with his takeback of the racket on the backhand. I am still learning, but too often, once I am in a match I tend to forget the fundamentals. Djokovic doesn’t use a full loop (like Sharapova and Azarenka), but instead, Djokovic opts for a mini-loop with the racket tip forming a slight “C.”. But when all is said and done, the Serb will probably go down as the greatest player in the history of the game. When it comes to his forehand, Novak Djokovic’s semi-western grip allows him to execute the four basic shots very well - the drives, the topspin shots, the angling shots, and the volleys. Andy Roddick uses a grip that's roughly 5/6 Western, closer to full Western than Semi-Western. Not surprisingly, Djokovic uses the same technical elements shared by other world class two handed players on tour. But in his earlier days, this same shot had a greater backswing and longer follow-through, taking away its fluidity. Some club players at this point tend to bail out of the shot by leaning back or failing to complete the follow through with the racket finishing past the right shoulder. So What Are the Keys of Djokovic’s Backhand? When Agassi would hit later and higher, he would sometimes shift his grip toward the Semi-Western. At the top of Djokovic’s backhand swing, his racket is nearly all the way back, with the tip pointing towards the back fence and the right shoulder touching his chin. Join the tennis club for free. Today, we’ll be breaking down Djokovic’s backhand according to the below 5 phases of the swing: Like any good stroke in tennis, Djokovic’s backhand begins with a unit turn. Murray was simply in amazing form, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the underdog take home the US Open title. For Amritraj, this improvement has not only helped Djokovic defend better on the run, but has also enabled him to dictate play more efficiently. Courier's favorite forehand is the inside-out. The left shoulder is usually higher than the right indicating the left shoulder dominance in the swing. ©2020 STEVEGTENNIS.COM - All 3rd party trademarks are hereby acknowledged. Once Djokovic recognizes the incoming ball, he begins holding the racket with a continental right hand grip and an eastern left-handed forehand grip. Fernando Verdasco's Semi-Western grip helps him hit very aggressive forehands even on high balls like the one in this photo. The Eastern forehand grip works better with balls intercepted low and early than the more Western grips. You've been overlooking Novak Djokovic's forehand.Prakash Amritraj explains why Novak's versatile and offensive forehand is an underrated aspect of the Serbian's game. His Semi-Western grip gives him an ideal combination of impact (for power) and topspin (to help bring his shot down into the court).

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