In Nigeria, there are only two federal registries. Luckily, Nigerians can choose any wedding ‘format’ they would like to have. Marriage is a universal institution which is recognized and respected all over the world. This must be done by the couple and be witnessed by 2 people and the officiant (the person conducting the marriage ceremony). All rights reserved. Must there be a family member? After they agree, they can now go to the court and make their intention known. However, couples might decide to go for church wedding if they are Christians or do other celebrations. On the contrary, it requires clarity, accuracy, patience, and well-informed decisions from the couple. The court wedding is a type of marriage that is done legally by registering with the court. The official makes an entry of your declaration to the Marriage Notice Book. Is it possible for an intending couple who are in different countries to still get married through court without being in the same place that day? Also, applicants must be totally right when filling all the marriage registration in the nearby Registry Office. After that, the spouses take one of the copies of the marriage certificate. One copy is for the Registry Office, and the other is for the newlywed. Please can someone do private Curt wedding? This is contributed by the registrations and requirements you ought to account for. This is to ensure intending couples have access to them when they need to use them. When it comes to the time when the two parties are no longer interested in the union again in court marriage, certain things ought to be documented. But you have to get things right to save yourself any unnecessary hassles. That’s also one of the downside of court marriages in Nigeria. Marriages are not conducted at the court registry, but only at […] The answer to the above is NO. Court marriage can be performed between an Indian male and a female irrespective of their caste, religion or creed. The fee is higher. The court only has the legal power to dissolve a marriage,handle issue of marriage (e.g divorce, legal separation), issues of settlement or other legal remedies in and out of marriage. This will take 21 days, and during this period, you should wait for the desk work to be sifted through. Separation means that you are living apart from your spouse, and no longer acting as a married couple with your spouse. The proper place for the celebration of marriage is a Registry or a Licensed place of Worship. / Why Do Some People Fear Registry Wedding? These quintessential factors include thoroughness and expenses. There are also many other things why a lot of people prefer court weddings. A person who commits this offence is liable to 5 years imprisonment. The court wedding is officially recognized by the Federal Government of Nigeria as proof of a marriage contract between a couple. Marriage under the act is a voluntary union between a man and a woman to the exclusion of others. Marriage in the English dictionary is defined as the legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners. If you are not financially stable to do an extravagant ceremony, doing a court marriage would be the best option as the law recognizes the valid marriage certificate from the registry. And if a person is under 21 and wants to get married, a written consent from his/her parents must be filed too. Court Wedding in Nigeria: Steps and Proceedings, Nigerian Air Force Ranks and Salary Structure (2020) & More, Ghanaian Movies: How to Download Ghallywood Movies Online. In situations where the couple needs their marriage relationship canceled, it can represent an issue to both of the mates. Broadly speaking there are two types of marriages in Nigeria, which are Marriage under the Act, which is known as Statutory Marriage and there is also the Traditional/Customary marriage. Court and registry marriage are the same marriage process or type of marriage being called different names. Afterwards, you will write a presentation of marriage. After agreeing to everything, the registrar signs a declaration to show that the couple understands the implications under the law and have met and satisfied all that has been required of them. REGISTRY MARRIAGES: The Marriage Act of 1990 is the primary law governing registry marriages in Nigeria. between or in respect of persons either of whom is under the age of sixteen shall be void'. This type of marriage is very significant in a way that it helps both parties to be united legally. The honeymooners have to sign three copies of the marriage certificate. The third copy is sent to one of the Federal registry offices to be kept. Nigerian Infopedia is Nigeria's authoritative top quality information website that provides resourceful information about her culture, people and things associated with Nigerians. The register in the Registry office should give you a unique form to fill. The second one is sent to the local Registry Office or the newlyweds may go to the Registry Office and register their marriage there. Court is sanctioned by laws, church is blessed by God. A look at all this process, it’s crystal clear the it is very much time consuming. Church just has the religious angle to it, which to some is more important that they start their lives with God. One notable difference between customary marriages and registry marriages: men who marry at a marriage registry are legally permitted to have only one wife. You should be aware that marriage without dissolution of the first marriage is a serious offense.

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