One day Hashirama entered his genin team and other teams into the first chunin exams. He even told Sakura who wanted to fight Hanzo of the Salamander and his summoned beast, that he praised her fighting spirit, but claimed that Hanzo was too strong for them. Episode 4 - "The White Dress with a Ribbon",, Menma makes an appearance in Episode 1 of the anime Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata as figurines, Like many other anime girls (and some guys), Meiko entered. And Kō). He found out Itachi Uchiha had done it which enraged him so he went to hunt down Itachi. Assuming she told her to kill herself, since at one point Monika basically admits to having a hand in her suicide, and talks about Sayori's second thoughts mid-hanging. Uzumaki Menma is a playable character in the following video games: Memna is similar to Uzumaki Naruto in many ways. Menma informs Naruto and they quickly race to the gold mine to collect the exploding tags. (JAPANESE NAME, ROMANJI)Second Coming of Madara UchihaLegendary Uchiha SageReaper Of The Hidden Leaf, FEMALE OR MALE, Madara Uchiha (Paternal Grandfather) Menma lost his parents when he was little and was adopted by the Shiin clan. Amanim/My Top Inspiration for Voice Acting! The following night, Tenten was branded a traitor to the village for seemingly delivering top secret information to the Amegakure and locked up. Menma kept quiet since he trip back at the train station. His shirt was later destroyed so a wound on his back could be operated on. He is also the jinchuriki of Kurama's counterpart, the Black Nine Tails (黒九尾). Menma was one of those bandits. Also, due to the fact, only Jinta can see her, she can communicate with the others in the group using her notebook, and only her notebook, although Menma does wish to be able to talk to the other members. Did Beth's mother choose to kill herself? As a descendant of the Uzumaki clan, Menma is blessed with remarkable stamina and an equally powerful life-force, granting him tremendous vitality and an immensely long potential lifespan. Obito leaves Menma's body and proceeds to fight Naruto and Sakura before falling back into their reality. When he asks Menma's ghost what happened during the incident, the scene cuts to a ripple in his coffee, signifying that Menma did indeed fall into the river. Menma also shows the ability to sense negative emotions, able to detect the strong hatred of Kurama inside Naruto. Anohana Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. (Note: The Databook Numbers are NOT parts of the anime. Just like in the real world, Menma then became a member of Team Kakashi alongside Sakura and Sasuke while being under Kakashi's leadership. Not long after, the village was attacked by several Ame-nin teleporting in the village's grounds with a summoning seal. On the bench, alone with no one, he suddenly grabbed his unkempt black locks and roared in anger. His real name is unknown. Thus making him the "Uzumaki Naruto" of that alternate world. His insight appears to make him the smartest of his graduating class, and also acting as the de facto leader of the group, as Lee asks Menma to scold Neji for his perverted actions towards Tenten. She greatly values the childhood memories and friendships she once shared with the others but has very few memories other than recollections of her friends and family, including that she had once made a request to Jinta. It was revealed Madara saved him. He is the first Uzumaki character to change his voice while wearing a mask. She held Jinta in special regard when she was alive and still worries about his current state. He is the only chlid and son of Kushina, and Minato in the alternate universe of Konohagakure. Hashirama Senju (Maternal Grandfather) He was the son of Zuko Uchiha and Mimi Uzumaki. She has feelings for Jinta and even when she returned as a ghost, still held those feelings. The note that Meiko had given to Jinta in episode 11 stated: "I love you Jintan. The First Shinobi World War He eventually killed him with his new jutsu. Tsunade (Cousin), Fire Release Water Release Lightning ReleaseWood Release Wind Release, Fire Release: Dragon Flame Release Song Technique, Fire Release: Great Fireball Shower (Anime only), Fire Release: Hiding in Ash and Dust Technique (Manga only), Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique (Manga only), Sensing (Manga only) Much like the real world's Sasuke, Menma is somewhat distant showing little respect when talking to others, even to his parents. Menma using his Great Spiralling Ring to destroy half or Konoha. It was this war where Menma's name was known all around the world. Menma's death noticeably affected Naruto, who kept Menma's ocarina as a memento. During his life time he aspired to be an amazing ninja like his grandfather the first hokage hashirama senju he became rivals with his cousin Ryouga Senju born to kazerama senju and Kairi Senju. Menma accepted the offer. He is also shown with a sharp wit, being able to see the underline nature of the situation at hand. While it is established early on in The Queen’s Gambit that Beth is orphaned at age eight after the death of her mother, Alice, due to a supposed accident, there are numerous indications throughout the show that that is not the case. Menma Uzumaki looks virtually identical to Naruto, though his blond hair is longer and more shaggy looking in style with jaw length bangs framing either side of his face, being similar to his father's. Around the time Otogakure was founded, the majority of his clan's skilled members defected to the village, and the country's daimyō stopped hiring them. As a child he was very concerned and curious about the shinobi world as he'd ask his grandpa about why the shinobi world was shrouded with terror during his father's time. When she appears to Jinta, she has aged somewhat, but still retains childlike speech patterns and tendencies. As a result, the area that the raided village is in is a demilitarised zone, ruled by no one, but with a gold mine on the mountain nearby. But he was saved by Zetsu and his body was preserved with a jutsu called Yin-Yang Release: Eternal Life Storage. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He passed the first exam which was the written exam with flying colours. He then uses Great Spiralling Ring, destroying the area of Konoha and leaves. Eventually Menma graduated the academy and was put in a team with Ryouga Senju and Shizuka Sarutobi their leader was Hashirama senju. It is suggested that if you are planning to have more than one character using the bloodline, you create a seperate article for the Kekkei Genkai. Both remain in their own world at the end of the film. Here you should bulletpoint things such as favourite foods, basic hobbies and name meanings. He asked hikaku where Akari was?. Not much is known after that except the fact that Shizuka is still living and also his parents. Upon arrival, the villagers resisted and the clan members began attacking and killing them. And when more people are demanding justice, hopefully, Ghislaine Maxwell won’t be able to kill herself. Part II: Use for characters who appear in Shippuden only. Confused and shocked by this he searched down Hikaku and confronted him. Mimi Uzumaki (Mother) Rin forced herself in Front of Kakashi’s Chidori when she came to know that she was made Three Tails Jinchuriki by Hidden Mist. Menma quickly received help from Tenten who summed two Benihisago, the Treasured Tools of the Sage of the Six Paths. One example of this is that he became obsessed in destroying the leaf village this goal ran rampant in his mind and drove him to a verge of insanity causing him to lose control in battle, one example of this is when he overused the Susanoo and Kumo's Ginkaku Black ops and developed a disease known as The Amenomobyoku which infects the cell causing it to be destroyed every minuete. Having difficulty with getting past the wall and defeating the Konoha ninja, he resorts to using music to paralyse the Konoha ninja, but Menma counters the technique with his own music ninjutsu. Since he was able to stop a punch from Naruto in Sage Mode with one hand. Jinta and Meiko shared a strong relationship when they were little. One day after a day of training it is revealed that the village of Taki was planning to assassinate the First Hokage. During the conceptual phase of production he was only known as. Just a year before the Third Shinobi World War Madara freed him from the Eternal Life Storage, it is revealed Ryouga was one of the people trapped inside the Eternal Life Storage. While at the mine, Menma confesses everything to Naruto. In addition, Menma wears black fingerless gloves and instead of the Uzumaki symbol on the back of his jacket, he instead has a green circle with five smaller red circles in it, one in the center and four around the ends connected by a crossed line, with two more lined up red circles above and bellow the green circle, which is the Namikaze clan logo, as Menma originally received his father's surname instead of his mother's. He can also see through someone's movements to avoid them or an item that the person has thrown at him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Part I and II template: Use for characters who appear in both Naruto and Shippuden. By playing it, he could perform various techniques such as releasing genjutsu, erasing another's memories and enhancing another's chakra, causing them to gain an increase in speed and strength. Using this knowledge, he talked to the higher-ups and convinced them of Tenten's innocence. However the plan backfire when Sasuke flirted with her, and due to this Sakura angrily punched the Uchiha by making him smash into a wall. However Menma is also not above to show a happier side, as he smiled while congratulating Tenten for helping him defeat Hanzo. He is able to create and control living entities composed of its chakra, which are known as the Nine Masked Beasts. Though this was knownably something fairly recent. He is able to quickly intercept Tenten's attack, and easily block her giant axe with a kunai and single arm. If you have an edited screenshot, make sure that you credit the website where you have taken the screenshot from. She wears a tiered white dress, fastened with a blue bow. Zuko Uchiha (Father) However Menma was still worry about Tenten. However when Hinata disappears, Menma told everyone that Hinata had used a shadow clone. It was Rin who got herself killed by Kakashi’s hands. This was his way of giving back to the village he helped plunder, while on the raid with the bandits. Despite the hardships he's been through, Menma was a kind-hearted and helpful person. As Menma and the others found her with the scroll, Hinata refused to hear Sakura's pleas. When Naruto's clones were all augmented by Sage Mode, Menma defeated them easily by dodging and counter-attacking simultaneously. He then summoned up his Nine Masked Beasts and tries to kill Naruto but is stopped by the Akatsuki. He tells Naruto that he had raided the village and felt terrible for it. After finding out his clan was massacred his personality changed. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Japanese Anime Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Eventually, Shiin attacks the village. It is then revealed that Suzaku was sent by Madara to test Menma's strength. Sunagakure and Konohagakure had Kurama and Shukaku, Kirigakure had Isobu and Saiken, Iwagakure had Son Goku and Kokuo and Kumogakure had Gyuki and Matatabi. He was show. It was never actually shown what happened to Menma, but the anime indicates that she slipped and fell while chasing Jinta and drowned in a river nearby. In this war he managed to defeat the Nine tails at the waterfall of truth and stored a special chakra belonging to the nine tails in his chakra bowel in case the kyuubi ever got extracted, Just two years after the war he took Orochimaru of the legendary sannin as his student.

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