Some people prefer pure instrumentals as easy listening background music or for meditating on the Lord. It's not in a state of tranquillity and peace but rather in a time of epic distress and chaos that God commands us to "Be Still" and watch Him "Be God". If you are downloading you must click on the final link to be taken to the downloads. He understands He has made us righteous in His sight, and He calls us His friend. How deep is the love How high is the One who Forgives and forgets all our sin How great is Your grace I’ll never forget all You’ve done Oh how deep is Your love. "The Psalmist says "be still and know that I am God", but read it again. To pay by check or international money order, see the following page: Preview, Download the sheet music in pdf format. Another “Selah” moment follows allowing the listener some time for contemplation. And forever cherish The Amplified Bible translates the Hebrew word selah as "pause, and think of that.” It is used 71 times in the Psalms where it is also probably used to indicate that there is to be a musical interlude at that point in the Psalm. Preview. They cleanse the palate from the previous course so to speak, enabling a purer appreciation of the unique flavour in the next course of song which is to follow., Faye Hall, Administrative Assistant And forever cherish Selah 3 ». And each rare moment Sign up to receive email notifications of Steve’s blog post and receive his newsletter. Don't have a credit card? The first track Deep calls to deep is an 18 minute soliloquy capturing the heart’s longing for a more intimate encounter with the Spirit of the living God. Click the links below to read notes about the songs: Deep Calls To Deep » That is awesome." Alternating between brief moments of prayerful expressions of the heart and longer instrumental interludes, this sets the tone of the album as an excellent aid for contemplative prayer. Learn how your comment data is processed. Trading internationally as The Secret PlaceTM (Trademark registration secured in USA, Australia, New Zealand). This is the instrumental-only version of the album by the same name, for people who prefer pure instrumentals as easy listening background music. I felt I had wasted good people’s money and trust. A few months later people started warming to the album and it has since become one of my better selling recordings. Since the initial album was designed primarily as an instrumental album in the first instance, this purely instrumental version works very well as an aid to contemplative prayer, or for easy-listening background music for whatever purpose the listener has in mind. There is no sin or condemnation to those who are accepted in the Beloved. He and his wife Lori had just received a bit of an inheritance and wanted to lend it to me in order to get the project going. I had just returned from India where I experienced severe poverty for the first time., Be the first to review “Deep Calls to Deep”. But at this time he was writing me from Israel where he was taking a study sabbatical. Nanci has been an amazing and intuitive support that way. He is my God It was what I needed to hear and something in my soul quieted. Album Information., Jason Johnson, Event Production & Publicity So I hired Paul O’Neil to produce Deep Calls to Deep, and it remains to this day, the only album of mine that I didn’t have a major role in the production. She was convinced (more than I) that I was doing what I was supposed to be doing, and thought it rather sinful that I was stressing. I shall remember Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada And each rare moment These simple piano instrumentals act much in the same way as a sorbet does between courses during a meal at a restaurant. You’ll notice it has a decidedly different sound than my other projects. Deep cries out, deep cries out to You Deep cries out, deep cries out to You We cry out, we cry out to You, Jesus I've got a river of living water A fountain that never will run dry It's an open heaven You're releasing And we will never be denied 'Cause we're stirring up deep-deep wells We're stirring up deep-deep waters Be Still » Includes bonus chord charts and lyrics. "Deep calls to deep - unless we are willing to launch deep, it will be impossible to reach the depths, the fullness and riches of God. The third and final “Selah” moves seamlessly into the closing moments of the album featuring some natural sound effects of the ocean, enabling the listener to drift off into a deep and restful sleep, if so desired! Purchase the instrumental CD and have it shipped to your address. And forever cherish, Your email address will not be published. Ordering step by step. Phone Orders, If you are having trouble at any time, please refer to our help files, or feel free to contact us for personal assistance. Required fields are marked *. This version of the album has been provided for that purpose. Deep calls to deep This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The hunger of my soul is laid to rest And at His feast I am a welcomed guest When Deep first came out, the response was very negative. Deep calls out to deep, and we are all invited to enter in. The Secret Place - Turning hearts back to the Father through intimate praise and worship. Have you ever thought about introducing an unsaved friend to this wonderful feeling of peace that comes to you when listening to the music, but you are not sure how comfortable they would feel listening to the lyrics? Your email address will not be published. Emotions were pretty raw, but I had several songs burning a hole in my pocket and wanted to get them on tape – the support was welcomed. Rest » You’ll notice it has a decidedly different sound than my other projects. Deep calls to deep And my soul finds no resting place but Him He is my God The yearning of my soul His touch can still And each rare moment I felt His presence I shall remember And forever cherish Deep calls to deep And at His feast I am a welcomed guest He gives me food The hunger of my soul is laid to rest Be Still encourages us to be still in His presence, and bask in the knowledge that in quietness and confidence is our strength. Mp3s are legal and virus free. Such deep worship is hardly heard in our days.". I felt His presence The anointing behind the lyrics is still there wrapped up in the chords of the music, because they all came at the same time! I felt His presence Rest is an 8 minute instrumental featuring the acoustic guitar. And my soul finds no resting place but Him Goods and services provided by Secret Place Ministries (New Zealand). 1578 Erin Street Our no risk guarantee I shall remember Deep Calls to Deep – Author Unknown. The vocal content from this album has been removed to provide instrumental-only christian meditation music. [Quote from Chad Taylor]. He gives me food Deep calls to deep A brief piano instrumental track Selah. You may change or cancel your order at any time. All transactions are secure and we maintain a strict privacy policy. Serving a multitude of purposes, this music will help create an atmosphere conducive to the working of the Holy Spirit in any environment. allows you to return I had/have enormous respect for Gordon, and this practical vote of confidence was both humbling and encouraging. I Call You Friend » Gordon’s letter explained that he had been listening to my first album frequently while in Israel and felt it was important that I record a second one. Signpost Music It is lovely background music for soaking. Your order will be processed securely through 2CO. Required fields are marked *. Deep calls to deep Online Help & Support Please provide correct billing address and email to ensure proper processing. Go figure. (Whoa) I felt His presence, Don Betts, Website Manager 8 The LORD decrees His loving devotion by day, and at night His song is with me as a prayer to the God of my life.… For He created me to be His own It sounded so different from Comfort My People and folks had (and shared) very strong reactions. Load to smartphone / CD / iPod / mp3 player. Gordon taught a course on the Old Testament that I audited a few years prior. The official website of musician, writer, and speaker Steve Bell. I call you friend is a 9 minute combined vocal / instrumental response from the heart of God, who sings over us our acceptance in Christ. product to us within Gordon also suggested that when he got home he could help me raise whatever funds that I might need over and above what they had. 7 Deep calls to deep in the roar of Your waterfalls; all Your breakers and waves have rolled over me. 30 days for a full refund. The yearning of my soul His touch can still Pay By Check, Give us a call to place your order by phone or for personal assistance. Contact Us, "When ever it seems that the battle is raging, I play your music and the anointing breaks that heaviness. A couple years after Comfort my People was released I received a letter from a Gordon Matties. His deep prayers were to exalt the believers to stand firm in all the will of God, to be mature and fully assured. I spent several sleepless months worrying about how I would ever pay back my debts on a recording no one liked. The vision of The Secret Place is “turning hearts back to the Father through intimate praise and worship music.” How wonderful to turn a heart that has never known. Click Add to Cart on the item you wish to purchase. And each rare moment VERSE 2 The darkest of days slip right out of focus No valley out dives Your depths of devotion You lay me down in green pastures So I’ll rest beside Your still waters. When Deep first came out, the response was very negative. This instrumental-only album is a perfect solution! Soon into the project it became evident I didn’t have a whole lot of creative energy to work with – the India trip had really taken a knock out of me.

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