JAA) (romset ddrextrm) on Arcade Database, Informations provided by Fabricio Coroquer, revisited from the work of, If you notice any inaccuracy or error, please report. The two biggest disappointments in the mini-games and actually the whole game are Watch Me Dance and Hands and Feet. It's still worth a try if you're a DDR fan or have an EyeToy and want to try something a little different, but Dance Dance Revolution Extreme just doesn't live up to its name. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. DDR X3 JP - KDX - IIDX (HDD) raw data: beatmania The Final - BMIIITheFinalHDD.img.gz beatmania IIDX Substream Arcade (2000) - 2DXSubstreamHDD.img beatmania IIDX Substream Arcade (2000) - VCD beatmania IIDX 1st Style - IIDX 1st Style beatmania IIDX 1st Style (IMG) - 1ststyle.img.gz I guess what I was expecting was DDR meets EyeToy Groove, a fantastic dance game in its own right. That would have been a great feature and could have helped push the game from Fans Only to Recommended Buy. The new feature is the party mode where you can play a collection of mini games with or without an EyeToy. Nope, it took a videogame to turn a legion of career wallflowers into hip-shakin', dancin' idiots--er, experts. (Hit ddrfreak.com for your DDR voyeurism needs.) JAA), [url=http://adb.arcadeitalia.net/?mame=ddrextrm]Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (G*C36 VER. The EyeToy games are where the real innovation in this latest DDR is. CD/DA, MAS 3507D MPEG decoder, PlayStation SPU, Speaker, All trademarks registered. In it you have to follow the regular dance steps plus wave your hands over fixed spots, one in the top right and one in the top left, to the beat. This is pirated arcade software. A cabinet is a cabinet. While this is fun, it would have been much more fun if there were more fixed spots, perhaps a circle of them or moving spots for your hands ' something that forced you to really use your hands as much as you use your feet. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. The real crime is an LCD in a solo. The dance elements of this latest DDR are sure to please, with over 65 songs and more than 100 minutes of dance music and moves. JAA) (romset ddrextrm) on Arcade Database[/url], [img]http://adb.arcadeitalia.net/?mame=ddrextrm&type=ingame[/img], Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (G*C36 VER. In Hyper Dash you have to out run your opponent, a good exercise game if you are using the foot pad, and in the other you have to feed digital creatures by mashing or stepping on the correct food button for a given animal.

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