She is very talented and hard-working and believes everything would come to her grip if she would push enough and make herself eligible for what she has aspired. Grasping at straws, Miriam sees this as actually hopeful as it means the Navy is not sure of his death and that he may still be alive, though lost. [12] Josh is Ruth and David Archer's eldest son, and Pip and Ben's brother. Just days after the broadcast of the final episode of season 2, ITV announced it was cancelling the show and there would be no third season. ], since young children rapidly adapt their accent to their surroundings. Married to Elizabeth for some years and the father of twins Lily and Freddie (born 12 December 1999), he was convicted of drink-driving in 2003. However, she stands tall and has a proper body physique. She is married to postmaster Spencer Wilson. His mother had some difficulty bonding with him when he was born with a cleft lip. She was originally a kitchen maid at Manor House, the ancestral home of the Lawson-Hope family; and she became lady's maid to Letty Lawson-Hope. Hayley took over the running of John's pig business after John's death, but eventually his brother Tom took an interest and she handed it back to the Archers. 1 January 2012 saw Will & Nic get married at the local Grey Gables Hotel followed by a honeymoon in Cap Verde which on their return led to the renaming of their cottage to Greenwood. Sophie Barlow (Moir Leslie) a fashion designer who was once engaged to David and once involved much of Ambridge in her fashion shows. Tom Forrest (George Hart and Bob Arnold) was Doris Archer's brother and a gamekeeper. These two threads are linked by Shula's possible involvement in this disapproval and her resignation as churchwarden. Joe maintained for many years that the Archer dynasty had robbed them of their estate. She was the catering manager at the local golf club and organised occasional film nights at the village hall. Following a succession of strokes, Heather died en route while moving down to Ambridge on 28 September 2015, after reluctantly leaving her Prudhoe home. In the early 1950s she was a close friend of Grace Fairbrother who later married her brother Phil. He has a history of involving himself in numerous dubious money-making schemes and at one point stood trial for unwittingly selling condemned meat. In 2005, Matt divorced his wife Yvette and moved in with his new partner Lilian Bellamy (née Archer, daughter of Peggy Woolley). Alf Grundy (born 13 November 1944), Joe's oldest son, and a rogue. Helen Titchener, née Archer (born 16 April 1979) (Louiza Patikas, formerly played by Frances Graham and Bonnie Engstrom), Tony and Pat Archer's daughter, makes a cheese called "Borsetshire Blue" in the farm dairy and runs the organic farm shop, Ambridge Organics, in Borchester. Daisy Badger Daisy graduated from LAMDA in 2014 and the part of Pip is her first appearance on radio. Alison takes as a tenant the new schoolteacher, Teresa Fenchurch. Father and daughter were reconciled, however, after the birth of her son Henry Ian Archer, who was delivered by emergency caesarean section the day after New Years Day 2011, Helen having been diagnosed with pre-eclampsia. Rúairi Donovan (born 14 November 2002[25]) is the son of Brian Aldridge and Siobhán Hathaway. Hayley Tucker, née Jordan (born 1 May 1977) (Lorraine Coady, formerly played by Lucy Davis) comes from Birmingham and first appeared as John Archer's girlfriend. This was seen as a ploy to keep loyal viewers and listeners away from the new station. He first came to Ambridge from Birmingham where he had been sent to borstal for breaking and entering, which made obtaining his publican's licence difficult. Kirsty now lives with local builder Phillip Moss. After years attempting to keep the family farm afloat, they were made bankrupt in 2000 - an opportunity for the mainly urban audience to witness the personal and family tragedy of farm sales – and were forced to move to a sink estate in Borchester. Subsequently, he came close to having a relationship with Debbie Aldridge, but Pemberton assaulted her after she confessed that she could not love him.

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