4. The fact is that only a small percentage of global population is participating in consumerism, which is being used as a scale to determine economic growth. If one is in the top 0.1% and has the power and privilege to make the rules, rig the game in one’s favor, and handsomely reward the priestly ministerial caste to devise dubious, self-serving economic theories, models, and policies or to control both sides of the conflict, to keep the game rigged, there is absolutely nothing “wrong with this picture” for the top 0.1%. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”, Pingback: The Road To Enlightenment Is Paved With Dead Fools | Joe For America, Pingback: Pastors Stop Milking the Church! Is Ghana Parliament Turning Into Public Bullying Chamber? So whenever people lost their precious lives tragically in avertible vehicular accidents as is happening almost daily throughout the country, as usual the screaming media and many Ghanaians become morally outraged, followed by buck passing and lip services about what needed to be done. As stated earlier, games are for winners and losers. Similarly worrying were the other beliefs that the report uncovered. We are living in a state of denial and a sincere ignorance towards the fact that division of properties has already taken place centuries ago when imperial forces claimed ownerships over the lands and natural resources, defining rules to protect their rights of ownership. Those words have never seemed more apt than when Public Policy Polling (PPP) released the results of a report on Friday which stated that 30% of American Republican primary voters said they supported the bombing of Agrabah. Tangible assets cannot be left open and unprotected, or else they will be gone. This calls for an urgent need to strive to cut off years of denials, makeshift solutions pursued to complex problems, our usual blame games; and rather, make systematic effort to harvest cultural attitudes that run counter to callous indifference and the self-destructive mood swings happening on our roads day in and day out. His invention, the AC or alternating current system was associated not with his name but with that of George Westinghouse, who funded his research. An Online Discussion of Ecological Economics Among Friends, Federal funding of small modular reactors (SMRs) must be put on hold, Chandler Davis: Science for Peace in Perspective, CANADA’S ROLE IN SUPPORTING NUCLEAR WEAPONS, The Politics of a Just Transition to a Green Economy, 2020-2050, Science for Peace Symposium on Working for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons: Global Efforts, Making the Impossible Possible: Coalitional Movement Politics in the Decisive Decade, Israel Unbounded – Securitization, pacification, and nuclearism in emergent global alignments. Owing cars is perhaps a privilege restricted to even fewer people. What the OKyenhene is smartly underscoring is that all these horrible accidents and head-on collisions claiming huge death tolls on our killer roads can be avoided or substantially reduced if the country invests heavily in the constructions of divided highways or dual carriageways as many modern societies have done. 3. Conscientious definition is - meticulous, careful. In any event, not long ago somewhere in mid-2018, the Okyenhene, Osagyefuo Amoatia Ofori Panin escaped a near-fatal auto accident on his return to Kyebi from a family trip to Manhyia Palace in Kumasi. If we continue to follow the same implanted programs through conditioning and indoctrination fortifying the old broken paradigm, then we will continue to get the same results over and over again. Not everyone can be the winner, however the media, the society and the social engineers have given everyone a dream and hope of winning. Republican candidate, Donald Trump, recently called for a “total and complete shutdown” of the country’s borders to all Muslims, and although he has come under serious international disapproval, these remarks do seem to have resonated with some GOP voters. Npp Sympathizers’ Political Alienation Mindset Is A Win For, Npp Must Have Eagle Eyes On National Security While Campaign, The Bona Fide ‘spiritual Giant’ Of Npp Is Gone (i), Criticizing Judicial Activists Isn’t ‘lawlessness’, If ‘sakawa’ Is A Soccer Game, Jd Mahama Will Be Messi, Jd Mahama’s Desperation And Bitterness On Display As He Pres, The Apotheosis Of Ex-President Mahama’s Political Campaign, The “tsunami” Of Disinformation, Distortions, And Insults To. A clear example of conventional view: A lot of people use the terms like “Demand and Supply“, “profit”, “economic growth” etc. It is depressing spectacle witnessing almost on regular basis innocent and hardworking human beings losing their lives in such an inhumane circumstances while we look on hopelessly numb and shrouded in “sincere ignorance.” As if many Ghanaians have not become desensitized enough to the bloodbaths on our roads, one traumatizing by-product of these road tragedies border on the insensitive opportunists who usually try to exploit the carnage to score political points or engage in superstitious ramblings as well as spiritual pranks. Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. If competition, profit, property ownership and economic growth are seen as legitimate goals, then these apply to both individuals and corporations, since they both are a part of the same market and no one should protest. at all. Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) once said: “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” MLK’s words above seem to resonate well with some of the underlying triggers of … It is so important to peer beyond the various levels of illusion programmed into the mind in order to break these very cycles, for all experience is necessary to show us the symptom of our problems. A system that rewards only the top 0.1-1% winners ensures that everyone else loses, including being incapable of subsistence at a socially acceptable level of material consumption and psycho-emotional well-being. According to one of the MTTU accident statistics, the year between 2007 and 2010, “at least 6,000 people had died due to road accidents with an additional 40,000 injured within the same interval. 130+3 sentence examples: 1. Individuals like Naom Chomsky, Jean Jacques Rousseau, William Blum, Arundhati Roy, Elizabeth Warren, Margrit Kennedy and many others have been criticizing the system on the basis of logic and reason but people are more interested in discussing political figures, trying to justify greed, self interest and a false illusion of becoming rich, using dictators as symbols of any possible alternate, avoiding logical debate limited to the system itself. They cannot see beyond these “isms” because they have lost the ability to think. 5. What’s the point in leading from two opposite ideologies or let’s say “thesis” and “anti-thesis” and why are the 01% spending all their money on that? The same properties were later on gifted by the so called “landlords” and the royal families as token of appreciation for subservience, adding up more names in the list. So, President Akufo-Addo Creates The “filths” At The Ec? Let them eat “austerity” and excrete hope. And yes, Nana Amoatia Ofori Panin is more than right; elsewhere in America, UK, Canada, or even the “Johnny-come-lately societies” like Hong Kong, Dubai, Qatar, and so on, they will not sit and watch helplessly as auto accidents happen in successive fashion with large number of road mortalities while talking about witchcrafts. The truth is that no one can get rich on his own. One in four polled by the PPP said that Islam should indeed be illegal in the US. There are a number of things that we can learn from this. What have we achieved as a society and what’s the use of all the technological advancements, when such a huge fraction of humans are living miserable lives? The lack of geographical knowledge is troubling in itself, but more so is the reluctance to simply admit to not having heard of the place and instead opting to just assume that it should be bombed. ‎ A lot of people use the terms like “Demand and Supply“, “profit”, “economic growth” etc. Mass production requires skilled labor which is not the property of that person, rather it is provided by others. and they fully support the idea of getting rich through talent. Non-profit Organizations that pay no Taxes, serves as stores of wealth for the businesses, receives unlimited funds to manipulate public opinion and enforce specific agendas as demanded by the financers (the top 0.1%s) who sponsor both the opposing sides in a conflict. One cannot fulfill the demand of masses without the help of many others investing their efforts to make it possible. Worrying about societies, people and their problems is not their concern. NPP Sympathizers’ Political Alienation Mindset Is A Win For Mahama-Hijacked NDC! More so, how serious and smart are we as a nation with zero ambitions and lip services to world-class roads but we have insatiable appetite for Bentleys, Roll-Royces, Maseratis, and other exotic vehicles. The truth is that we are all are following the idea of being “Too smart for own good” which not only exemplifies our ignorance but is clarification of the cause to humanity’s destruction. And yet, of the 530 Republican primary voters polled this week on foreign policy issues, almost one third were in support of bombing this fictional nation. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Take the example of the mainstream view regarding “climate change”. Political Ideology Essay “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” –Martin Luther King Jr. Knust Saga: Ghana Must Stop “pampering” Public University St, Mr Mahama Is Living Up To His “manipulator-In-Chief” Credent, The Gitmo Detainees’ Drama Isn’t About Ghanaian Hospitality. So many thinkers have criticized the system based on greed and self interest. After over 60 years of self-rule from the Union Jack, what moral, rational, or socioeconomic justification can any serious Ghanaian make regarding the non-development of well-paved dual highways, at least connecting all the major or the regional capitals in this country? For example, 36% believed that thousands of Arabs in New Jersey cheered when the World Trade Center collapsed on 9/11, a view promulgated by the increasingly controversial Donald Trump in November. If it was possible, humans would have restricted the air and sunlight too, naming it as “demand” and supplying it to those who are willing to conform, obey and work. For how long we will keep debating and fighting on non-issues created merely to divert our attention from real issues and keep us busy fighting for survival according to the terms and conditions defined by those who are on top of the pyramid?

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