Each subsequent dancer puts one hand on the shoulder of the student in front of him. The conga line is a novelty line dance that was derived from the Cuban carnival dance of the same name and became popular in the US in the 1930s and 1950s. Are they able to hear what each group of instruments is playing? [2] By 1937, the conga was well known in New York. Dancers would start joining up behind the drummer, forming a line that moved like a slithering snake in an open circle. The dance started to gain a foothold in the US around 1929, when the original La Conga nightclub opened its doors in Manhattan. Fax orders to: 1-888-272-0212. Just eliminate the singing entirely! Remember that it is in cut-time. The steps should be small so everyone can keep up. Every kid, young and old, should know what a conga line is and have a chance to take part in the fun - and by golly, we're just the ones to give them (and you!) Of course, before your conga line is on the move, you need to be sure you have a path for it! For example, the student with the highest test score last week gets to lead the conga line today.) Or, if you think you'd like to learn the movement first, you can add the singing later. In 1985 the Cuban-American band Miami Sound Machine reached number ten on the US Billboard Hot 100 with the song "Conga". The video game Team Fortress 2 has adopted the conga as an in-game "taunt", and has become a notable feature in the game, often being parodied in fan-made content such as animations or add-ons to the game. The conga has been featured in countless films and TV series, though in most cases it was intended to serve as a distraction for the main characters to slip away silently. Consider having one or more students count out loud at each repeat of 39 to keep everyone on target. To assist in this identification, we have listed the sections (rhythm, saxes, trombones, horns, trumpets) on the lyric page that goes with the song. If you would rather avoid physical contact entirely, that is also completely fine. This music and dance form has become totally assimilated into Cuba's musical heritage and has been used in many film soundtracks in the US and Mexico. Once they are all ready, let them step off on beat 1 of measure 2. Find the Conga sound you are looking for in seconds. It is believed that the La Conga was at Broadway and 51st Street. in an attempt to appeal to the masses before election. It is not to be confused with, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Conga_line&oldid=971061550, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 3 August 2020, at 23:29. Twitter It is constantly undulating to the beat, pausing to kick every other measure. "Conga Line" is one of the songs that depends on the recording, and the piano/vocal provided in the magazine is meant to be more of a condensed score or road map than an actual piano part. Join the conga line." This article is about the international novelty dance. For example, the conga line was a recurring theme in Warner Bros. animated cartoons of the 1940s. It can be a real bona fide kick to the side, or it can be more subtle. You could certainly add more to the blend with your own classroom percussionists! One of the earliest appearances is a scene at the Locarno Dance Hall in Manchester in the 1963 film Billy Liar. Customer Service: The dancers form a long, processing line, which would usually turn into a circle. Fax orders to: 1-888-272-0212. As usual in our fourth issue of the year, we have incorporated a jazz ensemble in our recording session and some pretty exciting charts to go with it. Luckily for you, we employed top notch players to perform them on the recording so that your students can clearly hear each line as it enters and exits whether they are singing, dancing or both. Measure 1 is a drum fill that sets up the beat and allows your dancers to get ready to go. that chance. Customer Service: Home | Ordering/Returns & Refunds Policy | Our Privacy Policy | About Us | Site Map, Our other sites: Recorder Classroom - home of Recorder Classroom magazine | Golden Rule Music - for youth music ministries | Music K-8 Kids - music & games for kids | School Music Matters - music advocacy, Copyright ©1997-2020 Plank Road Publishing, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Facebook Fun is the objective outwardly. Also, remember that the "hold" isn't a very long one as the next step goes on with the next beat. Our toll-free Customer Service number: 1-800-437-0832 Commercial: 1-262-790-5210. The widespread popularity of the dance resulted in many cultural references in contemporary media. It differs from the Cuban rumba, which uses more hip movements and shows the sensually aggressive attitude of each dancer. The conga dance style is more of a march, which is characterized by its distinctive conga drum rhythm. This is probably not the best idea for children. The last two bars of the tune are back to fortissimo. Download FREE Conga sounds - royalty-free! One of the earliest appearances is a scene at the Locarno Dance Hall in Manchester in the 1963 film Billy Liar. Our toll-free Customer Service number: 1-800-437-0832. Fax orders to: 1-888-272-0212. It has three shuffle steps on the beat, followed by a kick that is slightly ahead of the fourth beat. The basic dance steps start from left leg 1-2-3 kick then repeat, opposite. The style was appropriated by politicians during the early years of republic This will also force them to count carefully to be sure they get quieter together and then louder together! The reason we included the lyric page is so that you would have this outline and could use it as a study for instrumentation or form or rhythm or whatever you like. They even have a bit of dynamic reinforcement at the end of the piece. In adult conga lines, you frequently see each dancer holding onto the waistline of the dancer in front. The long-time jingle for Dad's Old-Fashioned Root Beer employed a conga beat. "Conga Line" is one of the songs that depends on the recording, and the piano/vocal provided in the magazine is meant to be more of a condensed score or road map than an actual piano part. Have them play along with the "conga beat" that the toms play, or join in with any other rhythm they hear or feel. Originally, a band member wearing a drum would venture onto the dance floor and begin zig-zagging around while drumming out the rhythm. Customer Service: Hear a sneak preview from the upcoming issue. Commercial: 1-262-790-5210. With its simple march step, the interlinking of dancers circling about in single file, and one-two-three-bump rhythm with the fourth beat strongly marked, the dance was not only attractive but also readily accessible to US and other foreign audiences. The idea is that the line moves like a long snake. Pinterest [1] RKO Pictures' offerings were particularly influential, notably Too Many Girls (1940), in which Desi Arnaz appeared as a conga-playing Argentine student. Clear away any chairs or desks that might be obstacles and discuss the route possibilities with the leader. Not exactly hard to remember, is it? YouTube You will note in our illustration that the dancers are lined up, single file. On the recording it begins with the toms of the drum set in measure 2. One more thing. The dance has two styles, which is a single line form and partners. Time to push back those chairs, get up on your feet and get moving! Commercial: 1-262-790-5210. Or he puts both hands on both shoulders. Since this song emphasizes percussion, especially the congas, ask your students to listen and try to identify the various types of percussion used in the song. As you might suspect, this means that you will get the most out of this music if you are using the Performance/Accompaniment CD or cassette with this issue. When Fulgencio "El Checho" Batista became president in the 1940s, he permitted people to dance congas during elections, but a police permit was required.[3]. and became a popular street dance in Cuba. On the piano/vocal, we have suggested this step: The basic movement continues throughout the piece and stops when the song does. Also, if you let them listen to the singers on the recording as they learn it, they'll be singing along in no time. Conga music is played with a staccato beat as its base, which gives rhythm to the movements of the dancers. It's very simple and unison, so it should come easily. After the percussion break/conga solo at measure 35, the piece goes back to the instrumental interlude and then on to the coda, where it starts at fortissimo. Our toll-free Customer Service number: 1-800-437-0832. Other parts of the body, such as the arms, hands or head, can emphasize the beat as well. The line (or the circular chain) would grow longer and the drumming more intense until it finally stopped. Conga dancers lift their legs in time with the rhythm of the music, marking each beat with the strong motion of their body. Let your students listen to the instrumental version of the song at least once so they can identify as many instruments as possible. Each succeeding repeat gets quieter: forte, mezzo-forte, mezzo-piano, piano, pianissimo. The conga, a term sometimes mistakenly believed to be derived from the African region of Congo, is both a lyrical and danceable genre, rooted in the music of carnival troupes or comparsas. If kicking to the syncopation (as indicated on the music) proves to be too challenging, alter the kick to land right on the beat. The single line is more popular in Cuba.[2]. [1] Spanish-Catalan bandleader Xavier Cugat, who gave Arnaz his musical start, helped to popularize the dance, but the biggest impact belonged to Arnaz himself. [1], The conga dance was believed to have been brought over from Africa by slaves in the West Indies,[2] The "kick" can be interpreted however you like. The conga beat is a very familiar one to most of us. It also provides you with a graphic illustration of a conga line to share with your own dancers.

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