document.write("slist@g"); 1976 sold to Panama, renamed Eastern Express. ex- City of Cambridge, 1881 purchased from. for MOWT 1940-1942. managed for MOWT, 1947 sold to T. Dunlop & Sons, Glasgow, 1910-1975 UK - South Africa - India - Australia. Allen, 1958 transferred to. The company that would become the Clan Line was first founded as C. W. Cayzer & Company in Liverpool in 1877 by Charles Cayzer (see Cayzer Baronets). Clan Line - Shipping. provide the vital harbour services of boatmen and riggers. joining the firm, the company was moved to Glasgow. Boat east of Malta; loss of Members experienced in research to help you find out about friends and relatives who served. 1894 taken over with Persian Gulf SS Co., 1896 sold to Indo-China Clan Mackellar, 1961 sold to Hong Kong, renamed Ardgroom. Welcome to The Maritime Commissary on-line maritime dining china and other collectibles catalog. passing through white I spotted this flag on 12 April 2009 at Johannisbollwerk in Hamburg on top of saltire: black (hoist), yellow (top), blue (fly), and red (bottom).This In 1956 a merger took place between the Clan and Union-Castle groups (including King Line and Bullard King & Company) to form the British & Commonwealth Shipping Limited and many transfers between component ex- Shat el Arab, 1894 taken over with Persian Gulf SS Co., 1916 shelled and sunk by German raider MOEWE off Madeira; 1917 sunk in collision off Gibraltar; loss of 6 lives. This uniform belonged to Captain A.J. Jarig Bakker, 9 August 2004, Larousse Commercial Illustré (1930) shows Clan Line, London: red, a white After WWII, the company amalgamated with other lines in 1956, including the Union-Castle Line and the King Line, but its own days were numbered. It is machine sewn and the design is width, sometimes it seems, that the blue stripes are slightly wider.Source: 1918 sank after collision in mid Atlantic. Clan Murray, 1897 sold to Dene SS Co, Newcastle, renamed Olivedene. Owner: Clan Line Steamers Ltd, Glasgow / Noemijulia SS Co Ltd / Kenfig SS Co Ltd / Indian National SS Co Ltd Charles Cayzer died in 1916, with his sons continuing to run the company. 1937 sold to Nailsea SS Co., Cardiff, renamed Nailsea Vale. A rectangular red flag bearing a white diamond Built: 1920 Pentire. 1919 sold to Greece, renamed Aghia Paraskevi. (upper menu): “The company was established in 1913 to provide a 24 hour 1933 sold to Greece, renamed Archon. 1940 torpedoed and sunk off Freetown; loss of 8 lives. Clan Line still had 45 ships in 1965, but by 1961 the shipping part of the business ceased trading. The last journey was made by SS Clan MacGregor. document.write("mail"); The company purchased the Persian Gulf Steam Ship Company in 1894 and their fleet of four ships. Website, showing the house flag – a 1940 torpedoed and sunk in Atlantic; loss of 67 lives. With the advent of containerization, the company ran down the Shipping Co. was acquired in 1952. Keywords: clyde-mallory | lion (red) | lighthouse | csc | clan line | clarkson | clyde shipping co. | All recipients of the Mercantile Marine Medal were automatically entitled to the British War Medal 1914-20, shown on the right. 12 lives. 1926 purchased from Mexican State Lines, UK - Great Lakes Russell Crowe, 30 March 2014, This flag has the same pattern as the Clan Line. 1940 torpedoed and sunk off Ireland; loss of 6 lives. renamed Clan Macrae, 1959 transferred to. C.W. Shipping. Clan Line, renamed Clan Brodie, 1963 scrapped. In recent years the group has expanded from its ship-broking origins into a

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