Google Home will prompt you to ensure that you want to reset your device. I’m just not sure weather is Chromecast, Netflix or my TV that has the issue. The sound is on. Just want to share with you the unique solution I have been finding myself to fix alll my Chromecast issues. Open the Google Home app and it will locate your chromecast or other device. If the type instead reads NPAPI or a second plugin from Adobe appears in the list with NPAPI in the Type field then this is the problem. Since an update my Nexus 7 no longer streams sound on my Chromecast. Hi My chrome cast works fine on our newer TV which has an HDMI inlet port. After opening your device’s settings menu, click on the triple-dotted icon inside the settings to select the factory reset option. I cannot find how to only cast the video while still sending the audio to my bluetooth receiver. Disable it and make sure the only one that is enabled is PPAPI. Is this a Chromecast feature or Spotify feature or iOS feature), and how to disable it? Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may include an affiliate link. I can’t figure out what the problem is. If you have just bought a new Chromecast and see great visuals with no audio, you may just want to try your luck by unplugging the TV for 5 to 10 minutes. My issue is mirroring from my laptop to the tv. So frustrating! Especially for people like me that have a android tv and therefore who have no choice than having a chromecast to stream devices to my tv. I bought a second one a year ago and now this one is doing it too. However, I’m thinking to invest on a 5.1 soundbar and connect to the TV’s HDMI ARC to watch Netflix. Sure, the Avengers are saving the world again on your television, but what’s the point if you can’t hear what’s going on. Required fields are marked *. We can make your dumb home smart. sound stops after 30 mins. im up to date on everything and cant understand why it was then wasnt working. If you can’t get any sound out of the device, you may need to consider replacing the unit, as the 3.5mm jack may be dead or damaged. Enter your e-mail below and we'll send you our best tips weekly for the Echo, Google Home, and more. Stay tuned with our weekly recap of what’s hot & cool. foo, I’m curious to see if yours died yet, being your post is 5 months old now? Cast a video from your PC to a TV. You can do a lot with your Chromecast once you get it working properly, so let us know which fixes worked for you in the comments below. Now go to Playback -Renderer-Chromecast (to have this option, TV + Chromecast must already be turned on). You really do have to switch hdmi ports, which is just ridiculous. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Is there something in the TV settings I could change? Tap on the icon and that will open an adjustable volume screen. Any suggestions? I have this same problem. Simply disable it so that the PPAPI type is the only one enabled. Click the ‘Details’ button at the top right corner and then look for the Adobe plugin. This is the exact same problem I’m having. Finally, if you’re using a stereo system to power the audio side of your home theater, ensure that your audio system isn’t malfunctioning. This may be one of the reasons for the ‘no audio’ issue. Required fields are marked *. Ensure the sound issue isn’t coming from your television by checking your volume level and testing a different device for sound output (such as a game console or a cable box). Unlike a traditional Chromecast device, the Chromecast Audio provides you with a new, never-before-seen setting here: full dynamic range. Click Menu on your TV remote. To reset your device using the app on your phone, tap on the Device icon inside the app and select the Chromecast device in your app. Since a software update my Nexus 7 has stopped streaming sound on my Chromecast. You can also try force closing the application on your device to see if the problem is coming from the app itself as opposed to the Chromecast device or the connection between the app and Chromecast. Chromecast TV problems with no sound (and couple other issues) So I just got a new TV, Vizio M55Q8-H1 and am having some issues with the Chromecast TV. You are able to cast a video to the TV from your Chrome browser, but not able to hear anything?. I just bought a new Thomson 32HD3331 TV and a Chromecast 3 device and I'm having a really strange sound issue in Netflix. It might accidentally have been uninstalled or disabled which is what causes problems with Chromecast. If the sound problem is spawning from the application, restarting the stream will force Chromecast to reload the URL from which it’s accessing the video or audio feed. Galaxy S7 > Netflix > Chromecast > Vizio 4k smart TV. But recorded tv shows from Showbox or streaming I get picture I get no sound and there is a sound speaker ivon w no sound on tbe screen. Hi. If sound is still an issue from your device, make sure that the volume on your phone is turned up for Chromecast. I will cast something and it will work fine for the most part, but if I have to rewind the video AT ALL (sometimes its as simple as moving the mouse TO rewind), it just messes up the sound and I have to turn it off and recast it. Kind of defeats the purpose. Your email address will not be published. the picture is coming but no sound. Any ideas? !! Open your Chromecast Audio settings as described in our previous section and find the Sounds section. Which is a shame for Google. So tedious. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Chromecast is easy to set up and easy to use from practically any device. No sound on Chromecast with Netflix 0 Recommended Answers 1 Reply 70 Upvotes. Then go to Sound Leveling and turn it off. Works .. :-) .. My case is a little different. This Flag Enables Dark Mode on Chromebook Settings App. But the thing is that its a brand new TV and the chromecast worked fine on my old one. Did you find a fix as I’m having this same issue. Do you think this will work, or the distorted, highpitch will come back? This solution shows me that the streaming video from Sopcast without transcoding has the audio format incompatible with Chromecast … Enter your email address and click Subscribe. Though you can control the volume of your Chromecast streams with your standard volume control on your TV remote, you can also control the volume through your mobile device. Most modern televisions have a built-in option to disable the television speakers in order to use a home theater or surround sound system. First, we need to dive back into the settings menu of your device in Google Home. Even though i have it plugged into HDMI1 on the side of my TV. If you’re having difficulty listening to your music, ensure this setting is disabled. Again movies from Showbox have sound only tv shows do not? Check if you have an audio cable from the TV which is connected to the bass speaker that has buttons for different sources. Once you’ve checked your television, try switching your Chromecast to a different HDMI port. I suggest you download the Google Home app to your phone ( PC /Laptop? ) Your audio may just work fine. Let’s start with some basic sound solutions to kick things off. My old Vizio worked with no problems, I am assuming this has to do with 5.1 sound. This can be great for those who have excellent sound systems and are looking for something that functions better than a Bluetooth device. I'm only getting sound with the Chromecast, no picture My Chromecast is only playing the audio when watching youtube or netflix, or anything else for that matter, I did a reset on it and the Google logo and the spinning circle came up but after that the screen went black. If you only see the NPAPI plugin and not the PPAPI one, you will need to install Flash in your browser again. From here you will see the currently available Chromecast devices on your network. This does not effect our editorial in any way. If you’ve been able to play videos normally in the browser you will definitely find the plugin here. Make sure PPAPI in the Type field is enabled. I’ve been the same problem with sound on my Netflix and casting to my Chromecast, thing is not all the shows or movies has a sound issue. So close! Ive email the help link but no reply. Anything I download to my Lg tablet will play movies from showbox fine.I use es file explorer for play back.As well installed All Cast and movies play fine. June 15, 2016 by Archana Vasudev | Updated: June 9, 2020 Leave a Comment. Was that the worst answer ever, Chromecast is heading for trash can. when i cast my netflix the sounds always too low at conversations but then the sound goes too loud while on action scenes. I’m thinking how to replace the Chromecast internal HDMI cable connected to the motherboard. A SHAME !!!I. I have rebooted my laptop and turned tv on/off. Unplug TV for 5-10 Minutes. Just make sure that you have some kind of content playing from your phone or tablet on your Chromecast, and use the volume rocker on your device to increase the volume as you normally would. WordPress | The Chromecast Audio is less popular than its older, video-friendly brother, but it’s a no less interesting device. I am having the same problem. Then go to Sound Leveling and turn it off. I assume because it doesn’t play on HDMI1, I am unable to get the audio to go through the 5.1 speakers. So I have to keep changing back and forth? I can cast from my phone with no sound issues at all. If you have a stereo unit for audio on your TV along with surround speakers, turn the volume level to 0 using the remote that came with your TV. What is it with that? What App Do You Need to Use Chromecast with Android? Unlike typical Chromecasts, the Chromecast Audio uses a modular, analog 3.5mm jack and cable that can be damaged. My Chromecast has a crackling sound and no audio at times. Alternatively, try to stop the stream from your mobile device and restart the stream.

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