Our standard line of handcrafted mouthpieces consists of several hundred combinations of rims, cups, backbores, and shank options that cover all types of performance situations. It’s a great mouthpiece for just about any style of music. The 40 rim is functionally similar to Bach Mount Vernon 10 1/2C, Bach 11 3/4 C, 17, and Schilke 6 rims. The C2J is available with any of the Standard Reeves, Purviance, or Classical Series rims. The models range from the smallest rim diameter EV5 to EV8 in half sizes. The goal of this mouthpiece is to support commercial, upper register and solo playing without crowding larger chops. When AR Resonance started in 2014, we wanted to build a mouthpiece that sounded like the best we ever heard while still being extremely easy to play.The founding concept of all Resonance mouthpieces is to offer the player a back pressure level and the harmonic spread that their body and his skills demand. Save this piece for when you want to sound like a laser beam and you’re ready to “get it on”! Feel free to contact us if you would like a free mouthpiece consultation. The 692 works great for strong players who don’t prefer the efficiency of smaller backbores and for players who have tighter horns. The Legends Showtime is a great piece for those players who need a little extra grip on the rim. There is no undercut on this rim, so the inside diameter feels true to size (.636″). Our 50+ years of experience machining and helping solve brass players’ problems result in a trumpet mouthpiece that feels great, plays easier, and preserves the classic trumpet sound. Our most versatile backbore, the 2 is more centered than a Bach #10 with excellent tone color and intonation. It has a .624″ inside diameter, medium wide rim, a medium deep to deep V cup (similar to Bach A/B), a wide throat (#25), and the Legends Chicago (broad sounding) backbore. It’s often used for all-around playing but it can really deliver extra zing in the upper register when needed. Moderators:Moderator005, Moderator003, Hollywood70. The 2 backbore is generally not marked on our mouthpieces. It has a semi-flat rim, a .640″ inside diameter, and a medium shallow cup. The Legends Broadway Legit has a soft, round rim which is comfortable throughout extended playing. It produces a noble sound that is dark, rich, and resonant. ​. Endorsed and played by the legendary Dan “PeePaw” Burnham! Bob Reeves inherited Purviance’s tooling in 1969 and we continue to use it today. Mouthpieces made during Purviance’s lifetime will use the original model numbers (see table above) and contain his initials “C.M.” preceding the Purviance name. – Clarke 6.5AL-L, one or two piece, large shank, 25.35mm rim, medium cup It has a comfortable rim, medium shallow cup, and the Legends T (focused) backbore. The models feature a wide, cushioned rim that provides the musician with comfort and support for the demanding playing. The Legends JT RE was inspired by a famous Jet-Tone mouthpiece played by the legendary Roy Eldridge. The Legends MF HG has a rim that is flat on top but very round inside, with an extremely shallow cup. It has a rim shape similar to a Bach 10 1/2 C, a medium semi-V cup, #28 throat, and Legends Vegas (slightly focused) backbore. The JT RS was inspired by the Jet-Tone RS2, which was designed for and played by the legendary Roy Stevens. The Beast is best for screaming lead and taming those raging upper register licks! All Purviance models are available with a standard shank, the Purviance ‘B’ shank that decreases the gap, or converted for the Reeves Sleeve system. The inside rim diameter is .585″, and the cup is an extra shallow (similar to Bach F) bowl. The GoTime is a great piece for solo and lead players who prefer a grip rim. If the product you order is in stock, but you want gold plating, it will take about two weeks for the order to ship. Not sure which shank your flugelhorn requires? These are models we’ve made through the years that are frequently requested: CF – 43W rim, hybrid ES & S cup, 28 bore, 69 backbore, #5 shank, originally bent 12 degrees, JH – 3C rim, deep-S cup, 28 bore, 692 backbore, #4 shank, Zinger – 42 rim, shallow-S cup, 28 bore, modified 692s backbore, #5 shank, Bud Brisbois – Very narrow diameter (36/64″) Semi-flat, medium cushion rim, very little bite, cup similar to Mt. The SH 1.75 has a soft, round, comfortable rim. This piece is great for “screamin’ high above the staff”! The rim is medium round with an inside diameter of .640″. It has some undercut for chop room, which will make the inside diameter feel a little larger than the specs reflect. It’s well suited for upper register playing with plenty of core. This mouthpiece produces a bright, crisp sound and supports precise attacks on quick-tonguing riffs. This mouthpiece performs equally well on sophisticated legit playing and mind-melting lead! The Screamer has a small inside rim diameter (.590″) and a very shallow V bowl cup (similar to Bach F in depth). The JT 7M is based on the Jet-Tone Studio Model 7M. Shew has one in his giant mouthpiece cabinet. Our 43N rim is functionally similar to a Bach 6C Mount Vernon, Bach 1X, 2 1/2 C, 6, 6B, 7D, and 8 1/2 B rims. This mouthpiece is built for screaming lead! The cup is shallow, similar to Bach E. The Fat-tastic is fantastic for both lead and legit playing. Mouthpieces that are out-of-stock will be made to order, and may take up to 12 weeks to ship. Has a more shallow cup, tighter throat and special backbore. Shows you just how efficient he was.... Wow I can't imagine playing on a mp smaller than a 6a4a, however, I guess he did with great success, what a pea shooter. Bringing a premium line of hand crafted mouthpieces, available to the trombone community, has been a dream for both companies. The articulations speak with brilliance and definition, while the “bloom” of the tone is rich and full with a focused core that not only projects, but enhances the quality and characteristic of your instrument. The Legends DeArmond is an honorary tribute to David DeArmond, band leader and performer with nationally known groups such as Mickey, Larry and the Exciters, Mac’s Mob, Boys’ Night Out, and others. The throat is a #29, which is a little tighter than stock, and the backbore is the Legends Manhattan (very focused). fairly large backbore, Cat Anderson – based on Cat’s Charlie Anderson model. Each cornet mouthpiece comes standard as a two-piece, screw rim model with the modern standard cornet shank. USPS Priority Mail ships worldwide. It has a .610″ inside rim diameter, with a very shallow V-bowl cup (similar to Bach E/F). The Legends JT AH D is based on a vintage Jet-Tone reissue AHD (Al Hirt) trumpet mouthpiece. The Matador rim is semi-flat, but rounded on the inside and outside for comfort. The Legends JT MF was inspired by a famous Jet-Tone mouthpiece played by the legendary Maynard Ferguson. From the sessions studio to the Broadway stage, with the Big Apple you’ll be a star! Legends Brass ships worldwide via USPS Priority Mail. Use the Sizzle when you want to play high and hot lead! Semi-round, medium-cushion with a soft bite. The cup is medium to medium shallow. It was named because Bob developed it in 1969. The rim is round and the cup is a medium to medium shallow V. This mouthpiece is perfect for those rich upper register solos that made Maynard a legend! The MD is based on a vintage mouthpiece that once belonged to an extremely well known jazz and bebop trumpet legend by the initials of ‘MD’. If the product you order is in stock, it will usually be shipped within 24 hours. USA: (800) 837-0980 Our Symphonic backbore is similar in style to a Schmitt backbore and used in combination with our deeper cups to produce an opulent, teutonic sound. The cup depth is similar to Bach C. This mouthpiece responds easily and produces a rich sound good for concert settings and legit playing. The Legends Signature Series David Perrico Las Vegas Showroom Trumpet Mouthpiece: Award-winning “Best of Las Vegas” trumpeter, composer, producer, and conductor David Perrico fronts his newest creation, “Pop Strings Orchestra, ” currently in residency at world-famous Caesars Palace / Cleopatra’s Barge and The Smith Center for the Performing Arts in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, we will work with serious buyers to the extent possible to make sure in advance that your questions are answered and you are comfortable that you are purchasing a mouthpiece that will be satisfactory to you! The Classical Series Trumpet Mouthpiece comes on a solid, one-piece blank in the following models: We are honored to offer the mouthpieces of Carroll Purviance, the famous custom mouthpiece maker in Hollywood, California, who gave Bob Reeves his start in the 1960s. It has a .600″ inside rim diameter, a medium shallow to shallow bowl shaped cup, and the Legends Chicago backbore. The Showtime cup is medium shallow to shallow (similar to Bach D/E). At Bob Reeves Brass we bring tradition in harmony with technology. Legends Matador: for when you need to take that trumpet solo by the horns! The L-B2L rim is semi-flat but has a nice inside roundness which makes it extremely comfortable. It has a wide slightly round rim and shallow cup. We will never sell your information and you may unsubscribe any time. The Legends 7C: inspired by one of those traditional mouthpieces with which we all started, but updated with a Legends S backbore. The rim is nicely rounded, and there is ample room for comfort at an inside diameter of .660″. The models were also renumbered from 1-10 with variations labeled with an “A” and keeping the B shank option. The backbore is a Legends LA. Our 42 rim is functionally similar to Bach Elkhart 3C & 6C, Bach 8C, 10B, and Schilke 14 rims. The Legends S MF is based on a Schilke MF mouthpiece from the late 1980’s. Extremely cushioned rim, small inner diameter, extra shallow cup, 27 bore, large backbore. It has a small inside diameter (.590″), a shallow, slightly convex V cup, and a large #19 throat. But he liked really small rim diameters w/ super huge rims (I think Cat has Boss beat there however) and extremely small cups. It has an inside rim diameter of .656″ and medium cup depth (similar to Bach C). The Legends Dizz was created in honor of the legendary Dizzy Gillespie. There is some undercut for chop room, making the rim feel slightly larger than the actual measurement of .670″. Combined with the Legends S backbore and heavyweight blank, this mouthpiece really supports intensity, endurance, and great quality sound in the upper register. The rim is rounded on the outside and sharp on the inside with an inside diameter of .600″. Purviance cornet and flugelhorn models are available. Try our A-Adapter for cornet shanked piccolos! All Rights Reserved. Medium-round, semi-narrow, with a medium-sharp bite. Combined with the 0.615” inside diameter, this setup is good for upper register work.

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