February 2010  (4) November 2019  (11) Industry News November 2014  (13) | Showroom Caravan Guard News Most caretta 1500 options have unique aerodynamic features that make them more fuel-efficient and easily towable using trucks, small cars, minivans, and SUVs. October 2020  (11) Highly knowledgeable set-up our Google Adwords account and have contracted Brian several times since to optimise our campaign a... Brian is super to deal with, knowledgeable on what he needs and open to ideas on the best way to get there. The tailgate lifts to reveal the beautifully equipped galley, complete with stove, sink, fridge, water supply and a quality worktop with cupboards above. April 2013  (8) The Caretta 1500 is … Campsite Reviews Designed to treat families, young couples, and friends to the coziness of a home but away from home, caretta 1500 come in multiple types, sizes, and designs. Take a look at the photographs above and you’ll see exactly what we mean. This dinky Caretta caravan has a retro design and also comes in a rugged, all-terrain version – the Caretta Off Road. May 2006  (1) March 2007  (2) August 2019  (15) To complete the all round versatility of the Caretta 1500, the integrated front locker box houses the easy access battery and electrics, and provides plenty of additional storage space too. Caretta teardrops feature a beautifully appointed sleeping interior … July 2019  (13) September 2019  (17) - 2 Comments. February 2012  (6) The Caretta 1500 teardrop caravan possibilities are endless! June 2019  (12) Camping Stove, electric hook up cable. And you won’t need a motor mover to ease your way onto your pitch. June 2008  (7) Calls may be recorded. Caretta Off Road is a luxurious teardrop trailer at the upper end of the market. August 2015  (6) Browse our extensive selection of caretta 1500 available for both wholesalers and retailers. March 2017  (11) July 2020  (11) - These caretta 1500 are available in many floor plan types, including rear bath, rear entertainment, rear living, hybrid, kitchen-focused rear kitchen, front kitchen travel trailers, and many more. 12/07/2019  March 2010  (2) Quote includes 12.5% online discount and 12% Insurance Premium Tax and is correct as of 03.07.19. | Affiliate, Product Listing Policy It’s also wired for sound and on the list of optional extras you can add a TV, DVD player and radio. January 2016  (13) A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. December 2012  (6) August 2014  (10) December 2006  (2) February 2008  (2) No need to worry about putting up camp again when you are done for the day – Carreta will be right there, waiting for you when you get back. June 2012  (6) May 2015  (10) August 2010  (7) Taobao Global Working motor movers fitted. March 2006  (1) The Club ... -Choosing a drivers side RHD awning setup kinda inhibits my headroom getting out of the vehicle -Having to pack up and pack off the vehicle on short notice The Caretta 1500 is the flagship of the range and is a standout from from all our models. This stable, aerodynamic platform can simply be hitched up and towed by any private vehicle whatsoever, whether a van, a jeep, a family saloon – even a trike! - User Information Legal Enquiry Guide, © 1999-2020 Alibaba.com. ... Caretta is the only caravan that all new young drivers can tow (no need to wait for the test permit and no need for the E license). All rights reserved. Places to visit Food prep and washing is done from the outside, at the back of the Caretta. Caravanning Top Tips With experience working in several industries, including the mobile leisure, travel and tourism, and service sectors, I’ve successfully employed offline and online strategies to drive footfall, generate leads, and deliver sales. These cute caravans might be small but it doesn’t mean you can’t have some big adventures, as they’re light enough to hitch up to almost any car – from a small hatchback to a family estate. Caretta 1500 Our robust teardrops - the Caretta teardrop - have a spacious interior that features a queen-sized bed, a perfect luxury space. There’s an awning light fitted to the off side door to light up this space. That quality control doesn’t just mean you can enjoy a superior product – it also means we feel confident enough to back up our product with a full year’s warranty. The Caretta 1500 is … February 2006  (2) A table sits on a lip above the undersink locker, but is probably more suitable for preparing meals and getting stuff out of the lockers, than eating at. 1688.com October 2005  (1) You can choose from small under 20 feet lightweight caretta 1500 options weighing below 2500 pounds or bigger over 40 feet models weighing more than 5000 pounds. November 2006  (1) February 2020  (15) Infographic Cant recommend him ... Brian Martin - Digital Marketing Manager, Newtons of Bury, 151 The Rock, Bury, BL9 0ND, Brian Martin | Digital Marketing Manager | Mobile Leisure Podcast Host | Executive Producer | Photographer. Furthermore, it’s compact size does not only improve handling and maneuverability, it also improves rear view visibility, enabling you to avoid mishaps on the road. October 2010  (6) Each bed is a spacious 150×200 cm. The Caretta 1500’s sleek design features a built-in aerodynamic spoiler to give superb towing performance and handling. | Check out our video tour of this teeny trailer. September 2013  (9) With all terrain tyres and chassis protective bars, there’s no reason why you can’t go wild camping! January 2013  (8) May 2018  (13) July 2009  (4) September 2018  (13) December 2013  (10) April 2020  (18) There’s an awning light fitted to the off side door to light up this space. Functional. February 2019  (14) Perfect for festivals and trade shows; brand it up and you not only have a storage and selling facility; but constant mobile advertising for your product or brand. October 2017  (7) Winners of the Caravan Industry Association of WA 2018 Innovation Award.

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