It was called Gear Shift Assist and it was clunky, to say the least, but it did work. This will affect what kind of mechanism you need. They’re priced from £170 for the quickshifter but don’t forget you’ll need a Power Commander too. › Should there be any problems, we are here to help How many iQSE modules can I pair and use with my phone? A lot of quick shifters are for up-shifting only, meaning that you’ll still need to use the clutch when downshifting. Put simply, unless a downshift is being carried out, the device is out of the circuit that controls the throttle position. Please order the parts shown by our Product Advisor. What do you reckon? And most of those are the result of a crash or an installation problem,” says Gareth. There are a couple other things that are worth noting. “Race teams started to understand the advantage of a strain gauge-based system, and the business really took off.”, All design, programming and development is carried out by Gareth. Yes. Even if the bike has no battery or condenser. What is the supplied “Jumper plug” for? We help our clients build patios, patio covers, patio enclosures, pergolas, sun room and more. It’s not a cheap accessory (though compared to the £303.96 of the OE part it’s not that bad), but when you consider that it’s hand-mad in the UK, and the level of design that goes into making something so slick, refinable and reliable, if you want the smoothest possible shifts – be it for comfort or for speed – it’s an outstandingly high-quality piece of kit. Fair enough it won't make me any quicker anyway. The iS4-ECU in the intellishift claims to be the same seamless shifting technology used in top-flight MotoGP. What is the adjustment range of the cut-off times? You can see how once the clutch is initially released, the operator doesn’t touch it for the duration of the run. As you apply more pressure to activate the gear change, the switch momentarily cuts the spark plugs, which causes a similar effect to when you roll the throttle, which you would usually do when changing gear on a motorcycle without a quickshifter. Microchip Wiki, › Works with both normal and reverse/race shift pattern Sure you wouldn't use it on small throttle openings but with a good amount of poke it's seemless (depending on the system). Cutting the spark doesn’t stop the fuel flow, so when the engine finally does fire, it has an overly rich fuel mixture. If you really want to go fast then focus on changing up and down the gears swiftly and cleanly. If the new bike is a different brand, you may need to get a new Harness Kit. Most quick shifters will only enable a clutchless upshift but there are shifters that will also allow you to clutchlessly downshift. We can offer an upgrade for a small fee. With the technology evolving all the time, it makes it impossible to choose the best motorcycle quickshifter but below we’ve listed the most popular manufacturers with a quick overview of the company and their quickshifter range. They are fun to use, plain and simple. They offer two different products, the QSX Quickshifter and the Intellishift. What is the difference between QSE and iQSE? Bottled Up Quotes, When you command a shift, the processor runs self-checks – if it’s happy with all of those checks, it will then insert itself into the throttle circuit. Helmut Huber First Wife, The started in 2003 and they’re well known in the American Superbike series, AMA. The total or partial reproduction of text, photographs or illustrations is not permitted in any form. If we left you with a few new questions, list them below in the comments. Boris Siakam Wku, If you have two bikes, you may install a harness kit and sensor in both, and share the unit between the two. You can also adjust the parameters so the duration of retardation can be setup to suit your bike. The only exception is the QSH-CKP, which is the universal kit to be used with the iQSE-2 module. 1. While these do undoubtedly increase performance, it’s by a small margin. The fuel cutting versions do effectively the same thing, but they cut the fuel instead of electricity. You don't need WOT for it to be useful/smooth. However a downshifter is limited to motorcycles that have a Ride-By-Wire throttle. With an auto-blipper on a quick-shifter, if it goes wrong it could kill someone.”, While many prototypes have been toyed with over the years, Gareth has resisted putting an auto-blipper into production, despite many requests. However, there is still some operations to be completed with the hands, and there’s also the chance of getting things wrong if your timing is off. At lower RPM this will also mean the shifter isn’t snatchy, as some systems can be. When it does it, it starts a ‘dead man’s timer’ – this means that if the processor somehow froze, the timer would continue to run and still take itself out of the circuit, so an open throttle couldn’t be held open. Regardless, if you are curious about quick shifters, you are in the right place. What is the Bluetooth working range of the module? If you wish, you can even maintain the connection while riding the bike and the phone is in your pocket or mounted at the dashboard. You can see the dyno operator takes his hand off the clutch once the bike is up and running and you can see how quick and seamless the gearchanges are. 8. 7. Is it difficult to install the kit? Think about that for a moment – I’m no racer, yet I could feel the difference that 10ms less kill time made to riding the Niken. 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