These lines or marks in the piped dough increase the surface area and allow the eclair shell to expand without causing unsightly cracks. I would recommend starting with a temperature of 350 F and seeing if it works. You baked it too long, and the shells are almost burnt, and it’s very obviously going to be too dry. However as you said, if the parchment paper in your country is not known for being non stick, then silpat is highly recommended over parchment paper. This increases the surface area, so it cools down faster, plus more water evaporates as you do this. To maintain the right shape, pipe a tad extra dough at the two ends, so that your eclairs don’t end up oval shaped. It won’t thicken, even if you whip it all day. At the beginning you can add about 1/4 cup (or 1 egg) of eggs at a time, but then add the last bit in small increments. All original site content copyright 2020 The Fresh Loaf unless stated otherwise. I use a paper parchment that sticks too, usually to most baking gods exeptc with cakes, I also ser that when it s over Cook or long períodos it sticks even more, I made this recipe on aluminum trays and just put a ver y thin coat of oíl and work fine. and the craqulin ended up breaking easily when biting into it. Makes enough for 30 profiteroles or 16 eclairs. If you baked them at 350°F or lower, then increase the oven temperature. You need to prick the shells towards the end of the baking time (and/or after), to allow the shells to dry out. Bread flour needs more eggs than if you used AP flour. Great article. It sounds like you opened and pricked the choux shells too early. . Thanks so much for the in depth detail and recipe for the choux recipe. Choux buns (profiteroles, cream puffs), are less likely to collapse compared to eclairs. Yes you are absolutely right about the dough being stiffer,i always find that when i pipe the second batch on the tray,the consistency of the dough has changed (about 40minutes away from the first batch) . Decoration is your final opportunity to make your bakes beautiful – chocolate, of course, being a firm favourite for both éclairs and profiteroles. What you’re looking for here is a dough that looks glossy, but still thick, can hold its shape and is pipeable. With eclairs, I also prefer to use a French star tip over a round tip. If keeping the profiteroles uniform in shape is a priority, then I recommend letting the pastry rest before piping them out and baking them. These pastries are detailed, delicate and absolutely delicious in every way. , croquembouches, gougères, French crullers and more. This will result in a lighter pastry case, that rises more. I will cut out the crumbs and then pipe my custard. This website was hand-crafted by © Chef Iso. Even if you get it wrong, they are still going to taste delicious! Content posted by community members is their own. It can be normal. As mentioned in the post, you need to make sure the piping tip is always touching the surface of the piped dough. There are two common problems encountered when making choux pastry. To make the choux pastry, bring the water to the boil in a heavy-bottomed pan. This will make sure there are no lumps in the flour to begin with, and that the flour is nice and light. I just wanted to say thankyou! Privacy policy. And if it does for you, you can keep doing that. Disclaimer: The Flavor Bender is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program. I can't explain myself how using a high gluten flour can change the result: don't the proteins denature during the initial gelatinization? The only way to prevent it is to keep them in a vacuum container, or to crisp them up (reheat them) in the oven before enjoying them again. I see recipes suggesting this, and it’s just a recipe for disaster. This will also minimize ugly cracks in the eclair shells and help keep the shape of your eclairs. I tried the profiteroles with both the chocolate and vanilla creme pat and they turned out great!

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