When your daughter is unable to participate, a note is required to be excused from the activity  which must be handed to the Sports Coordinator during recess. It is also expected that wherever possible students return to school after the appointment. If there is any kind of an emergency it is best to involve Brigidine staff in its communication. It is the Principal’s expectation of staff that they return phone calls and emails within three school days(a Sydney Catholic School's policy) and that their conversation with parents is honest, open to the ideas of parents and courteous. Excursions There are many of these during the year. Develop in her familiarity with personal excellence. Brigidine has land and buildings which were purchased and developed by the Brigidine Sisters, the school is administered by Sydney Catholic Schools; generally the staff and students are Catholic. We appreciate the opportunity to improve, remedy and resolve. No girl is able to go on any excursion without a signed permission letter which has communicated to parents information about the excursion. St Ives 2075 New South Wales Show through conversations at home that you value learning. It is counterproductive for parents to bully  or intimidate Brigidine staff. 6. It is essential that parents make an appointment if they wish to see staff. These are available on this website for you to print off at home or they are at the Student Office for your daughter to pick up. Think carefully about what you want to communicate, how you can communicate your feelings respectfully and ring the Principal. 2017 Reunion Dates Brigidine excursions are all connected to classroom learning. Each student will be assigned a locker and she is responsible for her combination lock. At the end of the first decade of the Twenty- First century, the Congregation of St Brigid has leased what was once Brigidine Convent Randwick to Catholic Health Care and the Sydney Catholic Education Office. The date and times of these nights will be advertised on the calendar and again in the newsletter. Loan Periods: Fiction 2 weeks; Non-Fiction 1 week. 325 Mona Vale Road St Ives NSW 2075, Brigidine College St Ives We are indeed very proud of our daughter and her achievements and commitment to the dance program at Brigidine. Brigidine College was established in 1929 and is a Kildare Ministries school in the Brigidine tradition. The College is located in Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parish, Randwick and our Chaplain and Parish Priest is a priest of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. No student is permitted to leave Brigidine unless she is first signed-out at the Office. Brigidine communicates about itself through: This can cause danger becuase of extra traffic density and the frustration of drivers Computers in the library may be used before school, at recess, lunchtime and after school.

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