However, Yuji and the police Department were unable to help resolve the incident in any way. Subsequently, Yaba escapes, turning into a mad beastman because of a wild beastman. After dying, Shirou absorbed the blood of at least a thousand other Beastmen, transforming him into Silver Wolf. It initially seems Nazuna has been corrupted by power and become an egomaniacal cult leader who looks down on Michiru, but as it turns out she hasn't completely abandoned her morality and wants to be friends with Michiru again. Episode 8-9/The Mole Rats Speaks – Human Scapegoat, Episode 11-12/A Beastly Feast – Anima-City. The first volume was released on August 19, 2020, while the other two gets a September 16 and October 14 release respectively. Shirou discovers that Dante was the. The Direct revealed several brand-new characters: Daisy Mae, C.J., and Flick. Michiru finds that a recording on her phone of Shirou's howling can calm the affected beastmen's rampage, so she works with Nazuna and Marie to broadcast it across the city. After Shirou is rescued by Michiru who learns how to fly, Pinga gets defeated by Shirou and admits that he once partook in the military when he was young, but decided to become a terrorist of some sort. A direct reflection of Shirou. In the 21st century, beasts who had been hidden in the darkness of history began to reveal their existence. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. She sports a dark gray sweater, light gray hooded overcoat, brown belt, and blue skinny jeans tapered at the end, and black high-heeled boots. Also, it would be nice if, while trying to deal all that, the various types of bipedal hominid could address some of those massive societal problems that were causing all of these problems to begin with. [15], A manga adaptation illustrated by Asano began in Shueisha's Tonari no Young Jump web magazine on May 29, 2020. However, she does eventually snap out of it once she realizes that she's at least partly responsible for helping spread Nyrvasil Syndrome. The Silver Wolf is said to be a merciful deity who comes to beastmen during times of crisis. Anime It's also probably the reason why his howls in particular force other species that shouldn't howl naturally to do so alongside him. He also investigates Gram Grandma's human trafficking case but is still one step behind Shirou. As of episode 4 she's able to turn back into her human form, but chooses to stay in Anima City anyway in order to find out more about Beastmen. Most of Michiru's animal themed powers seem to awaken whenever she or a friend are in mortal peril. Meanwhile, Barbaray plans on dismantling Anima-City to disperse the beastmen to keep them safe. Gives a downplayed one to Mayor Rose, calling her out for her hypocrisy in culminating a legend to keep the Beastmen under control, but balking up when someone else uses that very same legend to give the citizens of Anima City hope. Kitsune and tanuki are portrayed in Japanese folklore as being rivals. The Bears finally get to play a game just for fun. The Silver Wolf is an ancient being that is revered by all beastmen as their God. calm and manipulative. With all this, he does not have any abilities. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He is also a Great Dane Beastman. His grand plan is to administer a vaccine to all beastmen in Anima City that will turn them human. No one knew who took the video but Michiru believes that Nazuna may have done it intentionally. An Ordinary Highschool Student who transformed into a Tanuki-Beastman under mysterious circumstances. Michiru meets and befriends Nina, the dolphin beastman daughter of the gang boss Giuliano Flip, who has been posting to, While watching a deadly baseball game, Michiru's powers catch the attention of the Bears team, helping them win their match as their pitcher. And while the role she plays may be fake, the hope instilled in the hearts of the Beastmen who look up to her isn't and Anima City is desperately in need of some hope. Shirou suddenly returns to normal after biting Michiru. It is now publicly known that there are ways to turn humans into ultra-strong beastmen, to turn existing beastmen into living weapons, and to turn beastmen into humans. After Gram Grandma is arrested, Michiru becomes upset with Shirou for not intervening sooner, proving with her student ID that she was human. Michiru convinces Nazuna not to make the confession, only for Boris to expose her himself. when she makes it clear to Boris that her name is Nazuna, not Déesse Louve. she unlocks the ability to run incredibly fast by giving herself the legs of a cheetah, she unlocks the ability to grow wings in a desperate attempt to save Shirou and herself from falling, she can turn part chameleon which allows her to become invisible. Alive He's had unrestricted access to the research and development of every aspect of this technology for decades, and had already begun weaponizing and trafficking the results. because he believes it's the only way a beastman in the baseball business can earn a living. It's slight foreshadowing of Alan's identity as the descendant of the general who killed Shirou one thousand years ago. Shirou tells the Yuji it was a request from the Mayor herself. Or so she thinks; despite Michiru's previous assumptions and the best efforts of the mayor, Animacity is dominated by organized crime and outside pressure from humans who resent its existence. Wikis. Michiru heads to the medical center once she hears that there's a bomb nearby, and will hear no arguments to the contrary. Shirou still allows him to leave under the condition of never returning to the city, so Pinga requests Michiru to tell the Mayor Barbara Rose to make tombs for his fallen friends. There's also her cooperation with Medi-Cal to turn her back into a human. As a pure-bred beastman he's got Shirou beat in terms of raw power, but since he's very inexperienced in combat and often lets his arrogance get the best of him, Shirou quickly gains the upper hand in their fight, after getting over his initial shock about Alan revealing that he's a beastman. This has to be one of the most high-impact versions of this trope. Personal Info And Shirou is completely naked after powering down from “god form.”, and leading to their beastman blood transfusions, Michiru confronting Nazuna over lying to her and the other Beastmen. When Nazuna's true identity as a former human is revealed at her concert, the attending beastmen are appalled. Eventually he couldn't take the abuse anymore and in a fit of rage attacked the other players in the middle of a game, ending his career in the process. Feeling the center could help cure her alleged disease, Michiru reveals her condition to Barbaray and insists she aid. But since Nina is a dolphin beastgirl, she was close to. Investigator She states that she prefers being an idol having no need of friendship, leaving Michiru downhearted. This shock reawakens Shirou's memory revealing that beastmen were the ones who destroyed his village not humans as he believed, Shirou falls into despair before also succumbing to the syndrome, and he attacks and bites Michiru. and Shirou after he loses his clothes going god-form. Michiru has the power to shapeshift into any animal she can think of. He was in the same concentration camp as Mayor Rose was in when she was still a child and he doesn't seem to have aged much since. "Great God", which may reflect further ties with the aforementioned God the beastchildren taught Michiru about. Main Characters The main protagonist of the series. Michiru can obtain the form of any given animal. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He seems to have taken an interest in Michiru and has sinister plans for Anima City. In anger, she renounces her friendship to Nazuna over her selfish actions. instead of being part of a plot to exterminate the ("hybrid") Beastmen. In episode 12, this comes full force he openly confesses his twisted love towards Nazuna and chases after her, much to her disgust. What kind of person are you ? For an older, somewhat different perspective on furry cop anime featuring both kemonomini and anthro characters, check out Hyper Police. Beastmen have human forms, so it is therefore custom and practical for Anima City residents to spend most of their time in human form rather than have the city cater to every differing animal need.

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