Wahgo Katta Shrine is a shrine that is located between Hyrule Field and West Necluda. Others contain monsters which test Link's combat skills and range from relatively easy to fairly difficult. I figured you could just drop the stuff on the ground again before the final orb. I really just derped the mission hard. You can just use a raft to reach the island if you lack stamina. Really, more motion controls? Please use English in all your posts. I had to watch a video to see how to do it because at first, I was pressing the buttons but getting nowhere. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I hope you loved tailing that other guy in Kakariko Village, because The Lost Pilgrimage Shrine quest, wow. Hardest Shrine to Find? The shrine treasure is okay, but, like my adventure into the Lanayru Promenade, I think these islands are just fun to see more than they are worth looting. This shrine forces Link to use his knowledge of how electrical currents work in order to turn on platforms, open doors, and make his way through a pretty tricky maze. I mainly read this guide to compare it to how I managed it. Rest was simple! I died twice to that Hinox and it was the very first time I wasn't enjoying my time with the game - which made beating this challenge and being returned my stuff oh so sweeter. This challenge wasn't that hard at all. @Juma009 Be careful, as you loose all gear you 'acquire' during the challenge upon completion, so you can lose a lot of your good stuff if you're not careful. Pro tip: when using stasis to hit the slab off of the final sphere platform, be careful to NOT send it flying into the final sphere, because it will launch the sphere off of the cliff, where it will land next to the Hinox, and then when you go to pick it up the Hinox will wake up and chase you into the woods, where an Octorok will shoot you, at which point you will stumble and drop the sphere into a bubbling mud pit, from whence it is impossible to retrieve. Cookies help us deliver our Services. When the quest finishes it takes everything you picked up o the island away from you before giving you your original gear back. Rona Katcha Shrine is located in the Forgotten Temple to the southeast of Snowfield Stable. For more. It’s actually a good kind of frustrating: Confusion leads to experimentation, throwing balls into different slots, and slowly coming to realize that the shapes on the wall match four columns of slots, and the torches that line the wall actually represent a number! I was sooooo close last night, but the Hinox got me. But afterwards i feel i cheated myself, i would rather have the more difficult challenge and sense of accomplishment, then a quick victory. RELATED: Zelda: 10 Secret Side Quests Everyone Missed In Ocarina Of Time. Forgot about the chest in the swamp that has a claymore. The puzzle featured in this shrine is somewhat tedious. I just threw weapons on the island and dropped some shields before I activated the trial. I love that there's more than one way to approach this and so many other parts of this game. Wear some stealth armor and follow him until a Yiga Blademaster appears, advancing the quest. Was Hyrule originally a giant golf course? But if you stand in the water and drop gear right next to the shore but still with your feet in the water, you can ouch up said dropped gear after you have walked on land to officially start the challenge. Here’s the 10 most frustrating shrines in Breath of the Wild. There is a raft and leaf you can use to sail to the island directly from the mainland (I forget north/south, but it's directly in a straight line from the island). Here you'll find a few enemies which, using the Magnesis / metal box combo, can be dispatched without too much bother. Once you step onto the island your gear, clothes etc will be taken from you and you'll start the mission. Just used a lot of bombs (especially against the Hinox) and I was lucky that in the area with the stone-slab, the hardest enemy got struck by lightning. Link can trade in 4 Spirit Orbs at any Goddess Statue (located in the Temple of Time and all major towns) to gain either a new Heart Container or Stamina Vessel. RELATED: Breath Of The Wild: The 10 Most Powerful Enemies, Ranked. So I than used freezing to knock the orb back, which took a while and finally completed the challenge. I used ice to make my way to the nearby shrine island, then used the boat that was parked next to that shrine to make my way to Eventide. RELATED: The 5 Best Armor Sets In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild (& The 5 Worst). @Englishpsycho87 I tried this a couple of times, but the boulders kept missing the extremely large target asleep on the ground. It's located in the forest just outside of the village, and anyone who has gone to the Fairy Fountain there has likely seen the large platform that is part of this shrine and the quest it's attached to. I manned up and took down the big cyclopes guy with the dinky island weapons. Cleared the super early on with one extra heart and one stamina upgrade. Ever since you arrive to find Impa you can spot a little shrine ball next to her. This shrine forces Link to use his Magnesis Rune in order to move metal objects around inside the shrine. I got the blood moon when I did Eventide. I beat this one last night, and thoroughly loved it. Kayra Mah Shrine is located in the Eldin Tower Region, in the northern part of Hyrule. Brendan Graeber is a Guides Editor at IGN and wasn't happy to find more motion puzzle shrines in the Champions' Ballad DLC. Grab the orb from the base (there's a second Soldier's Bow in the chest and some Shock Arrows in the barrel, too) and return to the north beach and its pedestal. I ran around in circles from bombs at him all the time. We may never know, but I know I broke about 10 sledgehammers trying to whack a ball hard enough to hit it across the gap… and then again to get a treasure chest because I don’t know when to quit. Just spammed the heck out of the Bombs. I killed the troll with bombs as well the first try, and after basically finishing the entire island, I blew "myself" up by accident. Once it's frozen, use the Iron Sledgehammer to hit it straight ahead. Also, another method of getting to the island is simply abusing the ice power and building pillars all the way from either the west mainland or the northern shrine. Effect: Makes Link clip through the moving blocks in the Daqa Koh Shrine. @A01 same strategy here. If you have all 4 divine beast abilities, it's really not too hard. Took a while to chip away at the Hinox... just stood on an out-of-reach rock and repeatedly bombed him for 15 mins, more of a chore than anything! The Hinox was a problem until I realised you can just slash the rope or shoot it with arrows and steal away with the orb. It was a nice surprise.But they should've gone one step further and disabled the Paraglider as well as the Runes for the duration of the Island visit! Feature: Best Nintendo Switch Horror Games. I beat that thing by having enough hearts and eating food that gave me 15 extra hearts and some extra stamina, The Divine Beast abilities helped a lot too. I remember a very long one but not particularly difficult, featuring wind, which is close to where Dinraal leaves to the sky.

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