[28] He was aged 84 at the time of his death, and had spent the final 45 years of his life in prison. Mrs Goddard was found on the kitchen floor He said his blindfolded wife, Kerry, fell to her death through the floor of their loft during a … Three weeks later he was convicted of the murder of three post office workers, and given three further life sentences. As he had left nothing to her, George's estranged wife, Selina Whittle, began legal proceedings in May 1972 to obtain money from her husband's estate. In the interview at Kidsgrove police station when he confessed to Whittle's kidnapping, Neilson gave an 18-page statement to DCS Harold Wright, head of Staffordshire CID, and Commander Morrison of Scotland Yard, with the statement hand-written by DCI Walter Boreham. [4] At the time of her kidnapping, she was a student at Wulfrun College, Wolverhampton.[5]. That's the man that did it to me. It is widely believed that Neilson pushed Whittle off the ledge in the drainage shaft, strangling her. As a result the police knew they were hunting a Walsall man, as opposed to someone who might have pronounced it "Kald-moor" as a stranger to the area would read it from a roadmap. Rennie, in retirement, later said:[11]. The offences regarding the shooting of security guard Gerald Smith were left on file, as Smith had died more than a year and a day after the shooting. Her body was found buried in a field in, On 28 March 1969 (five weeks after the conclusion of Morris's trial), the, A well known local story in Walsall is that the man in the grey Austin car had asked a group of children playing in the street, of whom Christine Darby was one, for directions to Caldmore. In July 1976, Neilson was convicted of Whittle's murder, for which he was given a life sentence; and a total of 61 years (running concurrently, with the longest being 21 years) for other offences. [12], On 12 January 1966, the bodies of Margaret Reynolds, age 6, and Diana Joy Tift, age 5, were found together in a ditch at Mansty Gully on Cannock Chase in Staffordshire. The third shaft, the deepest of the three and once an air ventilation shaft for Nelson's Coal Mine, was then uncapped. [3] A subsequent search of Bathpool Park by police revealed no clues. 0 ... "It has been found previously appropriate by this authority to develop proposals which provide facilities not present elsewhere in Cannock C.. "; Morris denied making such a statement, and alleged that he had been beaten in police interrogations. [9] He lived in Walsall his entire life and was reported to have an IQ of 120. Morris has been dubbed the Cannock Chase murderer. [10][11] Two thousand people searched for Reynolds in the hours following her disappearance. [12] The girl was sexually assaulted, strangled and left for dead, and was only saved from exposure after she was spotted by a passing cyclist. An alternative scenario is that Neilson was not present when Whittle died and that he fled on the night of the failed ransom collection without returning to the shaft, believing the police were closing in on him, leaving Whittle alive in the dark for a considerable period of time before falling to her death. Inside the shaft he placed a hood over her head, removed the dressing gown leaving her naked and then tethered her to the side of the shaft by a wire noose.

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