After Renji voices his exasperation at everyone comparing Saru and Hebi to Senbonzakura, Saru and Hebi leave to turn the defeated Hammer Tōjū over to the SRDI after writing an insult on the table. Izuru defeats Kazeshini by slashing him across the chest. Saru and Hebi intervene, destroying a nearby wall and attacking Byakuya and Senbonzakura. Hyōrinmaru reveals he does not remember his name or master, and uses. Renji fights evenly against Saru and Hebi with his Shikai, and proclaims he will destroy them. Askin continues to flee from Grimmjow, only to incapacitate him with a ball of poison. Ichigo summons the last of his strength, swearing that he will defeat Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, Aizen, and bring back all of his friends safely, and launches the finishing blow to Grimmjow. Lille's shards land in the Seireitei, where he reforms in a new body and creates clones of himself while deciding to destroy the Seireitei; however, a revived Izuru arrives and confronts him. When Senbonzakura attempts a direct attack, Uryū blocks his sword with a. Muramasa finishes chanting the incantation, causing the tree on the island to crack and shatter like glass as Rukia realizes it was a barrier. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Appearance of the Faded Darkness, Dissension in the Substitute Team? Mimihagi reaches the Soul King and stabilizes him. Uryū is saved by his father, Ryūken Ishida, while Kon is saved by Isshin Kurosaki, who has regained his Shinigami powers. The Zanpakutō spirits sense the intrusion of the Shinigami. Byakuya, Senbonzakura, and Muramasa escape behind a flurry of blade petals. Elsewhere, Uryū is confronted by Shinigami lieutenant Nemu Kurotsuchi, who gives Uryū a battle accessory to restore his lost powers. At Nel's insistence, she overcomes her fear and cheers Ichigo on. Minazuki lures Ichigo down a tunnel toward Yamamoto's location. The events of Bleach are considered the "canon" timeline. Senbonzakura activates his Bankai before engulfing Rangiku and Momo in a flood of blade petals. Seireitou and Raian are punished for their bickering by being sent on a training mission to fight Hollows in the Rukongai. Events Immediately Preceding Ichigo Becoming a Shinigami. Muramasa finally breaks down and is engulfed by a vortex of Reiatsu, which dozens of Gillians emerge from. The Freezing White Blade, Ikkaku's Bankai! The captains initially gain the upper hand. Rukia and Renji discuss the 6th Division's unease around Byakuya. The second ending theme is "Mask" by Aqua Timez. Ichigo frees Hollow Ichigo by severing Muramasa's. The episodes are directed by Noriyuki Abe and produced by TV Tokyo, Dentsu and Studio Pierrot. Kōga proves to be highly proficient in fighting with a spear instead of a sword. The Strongest Shinigami Army Appears. Only Tatsuki Arisawa survives. Another change starting in episode 168 is the change from 4:3 standard definition video to 16:9 HDTV video. Ichigo attacks the weakened Muramasa, but Senbonzakura intercept him. As the remainder of the school year passes, Ichigo, Rukia, Chad, Orihime, and Uryū become close friends. Amagai and the 3rd Division confront Ichigo, but Amagai joins Ichigo and Rukia after becoming aware of the real reason why they kidnapped Rurichiyo's groom-to-be. It forms the fifteenth season of Bleach and is directed by Noriyuki Abe and produced by TV Tokyo, Dentsu, and Studio Pierrot. Muramasa arrives at a lake with an island in the center. I'm a big Bleach fan, but the show's timeline sucks big time. Saru and Hebi receive word that Senbonzakura is leading a group of Shinigami after a Tōjū and rush out to stop him. When Orihime goes through the gate, her guards are attacked by Ulquiorra and he demands that she follows him back to Hueco Mundo. Escape From Soul Society! [42] The timeline of these events is linked to the Japanese school year, with Ichigo acting as Rukia's substitute during the first term of high school (April to mid-July) and going to Soul Society during summer break (mid-July to end of August) with the Arrancar invasion and subsequent battles occurring in second term of high school (Beginning of September to late December). When Kenpachi emerges and asks him where Yachiru is, Urahara reveals the rest of the 11th Division is searching for her, and is forced to stop Kenpachi when he attempts to leave to look for her himself; Nanao convinces Kenpachi to stand down and let his division handle the search for Yachiru. Jin retreats to. The Darkness which Approaches, Renji, Oath of the Soul! Filler: 2011-04-19: 319: Ichigo's Capture Net! Renji then arrives, and Orihime and Chad are spirited away by three mysterious figures (Ririn, Kurōdo, and Noba). The Zanpakutō Spirits confront the assembled Shinigami. During this contest, Yasutora "Chad" Sado and Orihime Inoue, two of Ichigo's friends, have their own spiritual abilities awakened when they are assaulted by Hollows. The Terrifying Transfer Student, Shock! The ending themes are "Stay Beautiful" by Diggy-MO, "Echoes" by Universe, "Last Moment" by Spyair, and "Song For..." by ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D. Renji reassures Rukia of Byakuya's safety after revealing they have sent a search party looking for him. Death Match with Byakuya, Gin Ichimaru's Temptation, Resolution Shattered, The Strongest Shinigami! Rukia manages to break up a battle between Suì-Fēng and Ichigo, leaving Suì-Fēng behind a wall of ice. Byakuya protects Rukia and Renji from Gerard before having them head toward Ichigo's location. Ichigo creates speed clones to confuse Senbonzakura. Nanao notices the masked girl staring at a plum tree and realizes she has a connection with the blossoms. Ichigo meets with Rukia about Byakuya's fate. Combatants around the Seireitei notice Kenpachi's arrival. Momo moves an unconscious Rangiku away from the battlefield. Ichigo clashes with the Hollow Tōjū within the nearby construction site. Hisagi and Kazeshini begin fight, with the latter fighting evenly at first. With his newly awakened powers, Chad easily defeats him. Ikkaku and Yumichika fight Bambietta's corpse, with Yumichika deducing the true nature of, When Giselle has Bambietta begin attacking Mayuri, he reveals he has devised a way to nullify. Kōga's inner world begins to degrade due to the maelstrom of anger of the Hollows whom Muramasa absorbed. When Orihime asks her why she would do this, Kyōko recalls her past with. While running to Yhwach's location, Ichigo and his friends are attacked by giant statues; Sado destroys part of the passage and has Ichigo and Orihime continue without him while he holds off the statues alongside Ganju. The opening theme is "BLUE" by ViViD from Episode 317 to Episode 342. Breakthrough! Joining the Battle! Saru kicks Senbonzakura through a nearby wall in order to begin settling their ". Ichigo narrowly succeeds in this endeavor, but emerges from the training stronger than he ever was before. However, Yhwach restores his strength and erects a barrier of, Ichibē attacks Yhwach, who learns that the ink produced by. Ichigo informs Rangiku and Momo that Hyōrinmaru is taking care of Hitsugaya after their battle. During a new era of peacetime in the Human World and Soul Society 10 years after Yhwach's defeat, Ichigo and his friends have grown up and begun careers and families, though Yhwach's threat to destroy them at their happiest moments lingers.

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