You hate when life is boring, Aquarius. Like you, a lizard is a homebody. Some dog breeds that mimic this kind of personality include Boston Terrier, French Bulldog, Russel Terrier, and Shih Tzu. Did we ever really find out the answer to this question? Taurus has the strongest connection to the earth out of all the zodiac signs, and so is the embodiment of the stability it provides. You can be a little stubborn, Taurus. Want to know what your most attractive trait is based on your zodiac sign? As the first and the baby of the zodiac signs, Aries are the most rambunctious of the bunch. Shafiroff suggests Belgian Sheepdog, Shar Pei, Pekingese, Rhodesian Ridgeback, and Shiba Inu. With minimal effort to take care of, a fish will be a great pet for any Capricorn. You're classic, Capricorn. You are very good at running a farm if you are so inclined. There is an abundance of dog breeds making this world beautiful. Learn which cat breeds are most affectionate when choosing your new best friend. Any reptile, scorpion, or spider could match the intensity of your inner Scorpio. “I find that Virgos are very sensitive, too,” she says. But don't get me wrong. You love the little things, Virgo. Air Bud, anyone? Which is perfect because you totally can use to blow off steam. They like heat lamp and a sense of routine, but they are not so fond of strangers. Whether it’s the deep affection of a Maltese or a St. Bernard or the intelligence of a Cocker Spaniel, Pisces needs a companion that loves to cuddle. At the end of a long day, it's nice to come home to a furry, or not-so-furry friend, and you might be wondering where to start. While some people have a fear of bigger dogs, big dogs can actually turn out to be more warm and cuddly than smaller ones. Most people have the image of a Golden Retriever plastered in their minds when they think of a good dog for the family, but despite their unfair reputation, Rottweilers can actually be very sweet and loving. Noggin'! 10. You're a tough cookie, and ground them when they've gone off the rails a bit. Chameleons need a lot of love, and you're willing to put in the work to make sure life is just as sweet for your little friend as it is for you. And you go much deeper than the surface. They value home life and comfort, so a cuddly bunny would make this sensitive sign feel even more at home. Virgos crave order and simplicity. Jet. There's a dog to cuddle on the couch with, a dog to hike with, a dog who prefers belly rubs over chores on the farm. You're brave, Scorpio. The underwater oasis could bring a new perspective and inspiration to their life. Pets have distinctive personalities just like humans do, so it’s important to find the one that best fits your lifestyle, living space, and behaviors. This loyal, analytical, and practical sign would thrive with a small hamster, as Virgos love to spend time alone. Capricorn likes to be outside in almost any weather, and this is yet another reason why this pair becomes best friends very quickly. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), the best houseplant for you, based on your zodiac sign, which dog breed is most compatible with your zodiac sign, your ideal Halloween costume based on your zodiac sign, common “facts” about cats that are actually false, lucky things every zodiac sign needs to have this year, the most ideal human best friend for each zodiac sign, your favorite chore according to your zodiac sign, most “miniature” pigs don’t stay miniature, what’s in your grocery cart based on your zodiac sign, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. You're a Water sign, Pisces. These breeds are fun-loving and need an owner who is just as happy and excitable as they are! That is why a pet snake may appeal to the Scorpio with its exotic appearance and laid back personality. The leech will help keep your pet alive while questing and soloing, but it won’t add up to much healing for a Beast Mastery Hunter since so much damage is pet based. © Copyright 2020 | Astrology Answers - All Rights Reserved. They understand the beauty of a ~short~ walk and then the luxury of comfort the familiarity of home provides. You'll find a true pal in your new pet because, like your Earth sign, a turtle stays grounded and will remind you that amongst the drama, you should do the same. Poodles are expected to live from 10 to 18 years so you'll have a best friend for a while. Bringing a new pet into your home is a huge commitment. Emergency Fund: What It Is And Why It Matters, Your Worst Dating Habit Based On Your Zodiac Sign,, Best Checking And Savings Bank Accounts For Students, 15 Christmas Ideas For Your Holiday Stuck At Home, These 8 Cat Breeds Are Perfect For First Time Pet Owners, Create A Zen Space No Matter Where You Are, Fall 2020 Outfits Inspired By Your Horoscope, What Major You Should Declare Based On Your Zodiac Sign. A cat will naturally keep clean, and will only expect to have a solid cuddle sesh or two with you. Your pet hedgehog will be the star of your social media, and an energetic addition to your already purpose-filled life. You'll appreciate having a pal who loves to be shy and also show off. Aquarius You do not like to keep pets in general, but you are fascinated by creatures of the air. American Kennel Club describes the dog’s temperament as “joyful and mischievous”, “confident and complex.” Sounds like an Aquarius alright!

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