Plus, this is a striker-fired set-up, which is advantageous for quick-drawing the pistol as there will be no hammer to snag on clothing or your holster. Disassembly of the M&P9 Shield EZ does not require pulling the trigger, and is as equally easy as manipulation of the gun itself. Then there is the list of other fantastic features such as its extreme compactness, alloy frame and steel slide for good measure. Smith & Wesson wasn’t the first to bring out a subcompact 9mm pistol, but the company brought out one of the best with the M&P Shield, followed by the Shield M2.0. 1. Taurus pushed some boundaries with the G2S. Lastly, we should mention that you can get a version of this weapon with an added thumb safety. Choosing either one won’t really make much of a noticeable difference; however, it could be a lifesaver having that one extra round in a self-defense scenario. One of the most affordable of today’s top-tier compact 9s is the Taurus G3c, a 10+1 or 12+1 polymer-framed pistol with a 3.2-inch stainless steel barrel, overall length of 6.3 inches, a height of 5.1 inches, width of 1.2 inches and weight of 22 ounces. The G2S measures 1.1 inches wide and 4.8 inches high, meaning this pistol practically disappears under a cover garment. To start, SIG figured out how to put 10+1 rounds in a slim subcompact pistol. Unlike its G2c predecessor, the sights on the G3c are steel, with a plain serrated rear sight and a white dot front sight. Julie Golob of Team Smith & Wesson guest stars, joining Jim and Scott for a discussion of how best to introduce new shooters to the sport. The CS stands for custom shop and comes with with Stiplex front and rear cocking serrations, Stiplex front strap checkering and G10 inspired black and gray grips and backstrap. Another change is that the slide now has a slick silver finish, which is coated with a special protective compound. The striker assembly is then removed from the back of the slide before finishing disassembly. There is very little middle ground when it comes to Glocks. Brand reputation might seem a little superficial for some. Stock magazine springs suck and cause feeding problems. You should have no worries about capacity with the 12 plus one rounds that this Taurus offers you. We also like the added front and back serrations, making the racking process that little bit easier. OK… all your five mentioned guns are eclipsed by the SCCY 9mm. This LC9 model is an inexpensive pistol choice that delivers some quality specs, and this one comes in a sleek black finish. So, this pistol is very easy to conceal and carry all day. So, we’ll start by distinguishing between the different types of 9mm pistols you could opt for. The SCCY CPX-2 9mm is 6″ long, 4.2″ high, 1.1″ wide and weighs 15 oz and it has 10+1 round capacity. There are actually a number of finishes available in this pistol range, including the Hard Coat Anodized, Flat Earth Cerakote, and Black Nitron versions. But you never know. A very small 9mm at only four inches tall, six inches long and one inch wide, Springfield Armory’s Hellcat offers 11+1 capacity and an optional 13+1 magazine. Mossberg dives into the CCW market with the MC1sc 9mm pistol (#89001), their first... Taurus introduces the compact version of their wildly successful 9mm pistol; the G3. Lastly, we should mention you get adequate fixed rear and front sights that are well suited for close-quarter targeting. Takedown is as unique as the safety, requiring the pistol be unloaded and the slide locked back. The barrel is one of the shortest we’ve seen at just three inches dead. It also features front and rear cocking serrations. Then there’s a push-button magazine release in place, allowing you to make rapid reloads with one of the seven-round 9mm magazines you get with the gun. For more information, visit The trigger pull alone on SCCYs make them unusable and inaccurate. Additionally, its magazine release can be configured for right- or left-handed shooters, and it comes with tritium night sights. Its hard-anodized aluminum chassis features full-length guide rails, and it combines the smooth trigger pull of the LCP with the crisp feel and reset of a single action. Subscriber Services. The magazines are easy to charge and even easier when the button on the outside of the mag body is used to depress the follower.

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