Its so funny n intersting..cant get enough of this drama. Jeje Jun 21 2020 8:34 pm To Hatersgonnahate: I am not hating so just chill. I have to admire that tremendously talented young actress... Oh My God, they dropped the first reading pictures on Thursday and today they dropped the teaser!! Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. I want to know what was that song hong jang mi was singing ? Does it the same like Suspicious Partner, The K2, Melting Me Softly, or Healer to you? And The Fiery Priest scenes like Yohan, Songsak, etc it's really funny how they include it and I'm so glad they did put it! The payments can extend past a period of several years. Corncrow hair style is part of Jamaican culture so there is a lack of sensitivity here. Adored him since healer, and then starting to watch his work , he is best in Empress Ki, Healer , K2, and Suspicious Partner. You Jung Eonni Comeback!! Has a boring, non-existent plot but hope they add other elements to it to keep the audience glued to it!! There's nothing wrong with YJ anyway, after she realized her mistakes and that she's willing to make up for it?? Blee Apr 15 2020 1:46 am She Aug 09 2020 4:22 am Always Remember Us This Way Lady Gaga Lyrics, Giusy Jun 20 2020 1:20 pm For anyone who understand and watch american series will understand.what i mean. Backstreet Rookie (Korean: 편의점 샛별이; Hanja: 便宜店 샛별이; RR: Pyeonuijeom Saetbyeoli; lit. so for the couple suit each other! I support drama and main actor and actress. For the first time im dropping JCW’s drama...just too cringe Kim You Jung is also awesome...the look so good together~. KYUs character is not wholesome. Raeggae boy is grumbi idol. Upside-down Magic Disney Cast, She thinks Choi Dae-Hyun is cute and asks him to buy them a pack of cigarettes. And even on this comedy, I am totally absorbed by Kim Yoojung deep aura! Please let saet -byul nd dae-hyun as couple in next eps can't wait to watch it. She opposes the status quo with class and finesse... ramgel atole Jun 21 2020 7:35 pm sensible viewer Jul 27 2020 9:37 am Edward just wanted to be a top bounty hunter. -Jung Saet Byul the trailer looked so fun! Very fresh and funny new drama. This drama was invested in by the American company Lifetime. Sohee Jun 17 2020 3:33 am It's so funny and interesting. For terminally ill men and women, viatical settlements enable them to get a partial payment on their policies while they continue to be alive. Sohee Jun 20 2020 10:23 am (wriyer) she even pay him 10000 dollars to met Gift Jun 19 2020 2:21 pm This drama is so fun and savege at the same time! Fighting. Backstreet Rookie (She’s too much for Me) webtoon is about Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, Slice of Life story. Everything seems superficial. Watch Ammonite, I look forward to this drama every day. Backstreet Rookie is an unique and entertaining drama that is fun to watch! One of the students, Jung (Kim Yoo), asks Choi to buy cigarettes for the girls. Look for example at Itaewon Class, similar story, and yet more convincible. Destiny Brown May 28 2020 1:14 am but fighting. It might not perfect for everyone’s taste, but it’s totally awesome for me! Black parade Jul 04 2020 2:35 am Hope they will have good chemistry. Helen Jul 12 2020 12:30 pm So, I will continue to watch this drama. Choi Dae-Hyun (Ji Chang-Wook) walks despondently through a residential back alley after getting dumped by a girl. But she doing later is really evil, she cheated with JSJ? Ash Jun 30 2020 9:14 pm Copyright © 2020 iQIYI All Rights Reserved. I wasn't expecting much with this drama at first, but I was so curious about JCW and KYJ that I just had to watch this! Love both leads acting esp Ji Changwook ? Peterh Aug 11 2020 11:18 am not to mention this is a drama! The Puddin Jun 21 2020 10:01 pm Good actor. this drama is so nice and very interesting..if you don't want to watch..shut your mouth you don't deserve to watch the beautiful drama your super sensitive..your so engot..this drama is so funny and very great..with the the actor....I hope this drama become a big successful in behalf of criticism.. where's here the Philippines are already to support you my beloved yoo Jung and don't worry.... shark Jun 20 2020 10:26 am I hate seeing comments that JCW did not make a good choice in this drama, and that he should go back to action dramas only because it suits him. I never knew he could act that bumbling funny next door neighbour kinda guy hehe...and kim you jung is a good partner to that. Got headache after watching ep 15, I really hate Boon Hee or Dae-Hyun’s mom, lol. This friday will be so eciting.! Also the casting wow~ Can't wait for Kim Min Kyu :), coala Jun 20 2020 6:36 am He should play more serious drama next time. he will star in the action film later this year. XD. Guys where can I watch it, is there some streaming website where I can watch the drama? Saet-Byul is the reason why Dae-Hyun can see the different side of his girlfriend of how selfish she is. This Show is So Cute!! I totally love Chang Wook, but never liked You Jung. Backstreet Rookie (She's too much for Me) Manhwa - Summary The dangerous, delinquent high-school girl I met 4 years ago is now working night shifts at my Convenience Store! Calvin Harris Albums, I think its a perfect match for many reasons : I don’t understand why so many people criticising this drama, and tend to judge it on the first few episodes, I understand regarding Dalsik role and I agree with some scene it might not be comfortable to some people to watch but I believe the producer can make some changes regarding on his role. Hahahah love each character here:))) They are awesome. I am support him for this drama. He's more than that! To be truthful the first half of the first episode didn't get my attention as it was very unrealistic and over the top with the fight scene. As a feedback I think there should be chemistry between saet byul and puppy... Puppy is not able to tell his feelings for her... Saet byul should end up with puppy...he cares so much for her.. why was puppy not taken as main lead? I fully understand why ji chang wook wanna work with this director. And then Kim Yoo Jung is my favourite actress in SK. Only a couple of months left till it airs I'm so excited. The procedure is comparatively easy. Hoping they stay safe whilst recording this and everyone involved with the drama! I really love her. Oru Kal Oru Kannadi Full Movie Dailymotion, You only have to master this practice. Bird Jun 28 2020 11:20 am She is very perfect for this character. No maturity shown between characters. :) :) :) I love all the leads :). The webtoon was already controversial among netizens for romanticizing romance with minors, while the webtoon was graphic and had many 18+ scenes, the drama adaptation toned it down a lot, but still, many fans had reservations about adapting such a controversial webtoon and questioned why Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung would sign on for such a project. Who is also, by the way, more than 10 years older than her. HalfPiece Aug 08 2020 12:30 pm Choi Dae Hyun is now in his thirties. Want this to work for both of them!!! This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. It's a feel-good drama. Really. "Kindhearted" -Even if you we're in a desperate situation, you still can't afford to ignore those who need help. Looking forward to more episode. But after watched 2 episodes, I dropped it. The blatant and disgusting racism in this drama has me nauseated. No one would ever think that a drama can focus on such a place. Rena Jul 17 2020 11:33 am i mean they are both beautiful and gorgeous but they look more like siblings than a romantic couple. Backstreet Rookie. kkk Jun 21 2020 12:48 am Storyline is lacking so much. I can have a personal taste and tbh JCW's last dramas were not as good as Empress Ki or Healer. Super super cute. Pan Definition Film, nylede Jun 20 2020 10:57 pm Which is good. I personally love "see saw" and "Love Ya" kim tae woo, Ok Jul 18 2020 2:30 am Coz of the webtoon.. how can they judge this they havnt even watched a single ep ? You just keep wanting more. . It is very very Refreshing to watch JCW as a cute good hearted handsome flower boy, ahaha. Minnie04 Jan 30 2020 10:13 pm Angela Francis Jun 26 2020 1:35 pm I will continue to support this drama. Why people are questioning their age gap? Storyline is so silly and leaning towards being slapstick that it is frustrating to watch. no wonder the rating increase for the friday slot.. turn out that the 3 meals a day no longer be airing starts yesterday. Butterfly Jul 01 2020 12:59 am ❤️❤️❤️❤️??? Can´t wait for more! Not sure why lots of frustration with /k drama but this drama legit good n savage. It Runs In The Family 80s Song, There their love story begins as they heal the wounds of the heart, gain love, and become adults dreaming of the future. To JCW and the rest of the cast and crew just keep going. i really hope this drama continues in a good way and changes for the best!! . About how hard life is. Must watch drama. March Of The Penguins Full Movie Watch Online, And thank God he chose backstreet rookie! Dr Kahl's Robot Help, Description :iQIYI original Korean drama, based on the webtoon Convenience Store Saet-byul. Fjz Feb 05 2020 9:02 am Mail (required but will not be published). How can I not watch this drama. And Kim Yoo Jung acting is great and amazing despite her age. Instead of getting cigarettes, they girls receive a lesson from Choi Dae-Hyun. I know its not for everyone but atleast give it a go because its really funny and I believe it is worth watching. There's nothing to worry and its highly recommendable to watch though it contains some suitable for the young audience but it worth watching. ♡.♡, STAN TXT Sep 04 2020 11:29 am No hate to melting me softly. Adila May 09 2020 9:30 am Maria Jul 03 2020 7:53 pm Yoojung back onscreen! This resembles real life, everything this drama has is very true to life and sometimes breaks my heart. 10/10 for this drama. Mel Jul 29 2020 2:25 am Salvar meus dados neste navegador para a próxima vez que eu comentar. I have to say pilot episode didn't have a good impression on everyone but as week pass byand episodes keep coming up, I'm totally loving it even though there's some exaggerated parts like the flying scenes hehe i just laugh it out haha. Good luck to their new drama.

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