Steph® is a registered trademark of Steph Accessories Inc. Stone Tone® is a registered trademark oI lf Stone Tone Products. The threaded center portion of the saddle needs to be milled or filed out. Great item, great seller, highly recommended!!! Procedure for the bridges with flat saddles and intonation screws in line with strings: David Matlin of Matlin Guitars in Mendocino, California designed the Routing Box shown below. There must be enough wood left after routing to accept the 'Back Plate' mounting screws. Turn your Rolling Bender into a belt loop pull activated bender with the Rolling Bender Puller! Measure with a scale to be certain as shown in Photo C. - The clearance between the inside edge of the 'Strap Lever' and the edge of the guitar bout is no less than 1/8" as shown in Photo B. Bourns® is a registered trademark of Bourns, Inc. CTS® is a registered trademark of CTS Corporation. Rout the main cavity to a depth of 7/8" as indicated in the 'Full Size Drawing, Layout & Rout Plans. Remove the strings and free the pick-up from the bridge plate. Tone Ninja® is a registered trademark of Skyway International Inc. TonePros® is a registered trademark of TonePros Sound Labs Int'l. If you have to lay it over frequently I suggest that you tune the string down a few notes (loosen the string). In early 2002, Bill suggested using one of WD's Tele™ guitar kits and seeing if he could design a bender for the kits that are less expensive to produce and have the same robust neck control of the Parsons White bender. The original B-Bender mechanisms were designed by Gene Parsons and Clarence White of The Byrds and were fitted inside a Fender Telecaster. In an effort to add the option to […]. The large ''Ferrule ring' that is included with the Fender B-Bender should be carefully driven with a soft hammer into the 15/16" 'String Pulling Tower' hole from the face side of the guitar. Friendly Customer Service If you have a Tele ashtray 3 barrel, a Tele ashtray 6 barrel, a Tele with offset bridge saddle screws, or a Tele Hardtail plate with 6 barrel saddle tailpiece then you need a Tele 14 so click the link below to the Tele 14 page. Obviously, practice is necessary, but the wide range of positioning possibilities of the handle should make it fairly easy to accommodate most hand sizes and playing techniques. Baggs® is a registered trademark of L.R. Gavitt® is a registered trademark of Gavitt Wire & Cable Co. Gibson®, Casino®, Coronet®, Sorrento®, Crestwood®, Emperor Swingster®, SG®, Melody Maker®, Flying V®, Thunderbird®, Ripper Bass®, Marauder®, Sonex®, Explorer®, Midtown Custom®, Riviera®, Epiphone®, ES-335®, ES-175®, ES-125®, EB5®, L-4C®, L-5D®, L-6S®, Marauder Deluxe®, S-1®, Firebird®, Les Paul®, are registered trademarks of Gibson Brands, Inc. Gotoh® is a registered trademark of Gotoh Gut Co., Ltd. Graph Tech®, TUSQ®, Ghost®, ResoMax®, StringSaver®, Nuboneis®, are registered trademarks of Graph Tech Guitar Labs Ltd. Grover®, Rotomatics®, Imperial™, Sta-Tite™, Titan®, Perma-Tension™, Champion™, Ultra Capo™, Tune-Kraft™, Acousticraft™, Leader™, and Minstrel™ are trademarks of Grover Musical Products, Inc. Guild® and S-200 T-Bird® are registered trademarks of The Guild Guitar Company. To watch a video of the simple procedure visit our facebook page, *CLICK TO See Our Bowden Bender for Bigsby B-5. Featured in VINTAGE GUITAR – February 2015.

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