20: Clear Rewards: 1 , 300 , 50 : 3-Star Rewards: 50 , T3 Supply Box : Enemy Level: Mob: 23. Running Battleships on the Flank. Given the soft flagship restriction of barrage skills and tendency for strong battleships to have barrage skills, you will typically have a battleship as your flagship. By. Overall DPS actually isn't as good as the Bofors so it is in a awkward place now, but it's still a decent DPS gold AA gun. When looking to build a cheap farming fleet, running a singular battleship is nearly always ideal. The principles described in the overview of this page apply to all stages of the game. Recommended Best Battleships and Battlecruisers for your fleet. Light cruisers, while generally considered the weakest vanguard class in terms of damage, are capable of putting out reliable, consistent damage on auto, and tend to be tankier and have better AA than other vanguard classes. save. This is also why light carriers tend to have an advantage over standard carriers for trash fleets. Additionally, they are wholly incapable of contributing surface damage, lacking even auxiliary guns for self-defence, all while occupying a slot and costing fuel that could be used for a combat-capable ship instead. To ease you further, we categorize the tier list of the azure lane into different grades. If you want a Bofors I'd recommend the T2 purple version of the gold Quad Bofors instead. Creating a fleet will cost 300. The auto AI is incapable of utilising torpedoes effectively, and the auto AI’s tendency to eat unnecessary damage will often prevent you from equiping oxygen torpedoes, further reducing your torpedo damage potential. The slow reload is a downside. Neon Dawn will also feature a defender Operator from Thailand named Aruni. Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.07 Finally Fixes Anisotropic Filtering,... Star Wars: Squadrons Update 2.0 Patch Notes Reveal Major Changes, Observation Review: The True Terror Of Deep Space, A Plague Tale: Innocence Review - The Ties That Bind And Shape Us, Rise of Industry Review: Industrialization At Its Finest. Your fleet's ideology, objective, and guild declaration can be changed for free at any time. Put an end to the enemy Submarine Fleet's rampage and secure the waters! Reload is also very decent, but the range is going to make you cry. This reduces the strain on the backline and almost eliminates the need for auxiliary guns. Use with care. † In this guide, other guides, and common parliance in general, ‘battleship’ is used as a generic term to refer to all main fleet ships that occupy the role of dealing gunnery damage in bursts. A Quick Note About PVP. While these guides are intended to be a resource for PVE, it would be a disservice not to mention the way in which main fleet positioning differs in PVP. You can use either of them as they play very similarly. The creation screen will be the same, regardless of the ideology you choose, only the color scheme will change. You can also disband your fleet, if you choose to. Use with care. hide. share. This setup will provide increased artillery capabilities, which can often deal with high-threat elite enemies more quickly and efficiently than a carrier could. Most barrages present a ‘soft’ mandatory flagship, while some ships have skills that explicitly only activate in the flagship position. The high alpha damage makes this not too bad as a transitional gun. Axis fleet is also a good setup, but hard to obtain. As such, you’ll want your tankiest ship to take up the lead, with your second tankiest ship taking up the rear. 3.7k. Azur Lane Japanese Pronunciation Guide for Ships w... Azur Lane Weeaboo Pronunciation Guide for Ships wi... WHAT EQUIPMENTS SHOULD I USE IF I HAVE NOTHING BUT... Azur Lane(EN) Equipment Box Contents: WHICH BOXES ... Azur Lane Simplified AA Equipment Guide v.20180901. You can try with some niche build for manual play where you don't care about range, but it's usually not worth it. As backline aux guns are vital in protecting the main fleet against certain threats, primarily suicide boats, but rarely production types, having a good coverage pattern assists in interception. But their ranges are all sort of inexcusable. Additionally, having a high volume of fire coming from your vanguard can go a long way towards protecting an otherwise vulnerable carrier from suicide boats. Prepare to engage evasive maneuvers! While the real-life definitions of these ships are much more pronounced, in Azur Lane both of them denote your main source of artillery damage. Each grade contains the best characters from all. (Tirpitz is best if you have her). help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. Not as good as the triple mounted version of this gun. Additionally, support skills can be found even on offensive carriers like Shoukaku, Souryuu, and Centaur. Enemies in trash fights tend to have relatively low HP and are prone to being overkilled. Given the nature of hardmode locks, there are going to be times where you’re forced to run a carrier. The game seems to be a bit complex as you need to set up the best team from the built-in Azure lane tier list. Healers and zombie ships are invaluable here, and otherwise generally tanky vanguard units are preferred. For boss fleets, heavily torpedo-centric fleets will generally suffer when deployed on auto. This will display the Fleet's stats on the left hand side, and a Fleet chat on the right. Load Old Data. The game is now available to play for free on both iOS and Android devices. Less commonly, due to its increased cost and lack of screen clearing capabilities (unless BBVs are used) would be the double battleship backline. 4th when you clear map 5 iirc. Try and find a combination of skills that allow you to make the most of your fleet’s damage, while at the same time giving your back line a good balance between damage resilience and output. With very few exceptions, barrages are centered on the ship that fire them, and a barrage-focused battleship in a flanking position will lose value on their barrage due to this. Not sure what you can really use it for. The primary concern when it comes to positioning your vanguard ships is that your lead ship (the ship on the bottom/left vanguard slot in fleet formation) will take up the bulk of incoming gunnery damage, with the middle ship taking the least gunnery damage. The high density of enemies means torpedoes are generally more likely to at least hit something. Need user validation for full features. While support-based battleships exist, most of them provide offensive support, with a very small selection of battleships, such as Arizona, that provide purely defensive support. So the 0.33s on this gun in reality isn't going to be lightning fast. Exclusive only to the Royal Navy, the BM assignation refers to three Battle Monitor ships, which carry more firepower and artillery damage than Battlecruisers and Battleships, but have lower health pools in comparison. All of that said, let’s take a look at some of the best shipgirls in Azur Lane with classification code BB and BC, denoting Battleships and Battlecruisers, respectively. Let’s get started! This is why trash clearing fleets will often get better results from getting less damage out faster, rather than dealing more damage slower. As you cannot meaningfully overkill bosses, fleets should be equipped around dealing the maximum amount of damage possible, nearly all of the time. Equipment choices are covered in another guide. Again, as you fight more trash fleets than bosses, a higher portion of your oil expenditure on a given map will be on your trash fleet. 4.7k. Torpedo-focused destroyers, while capable of dealing massive amounts of burst damage to take out bosses or elite enemies, lack the same gunnery output to fall back on when their torps are on cooldown, and are prone to being swamped by small enemies. The most important factor being the ships’ skills. Azure Lane is one of the famous mobile game that offers awful gaming experiences to its fan following. Unlock Requirements: HQ Lv. Comic TL. The first step to creating a Fleet is to pick an 'Ideology'. Boss fleets do not value low-cost. Here's some recommendations for good Battleships and Battlecruisers for your fleet of shipgirls in Azur Lane. Launch a preemptive strike! It can be used as a transitional. You will likely have no range left but if you want to play manually it's probably fine in some cases. 174 comments. Hybrid ships who have both decent torpedo and gunnery damage or utility focused support ships will still perform better on manual, but are generally more than reliable enough on auto. Boss: 76 (Shiratsuyu and Shigure) Base XP 465, 512, 558, 682: Required Battles: 5 … Face her fierce assault with everything you have! Yo… Stay tuned for more guides on Azur Lane. They’re incredibly competent anti-air ships. Axis fleet is also a good setup, but hard to obtain. Similarly, you're probably better off using the purple T2 octet Pom Pom instead of this quad version. Boss: 24 Base XP 210, 231, 252, 312: Required Battles: 3 battles before boss appears: Boss Kills to Clear: 2 boss battles for 100%: Star Conditions: Sink Boss. However, with a few exceptions, such as the armoured carriers, carriers are less tanky than battleships, and placing one in the flagship position will often leave them more vulnerable to enemy shelling. While more of a cute gimmick than a necessarily good choice, the chibified Graf Zeppelin is capable of performing as a solo backline unit where other carriers cannot. So why use them? Can be used as rate of fire supplement for your AA circle. The Solo Battleship. As stated earlier, the advantages afforded by battleships makes them the natural choice for a solo backliner in most situations. Azur Lane Japanese Pronunciation Guide for Ships w... Azur Lane Weeaboo Pronunciation Guide for Ships wi... WHAT EQUIPMENTS SHOULD I USE IF I HAVE NOTHING BUT... Azur Lane Ammo Type Modifiers (Table) Azur Lane(EN) Equipment Box Contents: WHICH BOXES ... Azur Lane Dorm Guide; Azur Lane Simplified AA Equipment Guide v.20180901 Yorktown has suffered severe damage! For trash clearing fleets, a healer CVL will usually be your go-to in this instance, but if healing is unnecessary, a more damage-focused CVL or even a CV will work just as well. (Tirpitz is best if you have her). For vanguard, does mixing ships matter? This is similar to the 40mm purple Vickers but actually strictly worse. Their fleet is in disarray. Posted by 6 days ago. Akaga requires hard 3-4 mining, and the other slot can be a random BB you want. 4.8k. 20: Clear Rewards: 1 , 300 , 50 : 3-Star Rewards: 50 , T4 Supply Box : Enemy Level: Mob: 29 (Spawn Order: 2, 2, 2, 1) Boss: 30 Base XP 240, 264, 288, 355: Required Battles: 3 battles … Support focused carriers such as Unicorn, Shouhou, and Illustrious exist, but every carrier provides some degree of support with the fact that airstrikes clear the screen of enemy projectiles. In addition to the more clear-cut divisions between hull classifications, there are a number of soft divisions within those classes that are derived from a ship’s general kit. From Azur Lane Wiki. In order to fight a boss, you’ll typically need to clear through 5~7 trash fleets first. https://discord.gg/nXp6Rkm, AA Circle Fire Rate = (Sum of all AA gun fire rates)/(Number of AA guns equipped) + 0.5, AA Circle Range = (Sum of all AA gun ranges)/(Number of AA guns equipped), Azur Lane(EN) In-Depth Equipment Guide Series: Index Page, Azur Lane(EN) In-Depth Equipment Guide Series: Battleship/Battlecruiser/Monitor Main Guns, Azur Lane(EN) In-Depth Equipment Guide Series: Destroyer Main Guns. This will display a screen showing currently active Fleets, with an emblem for their Political System and their level. A cheap battleship can be used to keep costs especially low, or a more expensive battleship can be added in for the sake of superior shelling and/or a barrage skill. Unlock Requirements: HQ Lv. Unlock Requirements: HQ Lv. Two common destroyers will cost 7 fuel each, for a total cost of 14 fuel per fight, while a super rare heavy cruiser will only cost 12 fuel.

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