They blacklist him and start calling him 'Athetos', a nickname that can be taken to mean 'one whose opinion is rejected'.[2]. Axiom Verge; How about that Axiom Verge ending? During this time, Athetos disables the Repair Drones and Power Filter. In high percent and 100% there's also an addition where after the credits the main bad dude (future you) shows up and tells you that it's no use fighting yourself and that it's time to wake up. Trace eventually decides the Sudran technology is too dangerous to bring back to Earth, believing it is connected to the catastrophic collapse of Sudra's civilization. There is a story about two children witnessing him lift the blocks from the road onto a truck, whose driver was intructed to walk away and come back, with two ice cream cones from his hands. With the help of Dr. Hammond, he begins publishing his theories, but the scientific community is skeptical of this drastic departure from established science. For months, he is bedridden, blind, and paralyzed from the waist down. I beat it on normal with 94%/99% then went back and got 100/100, then got 100/100 on hard. BUT there is also that part with the aborted clone that you kill (or dont kill) which seems to imply that maybe Athetos had been cloning himself lots of times and that is where the multiples come from. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Axiom Verge > General … My ending was Trace waking up after the lab explosion uninjured and trying to get back to the alien world (of which I already forgotten the name of). with Athetos at the door again like the last scene. The Rusalki find a different version of Trace, likely right after the explosion. What's the *lowest* percentage completion anyone has got? So I don't think there can be more than one active player Trace at the same time. There is evidence that shows these feminine or curved line structures emit a certain frequency, tone or harmonic that amplifies different morphic fields of the Earth, such that they affect the surrounding environment, presence and habitat. But in doing so the Rusalki figured out their intentions and lead to a stalemate where Athetos (one of them staying safe from the pathogen) is on the edge of leaving on the elevator but cant release the breach attractor because then the Rusalki would be able to rise up and prevent him. @ignisphaseone: I think the wheelchair being there, and being right next to the note about how wonderful Sudra is, implies that it is the first Trace to get there (or the accident one, not sure if that is actually the first one) and his first experience with Sudra. Are there actually multiple endings? Credit to Youtuber The Phawx for this interpretation of the Axiom Verge Story.[4]. I really have to wonder about the optional boss. I can't imagine trying to take him on in a no-death run. Which, if written by Ophelia, follows the Ego's purpose, to modulate the Id and Super-Ego. "Back in time", Trace cannot stop thinking about Sudra, and devotes his life to returning. This is more vividly revealed with the inability to use satellite phones within these structures. The congruence or inference that Michael Tellinger reveals is the correlation with Coral Sand Castle or Rock Gate in florida, created by one man, Ed Leedskalnin. But like the 100th monkey experiment, we need enough willing beacons to catalyze ones' awareness to be conducive and in harmony with the sacred relations of all our physical, mental, and emotional life experiences. Second, back on Earth, when Trace nears his goal of returning to Sudra, Athetos seemingly pays him a visit! Trace going back in time to the point of the lab accident is all a dream, contrived by the Rusalki, specifically Veruska who can create dream algorithms, to give Trace a happy state of being, but at the same time preventing any possibility that he might once again become Athetos. But the Alternate Interpretations section contains variations on this. As for the ending and the whole algorithm/reality stuff. The Notes throughout the game provide more reliable information, and it's necessary to interpret the subtext. Why would Athetos and the Rusalki become enemies in the first place? At least in the fairly good percent/100% versions Trace is returned to Earth after the laser lab goes down and devotes himself to figuring out what's what. ... -Got 3 green scores after final boss... but didn´t change the ending. But I do hope to inspire deeper inquiry rather than abject denial. Also Veruska didn't seem very aggressive to me, perhaps she wouldn't be against that decision after all. Is that just the outsiders meaning the multiple Trace/Athetos beings? So I don't know. The Rusalki have succeeded; Atheos is dead and they have no more obstacles towards their end goals. The note Axiom 1 (Note) heavily suggests that the universe is actually a simulation, which means that a PatternMind is someone who can manipulate the code from within the simulation to some extent. I kind of don't want to read any of the posts, so I just have one question. He becomes Atheos in his attempt to share knowledge of Sudra with everyone, but Sudra clearly doesn't like this and then there's the Breach Attractor, the pathogen, etc. Let the reader take heart in knowing that this is just a story. The sacredness of yin having been convoluted and systematically eradicated with the industrialized machinations of the technocratic world are more succinct with the paradigm of Athetos, having polluted the subtle realms of thought and the pattern mind to such an extent that the 'reality' has led to a warped mutated proxy or Rusalki type of being that is incongruent with the purer organic realm of existence. Please also visit the Lore Discussion Forum for questions, controversial ideas, and theories. The most confusing aspect is definitely the number of Trace/Athetos that exist and how or why they exist. Did anyone do a really fast run, a low percent or a hard run to see what differences that makes to the ending? There is a single note called "Security Notice" that states "The intruder who commandeered the storm talisman is suspected of releasing a plague." That one year he can't remember is most definitely something the Rusalki carefully removed so as the new Trace would not know how to make his way back to Sudran once they send him dreaming off back to his own reality. The Breach itself may be the boundary of Sudran, an early simulation with much narrower bounds than the Earth simulation, and travelling beyond the Breach from Sudran acts like an address overflow. Origin: Late 15th century: from French axiome or Latin axioma, from Greek axiōma 'what is thought fitting', from axios 'worthy'. The vast knowledge and intelligence behind these ascended machine technologies understand the purpose of the human expression and seek to destroy the timeline (viz Steins Gate, Terminator, Days of Future Past, etc) of an inferior 'timeline'. Maybe this is like Science Fiction House of Cards and there's a meaty political thriller at the core of this. Upon defeating Athetos, reality immediately starts to bleed in. Axiom: 1. n. A statement or proposition that is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true: "The Axiom that supply equals demand." Specifically, that the physics community couldn't see his brilliance. Reviews: 1. Then he shoots you. The Trace/Athetos of many of these different universes discovered this and found a way to break out of their universe into Sudran, this coincides with the 1 year that the player character can not remember. I got a Steam achievement (Mercy) presumably for not killing him the first time around, but got absolutely nothing for killing him the second time (he is almost impossible without max health and the Flamethrower). Upon hearing this Trace's mind broke. Let's assume that the events of Axiom Verge take place in not one, but many different parallel universes. Further, Athetos seems unable to cure himself of the pathogen while Ophelia easily treats Trace after the pathogen causes him to hallucinate. Veruska is the Id: the dreamer, the Wish fulfillment. It's nuts! If the Rusalki had the power to cure the pathogen, why did they not save any of the Sudran from the disease. Alternate interpretations are those that do not take the game's events "at face value", and instead, seek to read the subtext to define what really happened. To cope, his mind created a fantasy where, not only was he able to continue his work, he was an Einstein-level revolutionary. It is possible that this is an Athetos from yet another universe. It's totally out of place, right? 1st run beat it with something like 94% items, 99% map, with atleast 4 secret worlds, in about 20:13 hours with heat seeker ...(made the last optional miniboss before Athetos more managable and easier to complete than some other bosses..). In high percent and 100% there's also an … Obviously we are dealing with multiple dimensions or timelines, otherwise Athetos would cease to exist if he went back in time and killed you, as would the whole toxic gas thing. Followers. Ophelia kills Atheos and Trace wakes back up with no time having passed; there was no coma. I like it that way. But they're prepared this time; they give Trace memory of a year-long coma. I also found I think 4/5 secret worlds because I still need one more small health upgrade to get one more health extension (secret worlds don't count towards 100%.) The Rusalki, in order to preserve the continuity of the delusion, send trace "back in time." Agreed, the ambiguity is one of the game's main aspects that I enjoyed. Specifically, there is a video on youtube about sound waves at certain frequencies being able to levitate objects where two sources converge.

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