Taking place in Germany, the show hosts the best tire companies from several nations and provides awards for outstanding tire designs. Avon Tyres has a long and influential history that spans well over a hundred years. Avon uses 3D imaging to track the little changes they make to their tires. Designed specifically to complement the chassis characteristics of classic and historic performance cars. Wide range of sizes with approved patterns appropriate for historic applications, Aesthetically engineered in keeping with the period of the vehicle, Designed specifically to compliment the chassis characteristics of classic and historic performance cars, Optimises the performance and driver pleasure, Compounds designed to provide confidence inspiring wet and dry performance, The nominal tyre size below is listed on the sidewall, this is a reference to the dimensions of the tyre. To make sure that Avon’s tires are safe, and keep their promise, Avon rigorously tests their tires with 3D-Imaging and road courses. Avon takes their catalog a step further and breaks their tires down into a few more categories. The CR6ZZ is a range of road legal radial competition tyres suitable for classic performance cars. Dunlop R5 550-16 . The Avon Cobra Chrome Motorcycle Tire is one of Avon’s most popular tires. If you have a classic car or a muscle car, these tires are ideal. We’re going to show you a handful of Avon’s accomplishments and sponsorships, and their racing heritage. While hybrid cars increase fuel efficiency, you can still enjoy the benefits of getting more miles per gallon in passenger cars and light trucks if you have the right tires. The company was founded in 1885 and has been producing high-quality tires ever since. By using this website you consent to our terms of service and cookies policy. Wide range of sizes with approved patterns appropriate for historic applications. Avon’s Motorcycle Standard Limited Warranty covers uneven tread wear down to the 2/32″ of a tire’s tread. Motorcycle. When ordering your Avon motorsport tyres it is important to give your racing tyre supplier as much information as possible. Homologated and specified for many historic race championships. The next twenty years for Avon were quiet, but in the 1950s, Avon made another move. Avon had become successful by 1900. The reinforced sidewalls keep the tires from being penetrated on highways, and they have stabilizing bars to keep your vehicle stable. Slicks are not intended for daily use, nor are they viable for the street, but on a track day, there is no better tire than a slick. These tires are expensive, but their quality is second to none. Regular biting edges get the job done, but Avon leverages 3D imaging to utilize microscopic biting edges that dig into uneven terrain. The level of customer satisfaction a company has is an excellent indication of what the shopping experience might look like. How the tyre is able to respond to driving such as accelerating, braking, steering and turning. Along with their durable sidewalls, their compound helps their tires last longer than other companies. While big shoulders and wide tread grooves are great features, they’re not the AX7’s best features. The treads are symmetrical, making it easy for the tire to wear down evenly and provide plenty of traction. The way a tire looks is often overlooked. Avon manufactures tires that differ greatly in size because one of their main focuses is motorsports. When shopping for Avon tires, you’ll find a wide range of tires. Tread pattern and wet weather pattern guide Hand cutting tyres should only be undertaken by a trained professional, do not attempt to cut a tyre yourself. The company purchased George Spencer Moulton, which gave them access to the Abbey and Kingston mills. Avon Tyres offers a handful of warranty options for their tire lines. Discover our full range. Slicks are designed for drag racing and help a vehicle’s power reach the pavement. Due to this, Avon has started to partner with professional racers and provide tires for their events. The CR 6 ZZ has a competition compound, which is great for all forms of classic motorsport be it vintage racing, historic rallying or classic track days. We did the research and found that Avon Tyres is one of the best companies around for customer satisfaction. Although the CR6ZZ uses competition compounds the aesthetics of the tyre are very much in keeping with the cars they are intended to fit. With so many options, things can get confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. While reinforced sidewalls are standard, especially for high-end tires, Avon uses their exclusive compound to seal their tires. For competition use Avons CR6ZZ classic race tyre handles beautifully in all weathers on a classic car. Avon Tyres is one of the oldest tire companies around, and with that age comes innovation. The measure of how quiet a tyre is while driving. The Avon ACB9 features innovative designs from their sidewalls down to their treads. Dunlop Motorsport SP83-R . Tires can have many variations and unique innovations, and each tire requires research and testing. A reduction in rolling resistance is crucial because it helps a tire cruise down the road without requiring more energy. DISCOVER NOW THE ALL NEW COOPER DISCOVERER, FROM THE ROAD TO THE TRACK, SEE OUR LINE-UP. They’re not cheap tires, but that also means they don’t perform like cheap tires. Avon Tyres had humble beginnings and a bit of an identity issue. Avon produce a range of road legal race tyres called the Avon CR6ZZ in several sizes which are suited to many of the faster classic cars like the classic AC Cobra and fantastic Ford GT40, the Avon CR6ZZ classic tyre is ideally suited for the classic car enthusiast who may want to drive his or her classic to and from the circuit be it on a track day or a race. Avon Tyres has a long and influential history that spans well over a hundred years. Classic time for Avon at the Isle of Man Festival of Motorcycling. Avon CR6ZZ tyres. Avon is dedicated to having an extensive catalog, and while they focus heavily on motorcycles and racecars, there are plenty of tires for light trucks, SUVs, crossovers, and passenger cars. Cooper Tire Company is one of the largest tire companies in the world, and Cooper tires are known for their quality. Avon tires come in many different shapes and sizes. Avon Tyres Motorsport produces slick tyres in a variety of different compounds, with each compound aimed at a specific area of motorsport. A few examples of companies that use their tires include English car companies like Aston Martin, Jaguar, Bentley, and Land Rover. Even if one side of the tire is not doing well on a given terrain, the opposite side of the tire can pick up that slack. The measure of how quiet a tyre is while driving. These partnerships show off Avon’s ability to manufacture different types of high-quality tires because Bagoros is a stunt rider, and Parish is a traditional racer. Biting edges are a common theme in all-season, off-road, and rally tires.

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