Honestly this seems like a pain in the ass. By design, it was meant to bridge the gap between the M1 Garand in .30-06 and the M1 Thompson sub-machine gun in .45 ACP, but FMJs at that speed did not prove to effectively stop the enemy. We eventually solved this problem by stapling a second row of Champion VisiColor targets a few inches below the top row; aiming in at the bottom targets, we began shooting three-shot groups for accuracy. Specifications; Pricing; Defining Characteristics. [Review] M1 Carbine (Auto Ordnance): Blast From the Past. (Visit thecmp.org.). The 18-inch barrel is machined from bar stock, and manufactured for Kahr by Green Mountain Barrels. The recoil of the carbine is very modest, and length of pull on the short side, making the gun friendly to even officers of smaller stature. M1 Carbine and it is a great shooter and is in pretty good shape, I haven't had a single problem with it yet. Front sight is a fixed ear-protected blade. Just one crack by the sling cutout, a loose butt plate, and some very dry wood. Get proficient on YOUR time. There were many requests for a lightweight alternative to the M1 Garand, including those from support troops tasked with carrying equipment. Auto-Ordnance M1 .30 Carbine #AOM130. The M1 was revered for its light weight, lighter ammunition, and rugged reliability. Yep, just bought an AO and I'm already sending it back for QC issues. m1 carbines are great, versatile little gun and a lot of fun, but if you can't really afford it , don't bother. Controls are ergonomic. They're a little rough around the edges. My Dad and I went up to our cabin located on an alpine lake, which was frozen over. From handling older M1 Carbines to other more recent reproductions, AO would take the cake in my opinion for the best reproduction. (Right) The .30 Cal Carbine round isn’t that far behind the .223 in terms of energy when the latter is fired from short-barreled carbines. I've heard some ppl say they're solid guns, I've heard some people say they can't go through one mag without a jam. I want to take my dad to the range and surprise him by pulling out a rifle he's been wanting to shoot ever since he sold his. Press J to jump to the feed. Universal Carbines are a crapshoot in quality. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. USGI m1 carbine paratrooper. For some, this has been asked and answered already. Much of the criticism leveled at the M1 was no doubt due to troops attempting to employ it at distances for which the rifle was more appropriate, and due to poor marksmanship. Press J to jump to the feed. Kahr acquired Auto-Ordnance in 1999, and presently manufactures the Auto-Ordnance M1 in their state-of-the-air ISO 9002 certified plant in Worcester, Massachusetts. Iv researched and read endless reviews and still cant come to a general consensus as to whether or not I should buy the Auto Ordnance or older production model. A shotgun is a very powerful, versatile weapon, but it does have limitations exceeded by a rifle, and in some instances, a carbine. A map of the landings is shown in part, as are commemorative dog tags for Operation Overlord. The detachable magazine inserts cleanly, controls are easy to reach, and the reciprocating charging handle is easy to manipulate. With a bullet weight of roughly 110 grains and a velocity in the range of 1970 feet per second (fps), its kinetic energy is in league with the .44 Magnum revolver, and only a bit less than that of the .223 when the latter is fired from short-barreled carbines. Auto Ordnance M1 Carbine, worth it? Fulton armory sells newly manufactured m1 carbine paratroopers for 1400$ which is fucking outrageous BUT I know I'm getting quality and reliability. USGI mags are either overpriced or in need of restoration. Markings include the following: `Auto-Ordnance, Worcester, MA’ behind the rear sight; `U.S. Carbine, Cal 30 ML’ on the receiver in front of the … I really don't want to spend this much but I'm not against it because I know Fulton is quite good. Hornady ammunition tends to be high quality and tends to be some of the best ammunition ran through any gun I have owned or used. Markings include “US CARBINE CAL 30 ML,” at the top front, and “AUTO-ORDNANCE WORCESTER, MA,” at the top rear. I never had any issues with it but never used a 30 round mag in it. It comes to the shoulder quickly, it points naturally, is even lighter than it … Ive had one in the past and its okay. While the M1 Carbine does not have a last round bolt hold-open feature, you can easily lock the bolt to the rear by depressing a small plunger-style button on the charging handle. They're the cheapest too which means I can buy more ammo yay. It's a good weapon. Its a ton of fun. What sling do you have on it? Or I could try my luck on the cmp auctions, but the ones I've seen there look beat to shit too. It was supposed to be my second rifle. Most are are pretty worn out IMO. Using Hornady Critical Defense loads make hunting efficient and clean. Due to the rain, this year the wheat fields measured above the hood of the truck. The chamber and feed ramp area were highly polished which is a testament to Auto-Ordnance’s quality and attention to details. Barrel, receiver, trigger group, and operating handle are all evenly parkerized. Auto-Ordnance M1 .30 Carbine #AOM130. Forgotten Weapons posted a video on it a few days ago. While hunting hogs in Texas, it’s legal to shoot them from a moving truck while on private land. On my second day during the morning, I ended up having 2 Gobblers come into my calls. Seconds can matter; let alone minutes, or an hour or more. My Great uncle Einard brought it home from fighting in Both theaters Europe and Japan. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=462802368, http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=461802306. Yes l like my carbine l have a GI Underwood GI M2 that's been in my family sent 1964. The iron sights are basic but true to the original GI design. Dad gave me a full 30 round magazine and let me go for it. I’ve had an AO M-1 carbine for a few years now. The 18-inch barrel is treated to a 45-degree crown. I own minty Winchester and National Postal Meter M1 Carbines. Auto Ordnance also makes mags for the M1 and they’re solid. and Fulton Armory, the Auto-Ordnance M1 Carbine is probably the best bang for your buck. It’s not uncommon in many of these departments for officers to have to purchase their own duty gear and sidearms, let alone “supplemental” weapons such as shotguns and rifles. USGI M1 Carbines mostly range from $800-$1200 depending on condition and the manufacturer of the carbine since there were a lot of companies that made carbines during the war. I may also replace the recoil spring (another problem area), as it seems a little weak, but it didn't cause any trouble. Much of this opposition had to do with unfair comparison of the carbine with battle rifles. The people asked and Trijicon answered. His heirs argued over the carbine and I don't know who ended up with it. Keeping a weapon short and effective to shoot out of a moving truck is important. Controls are ergonomic, with the safety (just forward of the triggerguard) and mag release (ahead of the safety) both easily manipulated by the trigger finger. Auto-Ordnance. Guns and Weapons | AUTO-ORDNANCE M1 CARBINE .30. If not stovepiping happened at least once every mag. Modern M1 Carbine mags come in a few flavors and are produced by several brands including ProMag and KCI. I want an m1 carbine with a paratrooper stock. Specifications called for a small arm that weighed no more than 5 pounds and had an effective range of 300 yards. If you haven’t hefted one of these guns, you simply cannot appreciate how light and “wieldy” they actually are. I've debated about either a original M1 in "shooters grade" or a brand new Auto Ordnance. We think it is a good interpretation of the WWII model.

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