Brighten up the interior with an LED interior light pack installation. Ah please, if you don't have any usefull to say then please stay quiet..... That is true, but also ordinary vcds, vcp and obd11 can brick your car. Yep, Ash definitely knows his ish!I should have listened to him when he recoded my stereo to make the Aux-in work and the fader option reappear. Or how you activate the satnav updates on 3GP units? We can also supply and install the new Audi virtual cockpit on newer cars that didn’t have the option added at factory. It stops now. sound generator for Audi A6, A7 4G, Complete kit Active Sound incl. Ive done this retrofit in my own car. Cruise Control & Flat Bottom Steering Wheels, Xenon Headlights, LED Tail lights & Interior LED. All parts are Genuine Audi and will come with a 2 This website uses cookies, which are necessary for the technical operation of the website and are always set. Hello, everyone, It's time to do a retrofit the normal dashboard with a virtual one. Part number is 81axxx466B (can’t remember 3 middle digits...). Complete kit Active Sound incl. To be able to use KUFATEC in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser. Can’t recommend him enough, he is such a helpful person and the work he done was top class.I’m looking forward to seeing him again in the future for more installations. Booster for Mercedes X-Class 470, Complete kit Active Sound incl. There is a lot of information which is just thrown around on this forum and some of it is dangerous. The latest generation of cars based on the, Yeedo Trexx Is a Scooter Like None Other, Can Handle Any Road. Or just add it on pfl wheel? No one can access it, neither do-we want to. We can retrofit the factory cruise control to avoid those speeding cameras. It's a 12.3-inch screen that was first introduced on the TT coupe a few years ago. Today the dashboard arrived and I changed it. Our support and detailed installation instructions which you can download help you to install our retrofit solutions. Electrical gremlins you’ll never be able to track. But I got scared and told him to put the coding back to how it was. I wanted to know if there’s anyway I can get a virtual cockpit retrofit added in How does it work? - Our staff will always use gloves, however face masks are not practical. With years of experience in modifying and upgrading cars to an exceptionally high standard we accept nothing less than the best for your Audi or VW. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. And there is no piece of technology more famous than Audi's Virtual Cockpit system. For Sale/Wanted - Other Make Cars & Parts. You will only receive our top stories,typically no more than 5 per day. Adaptation | Coding | Diagnostic | Retrofit, MTM Stage1 Audi A3 8v 2.0TFSI Black Edition Quattro Saloon, (You must log in or sign up to reply here.). This will get you back your subwoofer and bass controls (atm they are probably missing). sound generator for Audi A6, A7 4G, Original rear silencer left incl. We develop products for cable & vehicle technology for over a decade. Sound Booster for Mini F56 Electric, Repair cable set for the Kufatec Sound Booster Pro speaker, Original rear silencer right incl. - We ask all customers to travel alone if possible and bring personal sanitiser. VIM Video in motion for BMW, Mini CIC iDrive NBT EVO Professional... Video in motion for Lamborghini Aventador, Video in motion for Mercedes-Benz Command APS NTG 4.5, Video in motion for Land Rover Vogue, Sport, Discovery 3, Freelander 2, Video in motion for BMW CCC, CIC Professional - OBD, Video in motion - RNS 850 for VW Touareg 7P, Video in motion for Zenec E>GO - Plug & Play, Video in motion for Porsche PCM 3.1 Plug & Play, Video in motion PCM 3.0 Plug & Play for Porsche, Video in motion for Mercedes-Benz Command APS NTG 2.5, Video in motion for Mercedes-Benz Command APS - NTG 4, Video in motion RNS E, Media System 1.0 for Audi, Seat, Surrounding camera - 4 Camera System for Audi Q7 4M. As a manufacturer and specialist for cables and vehicle technology in Germany we develop professional solutions for simplifications or extensions of technical possibilities for retrofitting them into the car. Had warning lights everywhere. As registered independent Audi installers we can diagnose issues and fix electrical problems. Easy to retrofit: Car Hifi, rear view camera, handsfree, Sound Booster, park assist, coding, DAB+, and much more with instructions & support Like you learned it, like i learned it and everybody else. Hello, everyone, It's time to do a retrofit the normal dashboard with a virtual one. Ash was great, he drove up the very next day to upgrade the parking system and lights on my Audi R8. Why are you then claiming that I'm constantly trying to trade here? Excuse me.Who do you think your talking to... 1st thing let’s get this straight, your inbox is yours and yours alone. I’ve retrofitted the Harman Mib2 unit kit, audi connect usb and the Virtual cockpit without any problem in my car. Feel free to contact our competent installation service or our installation partners near to you to install our products. Complete kit Active Sound incl. Sound Booster for VW Touareg CR, Complete kit Active Sound incl. Feel free to sign up today Sign up now! The newsletter can be unsubscribed for free at any time. Video in motion for MMI Audi A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q2, Q5, Q7,... TV, DVD Video in Motion Activation for Porsche PCM 4.0, Video in Motion for Mercedes NTG 5 - Version Japan, Video in motion Command APS NTG 5, NTG 5.1 star 1, NTG 5.5, Cable set Video in motion for VW MFD 2, RNS 510, Skoda, Seat, Bentley. You then need CP removing off the amp. FISTUNE DAB, DAB+ integration Can Bus Plug & Play for Audi, VW,... FISTUNE DAB, DAB+ Integration for BMW F-Series, FISTUNE DAB, DAB+ Integration for BMW E-Series CCC, FISTUNE DAB, DAB+ Integration for BMW E-Series CIC, FISTUNE DAB, DAB+ Integration for Audi MMI RMC, FISTUNE DAB, DAB+ Integration for Audi MMI 3G, MMI 3G+, FISTUNE DAB, DAB+ Integration for Audi MMI 2G. Valve control KUFATEC Exhaust Pro for Audi SQ2 GA with APP control. Our products are characterized by simple installation, thanks to dimensionally accurate cable assembly, and can usually be integrated completely invisible into the vehicle system. Hi, so I’m about to buy an A5 coupe 2016 S line 2 litre tomorrow. I would like to say thank you to Ash who has helped me complete a double din conversion, double din Pioneer install and more recently with supplying and fitting an armrest. Multifunction steering wheels and flat bottom steering wheels can be fitted with some custom options such as Alcantara or Carbon fibre with a host of coloured stitching options. For retrofitting, we use original components from the vehicle manufacturer and expand the product according to the modular principle. rear traffic allert for Audi A3 8Y, Cable set extension mLWR xenon to halogen headlights for Audi TT 8N, Xenon adapter to halogen headlights for Audi TT 8N, Repair cable, single cable MQS small 0.35 as 000 979 049 E, Antenna connector cable Telestart T90 T91 T91R incl. I think its about time we stop talking about ODIS as something just anyone can get hold of please. Wanting to join the rest of our members? These cookies are necessary for the basic functions of the shop. All information can also be found under. Products on stock will be send out at the same day when we received payment. Like you learned it, like i learned it and everybody else. Audi Retrofit is a web trading name of Royle Auto Services Ltd who have been trading since 1994 as a limited company.. Royle Auto Services Ltd offer a mobile installation service throughout the North West of England to retail customers as well as the franchised dealer network.

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