I agree with GJ and Doc. Add an axle tramp kit or Panhard Rod to prevent the entire rear assembly joining you in the passenger seat under power and you’ve pretty much cracked it. Most MG Midgets were fitted with BMC’s A-series engine (948cc, 1098cc or 1275cc), which is renowned for its oil leaks. The MG Midget came about partly because the existing ‘Frogeye’ Sprite was built at the MG factory in Abingdon anyway because wasn’t suitable for the Longbridge production line! a basket-case isn’t economically viable, especially if you’re considering a re-shell – unless the car is particularly special to you or like working on classics as much as driving them! At this price, it’s arguable that restoration of Look closely for rot in the sills (black underseal paint that follows the upward curve at the front of the sills can be a clue to fi ller underneath, since originally black paint was only ever applied in a straight line along the lower section of the sills). When I got to 16, B's and Midgets plus a Spitfire my wife made me sell the house and move into an apartment. 1974 US emissions regs get the better of the A-Series… Still officially ‘MkIII’ (GAN6), but universally referred to as the 1500, ride height is raised to bring new large black bumpers to required safety height. I hope you don’t expect to use this car as a daily driver. Lever arm dampers lose their effectiveness very quickly. The steering should be light and positive. It was therefore natural to build an MG version, which was launched in June 1961, alongside the MkII version of the Sprite. Whether or not it was because the engine was a Triumph by gad, or those horrid rubber bumpers, but the 1500 was never the best Midget. Given the cost of engine tuning parts as well as the inevitable overhaul before you strain the engine, it’s probably wisest to elect for tuned reconditioned turnkey engine from the likes of MGOC or Moss at appreciably under £2000: Good value. There’s heaps you can do to a Spridget and, best of all, there are plenty of cars out there on sale that already have been tuned and improved over the years saving you the time and hassle.The A-Series is super-tunable in the time honoured way and a good 1275cc unit can hit 100bhp reliably, although around 80bhp is more tractable and cheaper to obtain – and more than enough to put a smile on your face. Spartan cockpit is easy, cheap to resto. The one I’ve had my eye on has less than 60K miles on it, and is described by the owner as ‘runs great, garage kept’. My above reply was from a consumer point of view. Thankfully, Midget continued and the ’72 range featured round wheelarches, instead of the previous squared-off type. I would find the money into do a hobby car but not expect return on investment. They're still relatively affordable though, and because they’re so well served by clubs and specialists, they’re a breeze to own. Spares ★★★★★ of all, the trusty A-Series was ditched in favour of arch rival Triumph’s 1493cc unit, as fi tted in the Spitfi re, to meet US emission standards. All for $1000.00!! Ken H, Sign in to ask questions, share photos, and access all website features. You must define investment, not always expecting a financial return but rather a social, emotional, sentimental dividend. All gearboxes had weak synchromesh on second gear. Despite that, the Midget remained a good seller through to its death in 1979, notching up a very creditable 73,889 units. The 1275cc engine fitted to later cars can suffer from a failed head gasket, so look for a white emulsion on the underside of the oil filler cap, indicating coolant mixing with engine oil. Sympathetically upgraded cars are worth buying, but cars with garish interiors will be hard to sell on. club-ed) that costs pennies to buy and run, and a DIY doddle – with typical MG club and specialist support – yet serve as much raw, if slower, thrills than any Seven, be it Lotus or Caterham badged. Simply a more sober update on the original fun-fi lled Frogeye, the new cars featured fi xed front wings with a separate bonnet, instead of … Most changes are subtle though, with owners keen to retain the charm of one of the most charismatic classics that you can buy. Those words really don’t even belong in the same sentence. I think I could talk the owner doen to $2600.00 for this vehicle. If the cabin needs a retrim then you can go all upmarket – check out A-H Spares’ informative parts catalogue for ideas and more. The engine remained the 1098cc unit, but this was strengthened with wider diameter main bearings for a longer service life. On the early cars with quarter-eliptic springs, the full force on the springs is fed into this area and so it’s crucial that the steel is sound here. From October 1969, a new black front grille replaced the more stylish chrome affair (another reason to choose the ‘66-‘68 models instead), plus there were some interior trim changes.

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