To most, there are just 3 Classes known, Safe, Euclid, Keter. Nadox • Alternative titles: N/A SCPs: SCP-3582 One particular iteration of the SCP foundation attempts to keep it away from their universe by making an uncountable number of parallel universes. This time, he did not lose and managed to kill Llao. Allisons and other Eckharts: Unclogging the Multiverse's Trash, Most Common: BI-Class (Before Invasion) Scenario Three weeks ago it snowed a foot, in July. SCPs: SCP-1238, SCP-185-FR, SCP-1984, SCP-3274, SCP-4405, SCP-736, SCP-770, S. D. Locke's Proposal, SCP-4742, Proposition-du-Dr-Gray, These scenarios were created for the 2018 Doomsday Contest. Used in: 2 SCPs, # Tales, # Other DK-Class Reality Invasion / K-Class-Invasion-Scenario. Used in: 7 SCPs, # Tales, # Other You don't seem to exist outside of the event. Definition: A antimemetic cognitohazard meant for use as a weapon is accidentally let loose, causing all who are affected to lose communicative abilities, with words spoken as random gibberish or out of place. There was something quite queer about them, however. The whole scene was nice and peaceful, until the shape flew over us and then crashed into the water. But not poor old Liber. Definition: N/A This sort of discussion is exactly why I've been doing my best to try and get rid of Apollyon as a standard item class. SCP-513-1 • Scenarios that have only appeared in one article. K-Class Scenarios are hypothetical situations that could have drastic effects on normality or reality, including the end of the world. And the way they are written now. Ma'tol • Class Thaumiel : Thaumiel-class SCPs are anomalies that the Foundation uses to contain or counteract other SCPs or anomalous phenomena. This is often due to the fact that the Foundation has researched the SCP well enough that containment does not require significant resources or that the anomalies require a specific and conscious activation or trigger. Find out what you can do. A strange distinction, but there it is. In 1902, the results of his survey were released, and included mention of SCP-3310. SCP-439 • For this week's content update we've added a brand new Outpost map, introduced 6 new Mob Armors, added an awesome new Multi-shot Bow, and updated the knockback mechanics.

Originally used in physics-heavy articles but may have graduated to broader use. What if Llao is breaking through, or is growing stronger, or something? SCP-3310 floating in Crater Lake, Crater Lake National Park. Used in: 6 SCPs, 2 Tales, 1 Other SCPs: SCP-3488, SCP-3378 Some of them seemed to possess too many limbs at time, and those limbs were far too long.

PoI-54112: No, no I didn't create it. A scenario that Able demonstrates to you what Scaphism is. You leave me be, to go about my business at no cost to your self or your precious "normality" or whatever you call it. SCP-1913 • Alternative titles: TK-Class Broken Timeline Scenario, SCPs: SCP-1297, SCP-5711, SCP-5235 Some tombstones mark where the dead have been interred, while others serve to keep the dead interred. The remnants of an old god amusing itself. PoI-54112: First, let me ask you; what do you know about me? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Secure, Contain, Protect | The official subreddit of the SCP Wiki collaborative-fiction project on, Press J to jump to the feed. Hub: K/O Failure Scenario Hub Crimes SCP-3455 has been widely designated as an extra month in the calendar named Liberary amongst the civilian population.2. A scenario in which you have been killed. k-class-scenario tag

Tales and other articles: Halloween on 17th Street, Most Common: WK-Class Mass Extinction Event SCPs: SCP-3760 PoI-54112: Liberary is my entire existence. Yaldabaoth, Old Gods Servants The conducted interview is transcribed below. It could have been happening for centuries.

If SCP-3310 is restricted in movement, embedded personnel are to free SCP-3310.

Additionally, the Office of Tactical Theology has noted high levels of Akiva radiation in the area around Crater Lake, indicating that a god or similar entity may be in the area. Shipping and transport routes are disrupted by the conflict, leading to food shortages in a number of areas across the world. PoI-54112 was not present in his assigned cell in the following iteration, and his current whereabouts is unknown. Used in: 4 SCPs, 4 Tales, 0 Other Click here to edit contents of this page. Primmary Defiinition: A K-Class scenario, particularly an invasion from another dimension, is imminent. Change the name (also URL address, possibly the category) of the page. Llao has been described as deceased, with his remains located in Crater Lake. These Archons are not to be confused with other beings described as Archons within SCP, such as those mentioned in Fifthist texts such as Star Signals (SCP-1425) or the believed head of the Southern Fifthist, Reverend Archon Celebration "Big Cheese" Horace. I mean, ten years that was that whole incident where it activated while it was still in Crater Lake. Something does not work as expected? SCP-3310 drifted into a natural outcropping and became stuck. 2010 But they've started to bleed over into your time. SCP-2521 • Bobble the Clown • Used in: 5 SCPs, # Tales, # Other

But as I said, I'm tired of having to look over my shoulder constantly in case some faceless Foundation goon grabs me and locks me in a box. SCP-3340 • After manifestation, all SCP-3310-Γ instances will proceed to Crater Lake. On Liberary 36th, a pod of bottlenose dolphins approaches the shore near Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and begins performing various works of William Shakespeare in English. Alternative titles: TPK-Class Thaumaturgic Proliferation scenario, אK-Class "Foundation Apotheosis" scenario

So containing Archon would contain the other entity. Used in: 1 SCPs, 4 Tales, 1 Other In universe, Object Classes are for the purposes of identifying containment needs, research priority, budgeting, and other considerations. The exact nature of SCP-3310-Γ instances has varied with each activation event of SCP-3310, but have generally been described as dark gray, translucent forms. He ranted on about how his fellow gods were all immortalised by the calendar or how they had become pop-culture darlings. SCP-024 •

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