"No. She sat in her room and brushed her hair for hours waiting for a response, hoping that he would forgive her for the influences she was under. Apollo goes too far, and finally breaks the bond between him and Artemis. "I think about us having sex, okay?". Let alone a mortal. The curling wave of seafoam,Lapping lazily at the curl of the seashell,Drifting it to shore,Is the embodiment of beauty. ", He laughed this time, a bit rowdier than before. Part of her had felt bad the moment he put the cup to his lips, but the majority of her was only listening to the heat growing in her lower half. **I do not own PJO or HoO. ", "I know," said Aphrodite. Even their constellations are together. Then what would be the point of doing it? But now, at nineteen years old, the Perseus she once knew was gone, and replaced by this man she almost could not recognize. If she told someone in confidence that she never imagined herself in the Athena spawn's place, she'd be a dirty rotten liar. And why shouldn't they? Picking up his TV remote, he began flipping channels trying to find something good to watch before bed. When she first met Percy Jackson, when he was only fourteen, she found his admiration flattering and his love for Annabeth Chase heart wrenchingly adorable. She wasted no time waiting for him to answer, instead continuing their session and kissing him again. "Apology accepted," he grumbled, shutting the door again. When the Love Goddess finds the answer to that question, let me know.". His skill is no advantage, for the wound is past all art of cure. He was such a good man, to everyone, even his enemies. But when she glanced at the God's pressing face, she was less sure. He shifted closer in an innocent way. It has not been long since i last saw percy but he was all that going on in my brain i needed to see him badly i was willing to fight the other goddess's who i could feel love for the young son of the sea. However, as the reading goes on, questions are raised about the leader of the five from the future. She then wondered to herself if her matchmaking skills were as unmatched as she had boasted. "Perseus, trust me," she whispered in a husky tone. Her effects were strong indeed, powerful enough to scar him worse than Ares as he said all those years ago. ", "I'm not saying you have to date me or anything, Jackson! He opened them and sitting on top of him, he saw his girlfriend. Percy asked between smiling teeth. A man known only as 'Hades' is an infamous and elusive mob boss. While one hand tended to little Percy, her other ran its fingers through his lush, jet-black hair. I mean, who else gets to say they spent the night with the Goddess of Love? ", "Aphrodite, I'm not going to do that with you. But she should have known his unshakable morals would not allow him to bed her so easily. She had used her Goddess magic to spike his cup as Apollo had suggested. He smiled and kissed her again. The Love Goddess also held domain in lust, and thus wasted no time at all. Aha! The Goddess pushed her hair behind her ear and sat beside Percy, making sure not to sit too close and scare him off. Late, just as she had asked him not to be. She heard footsteps slowly coming to her. Aphrodite tries to show Hera how she truly feels. She had punished Eros by taking away his bow for a week, and promised herself to do no meddling for two. PWP, lemons, limes, sex, kinks and fetishes. Too bad she isn't half the monster they think she is. He giggled a bit and turned back to the television. "Wait, you're saying no? Part of the new Grecian Anthology. She knew a relationship was not practical, and she did not want one. After the third cup, he was only slightly tipsy, which was where she needed him: looser, but still able to push her off if he truly did not want it. "Between you and me," he said. ", The demigod's face remained stoic. Percy Jackson was tossed out of Camp Half-Blood after being cheated on, and betrayed by all. (and no, she will not be drinking poison, she loves love as much as the next goddess but that's too far, even for her!). she clenched her fists ''you will regret this Perseus Jackson!'' I don't know how. Something you can do to me. When Zeus issues a decree that they defy, his fury forces them apart. Is their love strong enough to overcome even the will of the gods? In a spontaneous moment, she pulled forward, and pressed her lips against his. But Jackson is mainly having a conversation with the Goddess of Love about his attraction to Artemis. "The kind god tries to warm you back to life, and next endeavors to attend your wound, and stay your parting soul with healing herbs. "He'll get over it," she assured. "You will tell him. What you did…I can see why it wasn't your fault.". Having sworn love; forbiddenlove; annabethchase +13 more #11 Pertemis Stories Wattpad 2020, Aphrodite's pov. She was fucking him. The catch, he needs to get Xena and Ares back together and prevent the Twilight of the Gods from happening! The sound that came from his lips made her want to bite her lip, but she knew little Percy probably would not enjoy that too much.

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