Our P365ST Straight Trigger optimizes the length of pull and decreases excess over-travel, while keeping the toe of the trigger in the same location as the stock, curved trigger.

Will you even see the …

"I don't think you boys understand . Evenly spaced apart and equal in diameter, this custom Sig P365 trigger will immediately customize your handgun. It's the same trigger included in the P365 XL pistol.

I am sure there will be lots of aftermarket stuff for P365.....but for me it's very close to perfect out of the box.
(623) 322-0200 . This is a new SIG P365 Flat Trigger Kit. Any machined area is then re-blued using our in-house process, giving you long lasting corrosion and wear resistance. Originally this trigger starts out as a factory Sig Sauer flat faced trigger finished in black. I’m going to leave mine alone, because apparently, according to some on SIGTalk, if you modify the trigger on a carry gun, Robert Mueller will send a SWAT team to your house at 4 am. P365 trigger is not Legion SRT trigger but I think it's very good. • We currently offer Sig Sauer P365 magazine upgrades, such as a magazine clip with a built-in finger extension for better grip and tighter groupings at the range, and we have plans to expand our selection of aftermarket P365 parts to include many more options for customization and upgrading. The Grayguns straight trigger for the SIG Sauer® P365 is a drop-in, bar-stock, enhanced trigger for your P365. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. sig p365 apex trigger. One-piece design CNC milled from solid bar-stock 4140 pre-hardened steel Nitride finish (optional red, blue & FDE cerakote) Made in the USA Factory P365 curved and flat triggers are MIM parts. It is my understanding that Grey Guns designed the 320 trigger, not Sig. We then have it machined to feature 3-holes down the center of the face of the trigger.

they killed my dog. It's the same trigger included in the P365 XL pistol. When a flat trigger becomes available I will install one simply because I prefer flat triggers. The "stock" trigger on my P365 is nice; however, I'll upgrade to the flat faced once Apex has it available unless Grey guns offers it sooner. My P365's will keep the original triggers.

Nice thing is the pull went from 6 to 5 lbs... A forum community dedicated to SIG Sauer Pistols and SIG Sauer Rifles owners and enthusiasts.

But when I tried a flat trigger on the P365 I realized it is a perfect thing with the stock trigger, and for that design changes only detract.

I found 6 great ways to improve it. I have an Apex "flat faced' trigger on my P320 and love it.

From professional gunsmithing tools to home builder kits, we're always adding new gun upgrades everyday and will be here to support you every step of the way. Precisely machined with 3 holes down the center: Allows good texturing for your trigger finger, Allows finger to be positioned lower on the trigger, Machined areas are then blued using our in-house process. • If that is the case, yes they are working on one lol.

The 365 I like but the time will probably come when I'll consider a clean breaking trigger with no mush to it. 40 rounds of premium self defense ammo and 100 rounds of 124gr.

Copyright var date = new Date(); document.write(date.getFullYear()); SMALL GUN PARTS. How long is the reset? My second trip to the range was definitely better than the first. The SIG SAUER P365 factory flat trigger is a direct replacement to your stock trigger. About a week ago I picked up an XL.... Really nice firearm !

Our design follows the attractive skeletonized look of our P-series triggers, which were the first adjustable flat P-series triggers on the market. All Rights Reserved. Email this Page. It’s breaking at 5 pounds clean with a very short take up. All finished in Black and ready to install in your P365, P365 SAS, or P365XL Fire Control Unit, FCU, or 80% Sig compatible build.

It maintains its' direct factory replacement and will still increase leverage so you'll gain a smoother, more consistent trigger pull.

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