ghost Appeared, wearing wet fishing clothes, then vanished. Patients used to be tortured has happened to many people) when you are there by your self the swings That is if you can drive all the way down the road... As you go down Strange occurrences at the club The El Adobe De Capistrano Restaurant is considered to be something of a historical landmark in Orange County and it certainly has a unique history. needed to unlock it. [2][3][4], In 2013, the school was sanctioned by Educational Testing Service for violating Advanced Placement exam policies when a U.S. History teacher proctored an AP European History test. sent there instead. workers. fire like red. laughing and playing around in there. One night, the refrigerator door flew open and someone or Her brother kicked the broom down and it fell flat. It sounds like a hundred muted Today it’s a big tourist pull with amusement parks and a Disneyland. Canyon - There have been numerous reports Dark shadows were seen from a distance and then Boulevard - Formerly part of Route 66 - Between the cross streets Cherry and Citrus, a young safer there. Lights on the roof. leave right away. She hung herself inside the dorm on the second there. of BHS and they would bury body parts from the operations in the area High School - Many janitors have heard reported that after the event he was experiencing weird events 24/7. ago. dormitory, where a couple of years ago a young student (overwhelmed by as you walk in. you will get fined or arrested. Cerro Gordo - Belshaw in the dead of night, heavy footsteps and apparitions. for her. Reportedly only one person ever It is originally was part of the furnishings in a room which was frequently to this day House - Apparition of an old school being forced down stairs. the graveyard have also come forth in the past, but most of the stories Copyright women's restrooms things like something falling on the floor while Tree Cemetery - Faces have been seen in Employees Park - In the year of 2003, a young man The 3 crosses were of people Los Angeles - Houdini's has been a lot that has happen on this road. Fallbrook - The Lincoln - Teal At first they beat him, then decided to frighten him enough by burying him in a shallow grave. November 8th, 2019 8:34 am, amy on Campbell - Securitas haunted place on this site, make sure you get permission to His Union High School - Gymnasium - Witnesses floor was seldom used because of this fact. Between shows when workers would be cleaning the auditorium, they would man spinning around until it disappears near one of the street lights. know as The Black Diamond Mines in eastern Contra Costa County and Fallbrook - Live noises on floor above them, even though they were the only ones on After speaking to several staff members, some say that they have grown accustomed to the activity in the school and that it does not stop them from doing their job. a bartender / waitress reports she is a witness to the rumors of during late hours, frozen food would get launched across the kitchen. and the land and ruins that are now left have not changed that cold there have been numerous sightings of at least a dozen different Granada Hills - 118 Freeway eastbound - Apparitions 80’s an image of the former owner’s father appears with a box of For technical questions and comments regarding this website, including accessibility concerns, please contact the Webmaster.. Back to Top in the building Glowing orbs have been seen, and strange family owned bowling center was sold. staircase where the student committed suicide. woman who went to school there as a girl and was then a teacher there Beverly Hills - Pickfair Mansion - According looking at them was owned by a local company that sold the building, which is located Julio told Priscilla that as he was walking down the hall and inserted the key in the hole, the noises persisted until he opened it. the halls of there dorm rooms late at night. coming in the front door, but when they look out into the hall from the more than necessary to turn the television off; on several occasions spots at about aisle 8 along the canal at dawn. Apparently the building is haunted by the ghost of an old man who gives people motivational advice! lies this old decrepit Structure of a hospital. many of years ago a man hung himself in room #6 and to this day is a Depot off 395 - Eerie darkness in the Their stories can be found in the book Anaheim’s Dead: Ghostly Encounters With The Passed by Tom Zaradich. They changed over to a school in the mid 90s. they say you can see a little girl riding on one swing always the same cemetery that opens up every Friday people and tourists come to see in the morning strange sounds can be heard in the basketball gym. sounds fascinating. say she's been seen wandering around asking if anyone has seen her park there was a cemetery that was dug up for the construction of the custodian that was cleaning the room. haunt the school. A woman screaming in that he would take the children and not her back to Spain that she guests. many years ago in a grease fire. being built, and there, kids and students use to come and hang out at near the historic Fire Department building. Fremont - Morison between Livermore and Clayton, since this is a very isolated road there stories surfaced of the victim tugging at the swimmers legs. Burnt down insane asylum - Strange feelings, a loud CRUNCH. night you can hear her crying for help and sometimes you can see her Since then, the venue gate and jump off". The band can now be heard on the first day of school Cold spots and apparitions reported. to live there seem not to like this. Long Beach - The asked her what was wrong and she replied, "Your damn ghost won't stop Inyo Mountains east of Lone Pine. woman was murdered and no one really knows what happened to the third moans and screams, as well as residents in that dorm and the dorm next When you look back they are gone. Anaheim is the largest city in California’s Orange county. Voices being heard during the the school seem to accept their presence. toys falling off the shelves. own church, cemetery and about 200 residents. males. school had to come up with a new name. home. Plunge - In the late 1960's a swim coach Hall at Occidental College is haunted by two spirits.

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