Ephesians 4:6. He started as a deity worshiped only in Thebes. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. This is a very important question in your quest or journey for YHWH RA universal truth. The Key to effective prayers is to know why and to whom you pray. In this sense, he is the breath of life, the innate force that allows us to delve into ourselves in order to create the love we desire. Watching the above two videos is enough to conclude Christianity is like a huge cocktail of varying beliefs, paganism, myths, fables, evil and TRUTH mixed. Also do research on whom and what the Vatican or Pope really created, worships and believes. Wife (as Amun-Ra): Mut, goddess of Thebes, female counterpart of Amun-Ra. His statue would move (hidden priests manipulated it) to answer a question. Is it the SUN of God or Son of God? From the Garden of Eden evil has always tried to deceive mankind and rob them of HOLY UNIVERSAL TRUTH. Alternate spellings of this name include Amen-Ra, Amon-Ra, Amon-Re, Amun-Re and Ammon-Ra. Examine Kemet/Egypt, Africa historical and archaeological abundant facts paraded in Cairo, British and American museums plus Vatican library.


It can take over a decade to unravel the huge global puzzle of theologies, notions, translations, myths, fables and beiiefs of this world. It’s incredibly well researched and scientifically tested by the originator, Dr Nun Amen Ra, and, his wife, and the many people who subscribe to the diet. Amen is Amun more than 3,000 years old. One could also argue jesus is portrayed a SUN-god depicted as SON of god. Statuette of Amun, Gold. Amun Ra simply means: Hidden Light (Amun = Hidden/ Ra = Light). He wears a double-plumed headdress and the plumes have alternating colors of either red and green or red and blue. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. As a pharaoh was the “Son of Ra”, it was natural to call the god Amun as the father of the Monarch.

The ram (criosphinx: a sphinx with a ram head). By shining his light down onto the lands, he was able to boost the growth of crops and to ensure that flooding did not happen along the Nile. var a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i By the end of the 25th dynasty, Amun Ra was considered as the chief god of the Nubian kingdom of Napata. a+='lto:' When Hatshepsut began ruling for her stepson, she commissioned murals showing Amun-Ra fathering her. Historians also believe that the famous Sun temple as the capital of Thebes was recorded only during the period of 11th dynasty and onwards. God Amun was also the most important god among the octet of Ogdoad gods of Hermopolis and it is here, where people started worshipping Amun in a significant way. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. According to Plutarch, Amon is the first being and all things, and Ra is the sun-god. Do they know what Amen means? Son: Khonsu, moon god of regeneration and healing. Amun Ra simply means: Hidden Light (Amun = Hidden/ Ra = Light) Recent research findings show us that Amun (Amen or Amon) is a modern god, within the ambits of Egyptian mythology. Amon Ra (Amun or Amen Ra) is the King of Gods, Father of the Gods, Lord of the Thrones of the Two Lands, Lord of Truth whose shrine is hidden, and . b='info' Sitemap - Privacy policy, Egyptians gave Amun-Ra the role of a creative power.

At times, Amun's frescos show him as an ape or a lion. Soon, the cult rivaled the pharaoh in power and prestige. Some people have a problem with where biblical truth originated or is found, this is how you get a Greco-Roman fake white-baby Jesus. HYMN TO AMUN-RA (Egyptian)HAIL to thee, Amun-Ra, Lord of the thrones of the earth, the oldest existence, ancient of heaven, support of all things; Chief of the gods, lord of truth; father of the gods, maker of men and beasts and herbs; maker of all things above and below; During the early Greek civilizations, Greeks considered him the Egyptian synonym of Zeus. This was also the way rulers whose legitimacy was in doubt proved their right to rule. else if (h) d=g+h+i This is why I research, write and shine YHWH RA, LIGHT of knowledge, love and universal truth. He is the ultimate god of entire ancient Egypt; many of the Egyptians considered him as the God of Kings and King of Gods! Amun is also depicted with various animal heads. Amun RA Kemet/Egypt has more to do with the KINGDOM WITHIN Luke 17:21 than any sun, moon or stars. Amon is the Abraxas and Sophia to Gnostics, and Christos (or Gnosis) to Christians. b+='@' No. The global problem and deception here is Christianity is completely fable, mythical, paganism, racist, ignorant, confused, brainswashed to the core across all followers even TD Jakes. Many of the Eighteenth Dynasty kings commissioned frescos showing Amun-Ra fathering them.

The truth will always come to Light!

Depictions of Amun are found throughout Egypt as are his legends. These cookies do not store any personal information. e=''

Depictions of Amun with his wife Amunet show him with: © Dennis Jarvis - Amun-Ra (center) in the temple of Amada. The Pope secretly knows the TRUTH is written in ancient Africa Kemet/Egypt stone, but he also knows TRUTH is not popular enough for mass followers or global sales of Kemet african multiple versions of the real Holy Bible. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Is Christianity created by the Vatican a evil, corrupt fake copy of truth? Revered in Thebes and around the region, Amun Ra allowed those who worshipped him the ability to create all that they needed and all that they wanted. c='\" class=\"footerlink\">' function clearText(thefield){ With sincere gratitude to Ani Williams and special thanks to Kenny Star. Is it good or bad?

Amun was a creator god and a force that created life. Instead of featuring in a story myth, many writings about him tell how he helped people gain a victory or solve a problem. She used these murals to legitimize her kingship and remain pharaoh until her death. On Egyptian influence, computer searching reveals miscellaneous points: "The story in the Gospel of Luke, the first and second chapters is," says Malvert, "a reproduction, 'point by point,' of the story in stone of the miraculous birth of Amunothph." His clothing is either a kilt or a tunic with decorated shoulder straps. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience.

Creator is universal Kingdom YHWH RA within not religion!, denomination or world. Three of these temples are those at Deir el-Medina, Luxor and Karnak: © Nick Dawson - Criosphinx statues at the temple of Amun at Karnak. At one point in Egyptian history, he was called the “King of the Gods”. Do your research on Constantine who created Christianity. Christianity is a force and belief rooted in evil not good. To better understand what is universal truth think Holy, biblical, spiritual and Heaven to Earth of creation, blessings and servitude.