While Aldi's best-known wine might be Winking Owl, which is pretty much their version of Trader Joe's Two-Buck Chuck, their wine selection also includes a number of higher-end wines that are good enough to go up against much pricier bottles. In fact, one such Aldi offering was just named best wine of 2020 by Product of the Year USA. Winking Owl has always had a wide variety of wines, but the wife and I were never that interested, because they never offered a Moscato. by Comment Read More. resolved as soon as I tried their Cab but it doesn't have the body and structure that their Merlot has. 2236290, Aldi, 11/2018. We had Black Cherry tress when I was a kid and I definitely taste Black Cherry in this grape wine. 2142364Snoother 2142364 Aldi’s Winking Owl wine has received mixed reviews from critics and consumers who have found themselves unable to agree on how they feel about the wine brand. sweet berry on the nose, red licorice with spiciness and a soft oak on the tongue. 2194323. Everyone enjoyed it and they only paid$6 per glass lol, Comment Hello Snooth! formed... Are you also thinking Sorry for the lateness, now that it's fall and all. Decent wine for the price, light lunch, or picnic. All rights reserved. The winemakers behind Boone’s Farm have several other well-known brands of vino in its portfolio, including Apothic, Barefoot, and Turning Leaf. The wine under $5 wine is their equivalent of “Two Buck Chuck” and has garnered a devoted fanbase for its value. Read More, Wine review Just as good or in most cases better than big name medium prices wines. It comes in at 14.5 ABV, so on the high side for a non-fortified wine. 2118941Snoother 2118941 Help...is it just me or am I correct....UGH//.......lja/JMJ e-mail me @ Read More, Forum post in the topic Okay, maybe most Aldi beers are just so-so, but their wines are worth the trip even if you're not running low on Belmont Brookie Dough ice cream and Mama Cozzi's pizza. A huge wine family | 0:17 So is this wine really the best of 2020? raindance, Aldi, Oct./2018. Winking Owl wine is available in five varieties of red, including a medium-bodied red blend which comes in a 3-liter box — perfect for a girl's night in. So despite the cheap price tag, we stayed away. Wine … My wife will drink other kinds, but never reds, and it seems that Winking Owl’s main offerings were of the red variety. we rent the shopping cart for a quarter and get it back when done shopping.

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